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Halftime: UCF 23, FIU 0

All that's left to say...



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fiu online broadcast is horrible

thats Pete Pelegrin..ouch hard to listen to

UCF 33
Fiwho 20

...chug-a-lug-a, chug-a-lug-a...choooooo choooo
looks like The Calle Ocho Express to sub-mediocrity will be arriving in Oneandfoursville before arriving at it's ultimate destination: Loserstown! : )

1-4 on their way to 4-8! LOL

What a hilarious "rise"???!!! : )

I'd advise you to worry about your own problems. Must be nice to make the front page of Yahoo though...


Whats really funny is that the attendance (39,435) that sparked this lame story is twice what Fiwho gets per game at home, and more than any road attendance you ever generated!...meaning, not only do anyone in this town not give a (blank) about Fiwho football, neither does anyone in the entire country! LOL!!!
Here, take a look for yourself:


just so for attendance.

I do agree though, hispanic fans (Miamians) are the most fickle you'll find anywhere in the world! : )

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