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Recruits, new guys & hoop time

Expect to see De'Andre Jasper on offense this week in addition to kickoff returns. Punt returns? True freshmen often make coaches nervous. With the problems FIU's had putting drama into the punt return, don't expect FIU coaches to feel more secure handing the job over to a kid four months out of high school.

Click the link below to check out highlights of Bradenton Manatee defensive back Willie Smith, who verbally committed last week to FIU. ESPN's and Scout.com have him at two stars. He led Manatee in interceptions last season.


Louisiana-Lafayette opened a 6-point favorite and is up to 6.5 at most sports books.  

In answer to your questions about DeMarkus Perkins and James Louis: Perkins has played in each game this season on special teams and taken some defensive snaps.

Louis has off-the-field issues, not all of them have to do with Camp Mitch. Remember what I said on another blog about recruits? You never know what might kneecap their careers.


Expect the FIU-Louisville game on Dec. 19 to be a 7 p.m. game. Television isn't set yet.


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This offense desperately needs an explosive playmaker at receiver. FIU is getting nothing out of Willis Wright, Glenn Coleman and Jairus Williams. Wayne Times and Jacob Younger are the only dependable receivers on this team and neither is much of a big play threat. Replacing T.Y. Hilton has been more difficult than expected.

I think Jasper is going to be utilized much more in these upcoming games. Coleman and Wright are possession receivers, Williams needs to be utilized more, he has the speed and the height.

Coleman and Wright are possession receivers? I guess. But they can't even get open. Jairus Williams? He's tall. That's about all I can say about the guy. I'm guessing they're all good blockers because none of them have made a play through 4 games. Nobody stretches the field. Does FIU even have deep passes in its playbook? I guess they don't have anyone who can go deep.

SouthPaw, do you think the offense has been the main concern? They've been maintaining possession, moving the football and scoring points as good or better than with TY.

To answer your question. No. The defense and special teams are bigger issues. However, this blog entry is about inserting Jasper into the receiving corps. Just thought I'd stay on topic.

Hahaha, "replace TY Hilton"????!!!!

Some websites had him as a FOUR star recruit! Only reason he chose FIU is that he's not too bright and his baby grabbed the FIU hat instead of West Virginia!

FIU will never see another talent like TY, just appreciate what he did for the program and move on.

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