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Leiva & Volz Sun Belt Players of the Week; Bethune coming to La Cage; men's soccer regionally ranked

Junior forward Chelsea Leiva's hat trick and assist Sunday in a 6-0 rout of Idaho was good enough for the Sun Belt to name her Offensive Player of the Week Tuesday. Meanwhile, sophomore midfielder Johanna Volz got the Defensive Player of the Week honor for her part in FIU's shutouts of Idaho and LSU (0-0).


Last week's wins at Wisconsin and Illinois-Chicago moved FIU to 5-0 and moved voters in the National Soccer Coaches Association of America/Continental Tire rankings top FIU eighth in the South Region. FIU didn't receive votes in the national rankings.


Told you the replacement for Texas A&M was a school that would've given FIU trouble if this was before desegregation of Division I football in the South. Back when SEC, ACC and Southwest Conference rosters came only in white, schools like Grambling, Southern, Florida A&M, Morgan State and Bethune-Cookman scooped up the buckets of southern black talent that didn't want to head all the way up to the Big Ten or Northeast.

As it is, Bethune-Cookman's biggest advantage on FIU when coming south of Sun Life in 2013 and 2014 comes in the band category. Back when FIU was Division I-AA and in its first two years as a program, Bethune beat the Panthers 31-0 and 24-14.



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There's still one more open opponent to schedule for 2013 since C-USA has already stated that the conference will be playing an 8 game schedule and both DUKE and AKRON both end this year.

Fiwho has absolutely NOTHING on Bethune Cookman when it comes to football!
...and there 2-0 record against those bums says it emphatically so!

LonelyOutcast, just cuz the U got killed by Wow, Kansas State 53-12 don't be mad. And cool man took it to the U last year. The U struggle the first 3 quarters! LOL

Lonelyoutcast is simply speaking from experience here...he must be recalling how the UM Spring Showers were strUggling to hold on to a dominant 10 point lead heading into the 4th last year. Riveting football...really.

Bethune's nothing to take lightly.

" The U struggle the first 3 quarters! LOL"

...too bad a football game last 4 quarters, huh? : )

@ Lonestar Productions
I'd rather have UM's resume of being beaten badly by #21 on the road and beating Boston College on the road, than to be beaten badly by Duke the Perennial Doormat then taken to OT AT HOME against some unknown loser going by the name Zips!
One things for certain: UM would beat the bejesus out of those little peons down on calle ocho who allowed those two light weights to slap them around!...BANK IT!!! : )

So, losing by 5 touchdowns is not indicative of a bad team because it came at the hand of the 21st ranked team. Got it.
By your logic FIU must have had a great team in 2009 when they lost by only 3 touchdowns to eventual national champion Alabama.

^^^^^ Exactly.

And then to mention the BC win in the SAME SENTENCE as our loss to Duke when Duke "the perennial doormat" actually beat BC last year. Way to hang your hat on that impressive win. Just pure nonsense from an uneducated scUM fan. But what else can we expect.

So, losing by 5 touchdowns is not indicative of a bad team because it came at the hand of the 21st ranked team. Got it.
By your logic FIU must have had a great team in 2009 when they lost by only 3 touchdowns to eventual national champion Alabama.
Posted by: TXgoldenpanther | September 12, 2012 at 06:07 PM

That is good logic!!! lol Don't pay attention to that loser "loneoutcast".

Keep up the good work DJN. On a side note, I can't believe Weasley covering Dolphins and is on the radio. I tune that guy out, he is horrible.


I don't understand you. You are so quick to convict others here for any grammatical mistake or spelling mistake. Yet you are constantly making mistakes yourself. I don't point mistakes out because it is not a nice thing to do. But I will continue to point out your shortcomings. First, "and there 2-0.." is improper and incorrect. Do you know the difference between there and their? And by the way, perhaps you should have used "its" record when referring to the football team's record?

And when you say "one things for certain" you should try "one thing is for certain." Or better yet "certainly" or "one thing is certain."


One last thing: you did not graduate from, nor attend, the U. Stop embarrassing the U. It is not your team. And don't refer to Akron as a loser. It is not a loser. The only loser(s) are those that come on here to demean FIU or fan the flames.

To say that losing badly to Duke (who's very well known as the garbage of the ACC), and being taken to OT AT HOME by Akron (a program considered the Duke of their peon conference: garbage) at home, is better than losing badly to K-State (a 2011 Cotton Bowl team who finished the season ranked 15th), and Beating Boston College on the road, is nothing more than a dazzling display of college football ignorance!

Akron hasn't had a winning season in 7 years, and has only won 2 of their last 24 games!
Duke hasn't had a winning season in 18 years, and have only won 6 of their last 24 games!

smh...sounds like the typical ignorant calle Ocho reasoning, or the most extreme case of Homeristic Homerism I've ever seen! : )

I agree with lonely. He is clearly fair and balanced. We should respect his discipline as well. It takes a non-homer, non-ignorant fan to correctly point out that his (not really, as he is not a graduate)team lost to K-State. It is a good point he makes that getting whooped by K-State is great in comparison to FIU. How can we be so ignorant?

Who wouldn't want to lose to K-State? Dang now I wish we had gotten spanked. What a great day for UM. Think about how happy they must be in Coral Gables comparing the U's loss to other gameday losers and saying "hah, at least we didn't lose by one point to (insert a losing team here). I'll take a good old-fashioned ass whooping anyday to just losing to another team. Ahhhhh the pride that must be yours, lonely. Let me know once you have posted on other losing teams blogs so that I can go to those blogs and read your concise, fair, neutral, and objective writing. I think the Arkansas fans would love to hear from you..... start with "UM fan here. Wanted to let you know that at least we didn't lose to ULM ... and we got blown out at least. Shame on you razorback hillbillys."

...joke all you like, but what's hilarious is that #38 in the illustrious CBS Computer Rankings is beaten severely by Duke...and I mean severely!...not edged by, not topped by, but severely beaten by...Duke...DUKE!...the winner of only 6 games in 2 seasons DUKE!!...the hasn't seen a winning season since OJ filled up the tank on his white ford bronco at only 1.09 a gallon and led police on a low speed chase DUKE!!!
Now you little calle ochians can attempt to use UM's loss to K-State to down-play the embarrassment of losing to a legendary loser like Duke all you like, but even the soccer fans of 8th street know K State "aint no Duke"!!!
...well, I mean, at least I thought you guys would know that! LOL!!!

Oh BTW, getting taken to overtime against a program (Akron???) that has only won 2 game in as many years (while playing in your own High School Bleacher Stadium) is not too far from the Duke embarrassment! : )

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