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Medlock foot, Mallary head, postgame blog coming later

After the 28-21 loss to Louisville, FIU coach Mario Cristobal said starting quarterback Jake Medlock has "a foot issue" and the staff would know more later tonight or tomorrow. Medlock was on crutches at the end of the game.

I've lived with a spouse who had a broken foot, covered many athletes with foot injuries, talked to them about said injuries and I can tell you this -- foot injuries can turn you into the most evil human-like being on the face of the earth and they don't heal quickly or easily. FIU will be lucky if Medlock's not out for the season.

Cristobal said Mallary might've suffered a concusssion in the first quarter. Senior Jeremiah Harden and redshirt freshman Shane Coleman ably handled the running back duties for the rest of the game.


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Miami Dade County Player of the Year ....E.J. Hilliard.


The defense? Where have you been, good see you.

The fans that fought the flood watch in the parking lot. Were rewarded with no rain during the game.

GREAT game, bad result.

No reason to try and block that punt! STUPID STUPID STUPID play call!!!

We had momentum, we were going to get great field position EVEN with no return, we had more than 4 minutes left in the game. And we put all that in jeopardy for a TINY chance of blocking a punt!!

I guarantee you that the coaching staff will never do that again, but we shouldn't have to lose a game to learn that lesson!!

EJ Hilliard just needs to bulk up and he may be that star QB we need. He can make the same early impact like his Northwestern predecessor, Teddy Bridgewater.

On a positive note - E.J. is the truth and the defense is finally playing like we expected them to.

Attendance sucked but with that freaking storm I think it was totally expected. I had to walk in kneed-deep water across the Tamiami parking lot.

FIU were a shell of their expectations with the aggressive play-calling. They continue with that then they probably can at least win the Sun Belt before they leave for Conference USA.

Mario Cristobal is not a good coach. He is a good recruiter. He is an awful coach. That was clear today when he went for that punt block. Set up a return. You have all the momentum. The ball. 4 minutes. Timeouts. At home. No need for a blocked punt (even if it works, it's the wrong decision). A coach's job is to put his team in the best position to win. Cristobal didn't do that today. He has a history of not doing that. That man is so overrated, it's a joke at this point. His meal ticket is gone (Hilton) and he will pay the price (literally) for not taking the Pitt job.

EJ Hilliard is more than a capable backup for Medlock, but if Cristobal keeps doing dumb sh like he did today, it won't matter. FIU was out-manned today. But above all, it got out-coached. This loss is on Mario Cristobal. As far as in-game decisions go, the man is a bum. Unreal...

FIU will be lucky if some bigger program buys into Mario's charade and lures him away. Phony.

EJ Hilliard looks like star in the making. He made something out of nothing several times. And has that 6th gear of quickness TY had. Very impressed.

That punt block attempt was dumb and so was going for it on 4th down. Take FG against the #20 in the nation.

Well, the sun came up this morning, and guess what?...
Fiwho is (just as i said they would be when the sun rose today) 1-3 on there way to 4-8! LOL!
Also, there is nothing about Louisville that says top 25 team, NOTHING!!!...they are only ranked because posters felt the need to include at least 1 Big
(L)east team! I mean, Duke the perennial Doormat and ACC bottom-feeder gutted Fiwho like like the garbage they are, yet Louisville can't manage but a 7 point win against the same trash! smh
I guess their ranking coupled with the Fiwho (#38 computer poll pronostication) is glaring evidence that ranking don't mean shot!

Now bring on the road trip to Lafayette, and 1-4! LOL!!!

I have always stated that MC is not the best x and o coach. Game day is not his strength. However, don't kid yourselves thinking that we can get a better coach in the near future. HC Cristobal is a great coach. And this is the way he is perceived in the local high school coaching community.

Getting rid of him or forcing him to leave would be a terrible mistake. Period. Yes our expectations were high in the off season. But Duke, UCF, and Louisville look good this year. We have the talent. Perhaps the players overhyped themselves. And yes the coaching has been flawed but name a coaching staff that is mistake-free? Name one, please!

I was REALLY worried when Medlock got hurt. Now after seeing what this kid EJ brings to the game... Oh boy! What a great surprise.

On a side note. They need to lock those guys from special teams in a room and make them watch themselves on tv until they feel ashamed of themselves. Another loss because of special teams sloppiness.

Offense was great. Defense finally showed up.

We are ready for conference play (as soon as half the team gets back from the hospital )

I GUARANTEE that when the herald requires a real identity to post comments, the teenage boy that claims to be ScUM graduate "loneoucast" will instantly vanish. Hey, lonely outcast, nobody cares what you think of FIU. Nobody cares to read your analysis of our games and schedule (which you seem to have deep knowledge of. I'm starting to wonder if you work for FIU).

Either way, FIU is not in your conference. FIU doesn't play in your stadium. FIU doesn't play your opponents. Why do you care so much about us? Really, why?

Wait, maybe you applied to FIU and got rejected. That would explain so much.

Now that their little pie-in-the-sky dreams of being a (laughable) top ranked team has went up in smoke along with whatever that was they were smoking to cause them to believe such rubish, the little calle ochians don't want to hear from those whom attention they originally sort!...yes, they would like to have all UM fans banned! : ) Music to my ears.
Well until then, Juan (typical of an Fiwho fan), I'll be giving you calle ochians what you've been pining for every since that CBS Computer Ranking predicted YOU were the 38th ranked team in the nation, which is the attention of UM fans. Now that you see you're still the peon you've always been, that attention is bothersome, well too bad, I'm not going anywhere, I'm gonna be here week after week to give you what you were asking for rather you like it or not!

BTW, I wonder where Fiwho is ranked now...hm...I think I'll look that up. I'll get back with what I find LOL!

Didn't realize that there are those who are so sensitive about their "rise"??? : )

@loneoutcast your username explains a lot. get out the house dude. Be glee that the University of Coral Gables won. I'm a lifelong FSU fan so my disdain runs deep. How do you have so much time to criticize FIwho as you call it?

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