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New women's tennis coach: Love for Leiva; UCF by how many?

Katarina Petrovic, a native of Serbia, has been named the new women's tennis head coach.

Petrovic spent the last nine seasons as a member of the staff at South Carolina, where she played from 1999-2002.


TopDrawerSoccer.com put FIU forward Chelsea Leiva on its National Team of the Week after Leiva's hat trick and an assist against Idaho, the entirety of her scoring last week in a rout of Idaho and a double shutout with LSU (0-0)


It doesn't take Kitty Carlyle or Dorothy Kilgalllen to answer that. UCF opened a 13-point favorite over FIU and it's gone up to 17 and 17 1/2.


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UCF 57
Fiwho 3

Kansas State 52
UM 13

Oh wait, that actually happened. :)

Quijote that was pretty funny..

About the game..

From what I hear we have sold out our Away tickets provided to FIU (about 1500) and we might be getting a few more fans that will purchase at the game. Might have about 2,000 fans. Could be better, but not bad..

I personally think it will be a High scoring game. Neigther Defense is going to be doing to much stopping. I just hope we are not calling T.O's during Special Teams, and that the Coaches throw the ENTIRE playbook at UCF (only way we will win)..

UCF 41
FIU 42

Go Panthers!

I am not optimistic. UCF should take this one easily. However, we do have the talent to win big as well. Let's see if the coaches can fix whatever is wrong with the D. And let's hope the receivers start playing.


The pride that must be yours to see that K-State-UM score! 52-13. It is something you will always cherish. And I am pleased that you come on here all the time to share your nonsense with us. Your mother must also be proud of you. Her big boy handles defeat so well. Did you tell her "don't worry mommy, I stop crying everytime I go over to harass FIU fans. I am taking out my anger and frustrations on them, mama. I came up with something really clever mommy, I say things like FIwho, and I use girlie text-talk like "smh" and "lol". It makes me giggle to the point that I get snot on my UM pajamas. Mommy I am glad that they don't use silly phrases to insult the U like dUM or scUM or duh-M or even Uwho. That would make me mad mommy and I've been rooting for the U since daddy left you for that FIwho professor."

TheFIUtheproud killed them.

Virginia 48
Miami 0

Oh wait, that actually happened too. :)

Duke the all-time Perennial Doormat 46
Fiwho 26

...having the bejesus beat out of you by cellar dwelling Duke has left all your enemies with the ups on you, little calle ochians! : )

I too am worried about this game. Let's hope we can pull it off. But would not be surprised if we get spanked. Maybe the team will be highly motivated and can work through all the problems of the last two weeks.

By the way, that is a great post theFIUtheproud. Well played taunt with a lame comeback by lowlyoutcast.

Quijote, like your post as well. I had forgotten what cellar dweller Virginia did at the orange bowl.

Lowlyoutcast, what enemies do you speak of? Didn't you say that we are FIwho? Can you try to keep it straight. Are we irrelevant or just hated?

17 consecutive losing seasons dating back to OJ's low speed chase Duke: 46
CBS Computer Ranked #38 Fiwho: 26


UCF: 56
Zips?: 14

Fiwho: 38 OT: 3
Zips?: 38 OT: 0

UCF 58
Fiwho 6
cross your finger and toes, get a rabbits foot, a horse shoe and pray that Central Florida doesn't put up 70 on you!

...something tells me the calle ochians are gonna begin to cherish their 3 point OT win over this typical nobody by the name of Zips? as the season goes on.

...how about this:

The U: 35
Little Peons from Calle Ocho: Goose Egg

: )

...or even this:

The U: 23
Florida's Inferior University: 9

: )

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