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Offensive thoughts; women's hoop schedule highlights

A day off from Camp Mitch. I'll be back out there tomorrow, scheduled to be guest on The Andy Slater Show, 640AM's noon to 3 p.m. programming. The station will be live from FIU throughout Friday.

A quick thought before I get to the women's basketball schedule that somehow wound up in my spam filter yesterday (as did the men's, for some reason): overall, if you're kvetching about the offense, go sit on the bench with the kid crying over his iPod because he doesn't have the latest Temple Run.

First game against Duke, 14 points (with two blown field goals) and almost 300 yards of offense before the special teams and defense helped goose Duke to a 30-point lead one drive into the second half. Game over.

What, you're not happy they ran off a bunch of three-and-outs on Akron after the first two drives? They still wound up with 14 points by halftime, 31 for the game. Most teams get stopped once in a while or have stretches they look like Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane chasing them Dukes, them Dukes. I've seen FIU's offensive two-deep. Nowhere did I see Mike Rozier, Irving Fryer, Turner Gill and Dean Steinkuhler.

The offense demonstrated what happens when you get bad execution of a poor game plan in the first half against UCF. When they got back to themselves in the second half, they rolled to three touchdowns. Here's the offense In FIU's six halves of football this season: one bad half, one half you can't grade because the rest of the team let the game get out of hand and four halves of production most college coaches working east of the Rockies would happily accept.

FIU's passing game doesn't have room for improvement, it's got a concert hall. They aren't as explosive as the last two years. Then again, they came into the season with a quarterback who had played in three college games and without T.Y. Hilton. Is either development a surprise?

The offense is what was expected. It's the defense and the special teams, those George Allen standbys, that have dropped the biggest CLUNK during the first three games and need to get it together before Louisville drops some embarrassment on FIU.


Highlights of the women's basketball schedule:

At The Branch: North Florida, Nov. 11 (season opener); Thanksgiving Classic vs Iowa, with LSU and West Virginia in the other game, Nov. 23-25 (they were all good last year); Sun & Fun Classic with Georgia Tech, Quinnipac and Northeastern (Tech made the NCAA Sweet Sixteen last year); FAU, Feb. 6.

Away from The Branch: Florida Gulf Coast, Nov. 14 (relatively close); Western Kentucky, Nov. 19 (first conference game); FAU, Mar. 2 (season closer and it's FAU).



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