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Rhodes a game-day decision; Steve Sabol RIP; Louisville favored (duh); Collins Hill QB commit starts well

Back from a furlough day. Not much gripping out of Camp Mitch today...

Junior running back Kedrick Rhodes sat out practice again Tuesday with his right foot or ankle injury. FIU coach Mario Cristobal said whether or not Rhodes would play would be determined on Saturday.

This is just me, but a back who has failed to finish two consecutive games; has an injury bad enough to hold him out of practice consecutive days; and going into the last non-conference game with eight consecutive conference games to follow -- the first two of which are five days apart -- adds up to us more likely to see Lonesome Rhodes than Kedrick Rhodes on Saturday.


This is a blog on FIU's sports, but, let's be real -- football is the only sport that consistently moves the needle here. One of the men responsible for football's place in our national fabric, NFL Films' President Steve Sabol, died Tuesday at 69 from brain cancer.

Rare is the sports-loving U.S.-raised kid who didn't dream of making a dramatic game-winning play in his sport to be replayed in slow motion with big, thundering music as a soundtrack. That's because for the last 50 years, NFL Films showed us how you can tell a game's story through a filmic package as dramatically as Hitchcock tell could the story of a man with a broken leg seeing the aftermath of a murder. Football's violence and athleticism gained a balletic beauty filmed by Sabol-directed cameras and backed by Sam Spence's music, then a poetic nobility in John Facenda's or Harry Kalas' narration of Sabol-written scripts. Especially in the days before 27 highlight shows run endlessly into Monday morning, we saw the league through NFL Films half-hour shows like Game of the Week or NFL Action.

I dealt with Sabol only a few times over my 23 years at The Herald, but enjoyed each conversation immensely. I think he did, too, as another football history junkie with a long memory. 

Several months after the last time I talked to him, the Dolphins were late in the 2010 season and the story idea well of me, Jeff Darlington and Armando Salguero was as dry as the team we were covering. I pulled out my iPod and portable speakers for some NFL Films music just because, why not? Suddenly, Jeff had two good ideas. I had one. Armando had a few. Ideas flew like spirals across an NFL Films screen. We laughed at the coincidence.

Coincidence, my 12E. RIP Steve Sabol, master salesman and muse for generations of NFL afficianados.

This classic piece of music and narration originally accompanied images in "The Championship Chase" NFL Films' 1974 season highlight video. 



The line on this game opened with Louisville as 11-point favorites and has quickly moved to 13 or 13 1/2-point favorites depending on the sportsbook. The over/under, however, went from 59 to 57 or 57 1/2.


The first two weeks for Suwanee (Ga.) Collins Hill quarterback Brett Sheehan, an FIU commit for 2013: 26 of 40 for 291 yards and two touchdowns plus stood in for the head shot that gave his team 15 yards and set up the game-winning field goal as time expired; 22 of 25 for 275 yards and three touchdowns passing and a 40-yard touchdown run.

So, not bad. 


Obviously, this won't happen this season and it's long been discussed. But, soon, FIU plans to turn FIU Soccer Field from a north-south to an east-west field and put a track around it, thus giving the track team someplace on campus to at least practice. The project (estimated cost: $3 million) still needs to go up for bid.


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How does bidding on that kind of thing work, David?

Good to see Sheehan starting out the season so well at Collins Hill HS, from which we are actively recruiting a star soccer player from as well. I read somewhere the kid is deciding between FIU and North Carolina.

Speaking about soccer/track and field....I've heard those plans for a while now, but apparently the timing is (finally) right to make that "turn around" from north-south to east-west, while closing the street just west of soccer/baseball stadium. Hope they do a nice, beautiful project there.

thanks for the info.

I agree 100% the Rhodes should sit UL out.
Harden and Mallary will have to "Next Up".

No otherway to put it, but at this point the in-conference games are the most important games on the schedule.

DJ Neal - does FIU get one of those half million dollar cupcake paydays for playing Louisville or is their payment being legitimized with a real team visiting their stadium?

I ask because IMO it's not worth it. Go get hammered away at Alabama to pay for your athletic department for a year but to bring that kind of spectacle to the home crowd (comprised of Miamians, the worst fans in the country) must be doing more harm than good.

Hope for the best for the locals but Teddy Bridgewater is no joke. I understand that the Jacory Harris comparisons and associated stigma were too much for him to come to Miami but I hate to see great south Florida talent leave the state like that. Imagine what he could be doing against Sunbelt teams!


You do realize FIU beat UL at UL, right?

K, just checking

No, I had no idea, missed that game last year.

I've caught part of two Louisville games this year, Bridgewater looks phenomenal.

My only point is that FIU shouldn't play good out of conference teams at home, it's bad for business, Miami fans don't like losses.

Yeah, except when they win, BN. Football is, or used to be, about manning up, and the kind of crap you are spouting has to do with the biz, not playing the game. Want to meet me down at the corner?

Louisville has no business being ranked in the top 25!
The only reason they're a top ranked team is because the pollsters felt they had to select a least 1 Big East (C-USA part II) team!
Never the less, they will beat the bejesus out of Fiwho just as any decent team does.

Oh what a "rise"??? (snicker)

Fiwho beat Louisville at Louisville last year because of 3 plays:
2 Ty Hilton down-the-seam TD's, and a pick 6!
Besides, Louisville was a 7-6 team last year...hardly anything to brag about.

But Fiwho will be gutted by them this year in their own Little High School Aluminum Bleacher Stadium.

You lose!...write it down already, there's no need to even show up, it's a done deal...just as I know the sun will rise tomorrow I know Fiwho will be 1-3 when this game is over! : )

Oh what a "rise"!!! (snicker)

True, and it's not out of the question that FIU could upset them, especially if they beat them AWAY last year. But I sure don't like their odds based on what I've seen out of Bridgewater this year.

The larger point is definitely a business one, not a football one. Miami fans suck and they don't take kindly to losses, FIU has a great big alumni fanbase down here but unfortunately they're all Miamians. Gotta schedule easier out of conference games at home. Or at least only play Florida teams or teams from an area that can help with recruiting.

Miami did the same thing with their Kansas State series, nothing to gain recruiting-wise and it was two tough out of conference match ups against a team with a low profile. It's lose, lose, lose.

Dear oh dear. Why is it no one wants to talk about what happens out on the field, why key players aren't producing, what coaches say about game plans or lack thereof. For instance, it MUST have occurred to at least ONE coach at FIU that things were going to be significantly different this year without TY Hilton. How exactly has the offensive strategy--presuming there is one--changed to account for this fact? Is this the sort of question you might lob MC's way, DJN? Or to anyone out there, even if you have to attribute the answer to "a source"? And by the way, do we now have a solid answer to who the backup QB is?

What's happening "out on the field" is everyone is beating the bejesus out of Fiwho in the beginning of games, and once realizing how badly they are beating them they're let off the gas and applying the brake, to which Fiwho is able to post a couple of scores to make an embarrassing blow-out look like a regular one!

...yep, I think that about sums it up.
Now, can we get back to making fun of Fiwho's supposed "rise"? : )

I'm erring on the side of caution, but is this guy wearing a dashiki? Just how African does he think he is? What a representative of an ethnic school indeed.

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