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Humpin' to please on Hump Day; Reyes to the Caribbean

Coming to you live and yawning (see previous blog post) from the GC, where the band's blasting through a Pep rally and non-football schedules are being passed out...

Football practices are closed to the public -- sort of. In a college version of classes in the trailers that make South Florida public schools look like Arkansas tornado targets, a shortage of classrom space has classes meeting in some FIU Stadium suites. During practice. I'm surprised students don't have to sign non-disclosure agreements preventing them from telling or Tweeting what they see.

After Darrian Dyson's first practice in a week and a half, FIU coach Mario Cristobal said about his usage Saturday, "You can get out of tooball shape in a hurry. While waiting for a final ruling, he was really relegated to being just a student. He was not allowed to be around the building or training with us. There's some catching up to do. Certainly, he's a talented young man we have great expectations for. He's going to have a role pretty quickly. How much he has on Saturday will be determined between today's film study and tomorrow's practice."

Linebacker Winston Fraser admitted FIU needed to make sure not to take Akron lightly. Last year, Fraser said he felt they came out flat against Akron last year and, even after the 27-17 win, felt flat because they thought they should've won by more. I recall during the second quarter, one Ohio-area reporter said to another semi-loudly in the press box that the only reason the game was close was because FIU hadn't decided to make it a blowout.

Such was the talent gap last year. It isn't as great this year. Hey, Youngstown State spanked Pitt at Pitt, so Saturday's no lock for FIU.

There will be a fireworks presentation after Saturday's game.


US National Team coach and former German soccer great Jurgen Klinsmann spoke to the 3-0 men's soccer team Tuesday. Klinsmann's crew used FIU Soccer Field for practice Tuesday and Wednesday.

Good thing freshman Robin Spiegel's been handling the goal so well for FIU. Junior goalkeeper Eric Reyes will miss this weekend's games against Wisconsin and Illinois-Chicago while playing for Puerto Rico at Caribbean Cup in Haiti. Puerto Rico plays Bermuda Friday, St. Martin on Sunday and Haiti on Tuesday. Reyes was part of Puerto Rico's team in a World Cup qualifier against Canada last year.


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How special must've it been for our Soccer athletes to be spoken to by Jurgen Klinsmann?! That's awesome!

"Crushed by Duke" should never be mentioned in reference to a football game.
...guess we can thank Fiwho for making it relevant! smh

I Hate FIWho!!! Why do we need a second community college? HAHAHAHA A LOSS TO ALL MIGHTY DUKE!!! Its all about the U!

To say lone outcast has done anything illegal is ridiculous! I agree with DJN as long as he doesnt go into hate speech that is cool, even though technically the law protects hate speech just not hate acts...U can prosecute someone for hate speech. Hence every KKK member would be arrested. Or even all these Obama haters! Btw #Mitt Romney for President! Its all about the $$$$$


Hey supporter (wink, wink .... We know it's you lonelyoutcast) be careful with spelling or the grammar Gestapo (a/k/a loneoutcast) will come after you for any mistakes.

To answer your question supporter, we already have two community colleges. The first one was founded in the 1920s in Coral Gables and was mis-named the university of Miami by its geographically challenged founders.

The second one was founded in the 60's and first named Miami-dade community college. It was necessary at the time because the university of nowhere near Miami was overpriced and specialized in providing fun for rich new York kids. Thus it's well deserved sun tan u nickname.

And you are correct that two junior colleges are unnecessary. The more expensive college located nowhere near Miami should be destroyed. It is an ugly campus. Beautiful homes should be built in it's place. After all, it's all about the $$$$$ right?

Can't help myself since picking on you is so easy. Hate speech is not completely protected. And stop embarrassing mitt Romney it is not his fault you are ignorant. Also, there is no freedom of speech on a proprietary website like this one belonging to a company. Your so-called opinions can be removed legally. But don't take my word for it since I graduated from FIU, test it out for yourself. Let's see what happens if you write some hate-filled paragraphs about our President threatening him on this website. Still think all hate filled speech is protected?

Do yourself a favor and get your GED first and then go to college. I hear the university of Phoenix may accept you. But don't tell them lonely is your friend. It's a deal breaker.

Did you just call UM a community college? They're ranked 38th in the country academically, highest in Florida. Florida's International University isn't top 200...

Buc, I believe JP1990FIU was trying to show the UM fan (not a UM alumni or student I'm sure) how anyone can be obnoxious. The point is that UM is just as much of a community college as FIU is -- meaning not at all. Do you really believe that UM is not subject to attack? After all everyone has an opinion. By the way, UM is a fantastic academic school. But so is FIU, and hundreds of other colleges. There are wonderful professors everywhere. Not to mention you can get a wonderful education just about anywhere. After all,it is what you put into it (generally, unless the professor is horrible).

This being said, UM graduates have an advantage over FIU in hiring because of UM's longevity in the community and alumni network. As to rankings all I can say is that it is well known that US News is as fair and balanced as Fox News. With the exception of the nation's elite schools which FIU is clearly not a part of, it is my humble opinion that ranking the rest is an almost an exercise in futility.

Wow!!!!!!! UM is ranked 38th in the Country Academically....Wow!!!! The UM students must be sooooooooooo smart, they wirite without any spelling errors. Wow!!!!!!!! UM students must have all the money in South Florida because of that 38th ranking.....Wow!!!!! UM is sooooooooooo much better than FIU.......So much better that it cost you $35,000 a year.......So much better that their football program is just like FIU's who is unranked......So much better that we play in a rented out stadium.....So much better that they refuse to play FIU in any type of sports, not even womens volleyball.

Gosh darnets, its all about the "U"........ Yeahhhhhh were #1.

#38 actually.

Florida's International University isn't in the top 200.

Its all about my best friend who never lets me down... Yes sir, u guess it...That friend is Mr. Benjamin. U see, the U has Mr. Benjamin on its side. FIU only has a side of an ugly disgraceful street called Calle Ocho. The U run things down here. So recognize. FIU will lose to Akron this week! 0-4 season hahahaha

State of the State rankings: 1. FSU (1-0); 2. UCF (1-0); 3. Miami (1-0); 4. Florida (1-0); 5. South Florida (1-0); 6. FIU (0-1); 7. FAU (1-0).

NOTE: Guess who is the only loser team in State of Florida!!! LMAO


Florida International Atlantic University

LAuging at u soft bunch of patsies!

I don't know about the rest you you guys...both the readers of this blog as well as the writers participating on this blog (yea, including the U-fans)...I'm excited to go to the game this Saturday and check out the New closed-in-stadium! In time this should become a GREAT and rich venue to watch Collage Football...with a real Home (12th Man) Advantage. It's fully Aluminum Structure will ensure a rocking experiencefor years to come -- a newer and smaller version -- of the Steel Structure of the Old Orange Bowl. Yea, the football experience at La Cage as it's called on this blog is so bright...we'll have to wear shades...that just one man's opinion!!!

David, can you update us on the status of Jeremiah Harden and James Louis?

UM fanboys...ssshhhhhhhhhhh, listen, boys listen. Close your mouths and wait for it.......

DJN, did you ever update on the radio broadcast situation? So did Rick Sanchez stage a holdout so that they had to go with a couple of AD staffers, two tin cans, and a length of string, or just what?

SouthPaw: As far as I know, Harden's fine. Practiced this week. James Louis' issues might go beyond the academic. Can't say any more than that until I get more concrete (and at least semi on the record).

Diagodog: The radio situation was in a post titled something like "Radio in your hand." They should be back on over-the-air traditional radio next year in addition to what they're doing this year.

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