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Men's hoop schedule highlights

Highlights from the men's basketball schedule released this afternoon:

Home games you might find interesting: Stephen F. Austin (first home game), Nov. 17; Arkansas State (first Sun Belt game), Nov. 29; Florida A&M, Jan. 2; Bethune-Cookman, Jan. 7; FAU, Feb. 7

Road games you might find interesting: Boston College (season opener), Nov. 11; Florida Gulf Coast (it's close), Dec. 13; Louisville (The Oedipus Shootout, Pitino vs. Pitino), Dec. 19; FAU, Mar. 2.

So, there you go. Oh, as an observation, one that could be made by anyone seeing Joey De La Rosa around campus, he's slimmed down quite a bit. It'll be interesting to see how much nimbler he is without the bulk.


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I had a chance to hang out with Joey during Saturday's game at La Cage. He's a cool
guy. He has definitely lost close to 40 lbs. Hopefully, this will help him avoid foul trouble. He is one of two guys above 6-10" and we need him to stay out of foul trouble. He had great things to say about Richard and FIU which led him to staying after Isaiahs' sudden forced exit.

Time to build a solid foundation as we migrate into C.-USA following this season.

Will the game be televised anywhere on saturday?

The football game is on CSS. Speaking of which, I wonder if DJN has any updates: how about the Ware kid who came off a broken hand furlough last week--is he likely to play? how about DD, the guy who according to Cristobal "got out of football shape" in the one week he had to wait on NCAA clearance; is he back in shape or otherwise out of the doghouse? what gives with the Perkins kid who was apparently good enough in someone's eyes to play for Arizona; is there any reason he has never been able to play in a suspect secondary? and couldn't we have a hint as to what is wrong with the Louis kid whom Ohio State thought highly enough of to recruit? and finally, in regard to the story about our only fullback, a 280 pound defensive lineman by trade, why wouldn't MC recruit a 220 lb back when you KNOW your only power rusher is graduating--and mind you I am not saying a "blue chip" 220 lb. back with speed. I mean a 220 pound lunk who lives to hit people and to whom a two yard gain is a glorious acievement. There may not be a lot of those around in speed-crazed Florida football, but I can't believe there wasn't such a kid up in the rust belt who would have been more than happy to accept a scholarship to the land of the palm trees, in place of one of those myriad 175 pound 5'11" receivers we have (Akron had 3 such lunks and they all did exactly what they were supposed to do, pummeling us physically in the process). Finally, as to game day management, I saw that quote from Cristobal saying that he wanted to perfect his four man rush before he dialed up any safety or corner blitzes, etc. My own opinion is if he sticks solely with that four man rush against UCF, we will be lucky to keep them in the 50's. And, pray tell, what has happened to our 450 yards per game highly touted high octane offensive coordinator? Is there a reason why it seemed as though Woody Hayes was running the offense against Akron? I saw the comment that everything that FIU does is predicated "off the run." I wonder when THAT became the philosophy. My own opinion is that if we go the conservative route at UCF, we will be lucky to score. Hope I am wrong. Anyways, all these sorts of questions and issues strike me as far more interesting to kick around than how many pimples lonely outcast has popped. (Oh, and did I mention how odd it seems to me that a serious college football team in one of the largest media markets in the country doesn't have a RADIO outlet? I saw that DJN announced this fact, just as FIU issued its own "announcement." I'm curious to know how on earth such a thing could come to pass. Isn't there a student radio station over there, as in "Hey guys, I know, let's have a dance...") Any football fans out there?

Slip of the tongue. Wish we did have "the Ware kid." I think the kid's name with the broken hand is DeAndre Jasper. More importantly, I am wondering a) can he really run a 4.3 40? b) is his hand now unbroken enough that he can catch a pass? c) if the answers to a & b are yes, who cares what his name his, is he going to play tomorrow?

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