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Medlock 4 weeks, Mallary OK, TY TD

Quickie updates from Sun Life Stadium, where the crowd's only slightly bigger and the quarterbacking much less enjoyable than Saturday night at La Cage.

*Quarterback Jake Medlock will be out four weeks with a broken foot.

*Running back Darian Mallary should be OK for next week.

*T.Y. Hilton scored his first NFL touchdown, a 40-yard pass from Andrew Luck.


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I thought TY already had a touchdown.

D.J., what are you thoughts on the Block Punt call last night? There seems to be alot of controversy on it.

Hahahahahahah Coach Cristobal has always proven to be a bad coach. What a dumb mistake on trying to block the punt. He seems to always make these dumb judgment calls. That is why FIU will always be FIWho? You 3 or 4 FIU fans need to watch a real up and coming team, called the U! Legacy and on its way upward. FIU just going downhill fast. And punk Cristobal will jump ships as soon as he can. He doesnt care about the kids, all he cares about is himself. He will never be one of the great coaches like Bowden or the guy from Penn State which I wont even mention is his name because he still messed up by not reporting the molestation.

FIU I am LOL at u! All about the U! 4-1

Things I never would have thought I would read years ago:

1.) "The U is an up and coming team ..."

2.) Cristobal being compared to Bowden or "the guy from Penn State"

3.) UM fans beating their chests on an FIU blog ... you know you are doing something well when the crosstown teams spend every waking moment reading about everything FIU.

EJ Hilliard did a great job at QB.

They went for every punt and nearly got there each time. It appears as though they spotted something in the protection. It wasn't a true all-out punt block rush and it affected the punt. I didn't have a problem with the scheme, although considering the success FIU's had returning the ball when their returners hang on to it, that's certainly a viable option.

The day that I know more about how another team's game went than my OWN team's record (DUH U is 4-1?? ... really??), is the day I will kill myself.

Good coverage DJN! Hilton played great. Way to represent FIU

U know how it is im psychic, we gonna win against NC State next this week easily. As for FIU: 1-3 as for the U 3-1 soon to be 4-1!

FIu still has conference teams to lose to! hahahahaha

This is my favorite blog cuz there are only 4 people here and I can mess with all of u. The U's blog has to many fans, so I rather stay right here.

LMAO at FIU! hahahahahahah Will never be the U, look how ugly yall logo is. Look how ugly yall uniforms is, The U is pretty like muhammed ali. fiu ugly like chef boardee.

@TheU247 Wow! Clap at the monkey eating a banana. I look forward to the game when my team in Garnet and Gold stomp a hole through the University of Coral Gables. lol.

3 o'clock in the am on a sunday night and this cat is trolling an FIU blog vomiting hatred... makes me feel profoundly sad for you. You can not be living a fulfilling life.

@TheU247: Hey loneoutcast, I mean, TheU247, maybe they should start having the UM games at L.A. Fitness. I saw more UM fans at the gym today then there was at UM's last home game. I think it’s hilarious how just one week ago these same fools were wearing their Miami Heat t-shirts. This week their walking around all proud in their brand new crisp UM t-shirts that they bought after the G-Tech win. Bunch of band-wagon jumping fools!!!!

It's LOL hilarious that Fiwho fans will attempt to make fun of The U's attendance when they themselves couldn't muster but 12,000 fans for their match-up against the biggest opponent on their laughable schedule! smh funny.
The U drew more than 12,000 fans to Bobby Dodd Stadium in The ATL last weekend.
...and BTW, The U's worst attendance is still more than a capacity crowd at Fiwho's Little High School Aluminum Bleacher Stadium...not that they will ever have a capacity crowd. And the sad thing is, little calle ochian, rather you win or lose, no one wears Fiwho gear!
Why?...because no one in this town (outside of a few 8th Streeters) cares about glorified High School Football!

...so try to enjoy being the nobodies you are, it'll likely be a long time before that changes...like maybe your grandson's generation. : )

Oh what a "rise"???

The crews of the Card and its consorts had eaten Christmas dinner in Casablanca before sailing1

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