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Monday Morning Football; sunny Sunday for volleyball, women's soccer

Both E.J. Hilliard and Loranzo Hammonds Jr. took snaps with the first team today. Starting Hilliard sort of opens the door to using Hammonds as a change-of-pace back who happens to line up at quarterback. It's not something they would've done with Jake Medlock, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did it with a quarterback 10 months removed from high school in his first start.

Among the running backs, Kedrick Rhodes did practice and Darian Mallary didn't. Rhodes will be a Wednesday or Thursday decision, according to head coach Mario Cristobal. Also, Cristobal said, Mallary didn't suffer a concussion Saturday, but they'll still wait for midweek results of some testing before letting him practice.

After practice, left tackle Caylin Hauptmann doused Cristobal with a Gatorade birthday bath.

No line on this game is up yet from the sports books I've seen. Books don't like the first game following a quarterback injury.


Upset at The Branch Sunday afternoon in a match that surely exceeded that excruciating display up at Sun Life Stadium for entertainment value.

FIU, 4-10, dumped 10-7 Arkansas State 3-0 (26-24, 25-23, 25-19). Junior Kimberly Smith -- Zionsville in the house! -- had 10 kills. Freshman Ashlee Hodgskin threw in 17 assists and two service aces. Defensively, junior Brittany Spencer had six blocks, and sophomore Carolyn Fouts had 14 digs.


For the second consecutive day, an FIU soccer team won on a golden goal.

The men got by Stetson Saturday night. The women beat Troy 2-1 Sunday afternoon on the third game-winning goal of the season by Chelsea Leiva (of course). Despite a 26-7 shot advantage and 12-1 advantage in corner kicks, FIU found itself in overtime. That's because Troy struck on that one corner in the 70th minute to match sophomore Scarlett Montoya's 48th minute goal.

FIU's 5-4-1 overall, 2-0 in the Sun Belt Conference.





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E.J. Hilliard is perfectly capable to handle this offense. This Oregon-style, spread offense is made for guys like Hilliard. He can scramble, he's evasive, avoids the sack, keeps plays alive, and he can throw on the run. Throws accurate passes in between the numbers and knows when to throw a laser or a floater. Only missed one throw and he had heavy pressure on a broken play. With the way the O-line is letting defenders through the line to apply pressure to our QB, agile and accurate E.J. Hilliard might be what the offense ordered.

EJ was good on Sat. but JM and the offense wasnt the problem.

The problem has been Special Teams and Defense.

The Defense finally showed B@lls for 4 quarters.

One glimmer of hope is Jasper on kick returns. He looked faster than everyone and built strong. the Cajuns have the best Special Teams in the 'Belt we need to find a hands team to cover punts!

Something tells me WT, WW and the tight ends will be buying EJ dinner the rest of the way.

FIU football will lose next week too. The best thing going on at fiu is soccer! Hahahaha LOL at u!

FIAU Florida International Atlantic University

Btw FAU will go to Big East before yall!

Yeah, Louisville was lucky they didn't let EJ get back on the field. He has the raw mechanics from working Teddy Bridgewater before he left for Louisville. The line was horrible on Saturday. I liked the play-calling but I need the line to really protect because he is small. So, in the offseason they have to bulk him off.

Is Willis Wright still on the team? This guy hasn't made a play in three years at FIU. Dude was a 4 star recruit. Yet J.J. Worton from South Dade got only one scholarship offer and he's making the most of it at UCF. Worton will catch more passes this year than Wright will probably catch in a career.

Oh, FIU didn't recruit Conner Vernon of Duke either. He's about to set every ACC receiving record. Is Cristobal really that great a recruiter as advertised or is the problem developing that talent?

Darrell Lee: E.J. looks like Bridgewater and Jacory Harris did coming out of Northwestern as far as build. I even joked with one stats guy who saw them in high school that they must have a special quarterback diet at The West that keeps their QBs bony. He's a kid. He'll bulk up.

Miami SouthPaw: Welcome to college recruiting.
You see how people screw up in the NFL Draft. How much more so do you think recruiters and recruiting services screw up when gauging more guys over wider ranges of competition at a less developed age?

Four and five star guys don't work out all the time. Sometimes, kids are overrated. Sometimes, they just lose their minds when they get on their own for the first time in college. Sometimes, coaches mishandle guys. Best example: Bear Bryant, arguably the best college coach ever, long admitted he blew it with arguably the best high school running back ever, Ken Hall out of Sugar Land, Texas.

FIU's had two four-star guys -- Pooh Bear Mars and Wright. Mars was an academic loss, Wright has yet to achieve cosistent effort and knowledge of the offense. So they've gone 0 for 2. Alabama will have two four-star guys miss most years, but they'll have a bunch of fours, a five, a slew of threes every year. Plus a two who everybody underestimated. More margin for error.
One year, FSU got the national defensive player of the year and the national offensive player of the year. The offensive guy, Marquette Smith, couldn't crack the lineup and wound up at UCF, if I remember (before UCF was worth a darn). The defensive guy? Derrick Brooks. He kind of worked out.

FIU didn't recruit Vernon. Nobody in the state did. UM didn't even sniff Vernon, who would've killed to go there back then.

Overall, FIU's in contention for guys and getting guys it wasn't even getting "Hello" from a few years ago. Does that make Mario a good recruiter? Yes, on this level. After that, it's a mix of coaching and the kid. Either one can kill a future.

Exactly. Recruiting is a terrible science. You have better odds guessing where the next hurricane will hit. By the way, lots of people screwed the pooch with TY Hilton. So let's not just look at the recruiting misses. But I guess that it is human nature to do just that. And besides what makes you think that every player will succeed at every institution? Some players do well in one environment and fail elsewhere.

Fiwho way more often than not get's the cast-off from the state of Florida. After The U, FSU, UF, USF, and UCF are done taking the cream of the crop, the little 'kitties' from calle ocho can have the rest!
That's why you end up on the nasty end of the stick when facing big boy doormats like the Bluke Dewdevils!
(snicker) :b

Are Demarcus Perkins and James Louis, highly touted transfers, still on the roster?

good question Diagodog. what is up with some of these guys that seem to disappear of the face of the earth DJN?


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