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FIU by how much? and other Tuesday stuff

The opening line for Saturday's game put FIU as a 25-point favorite. They're down to 23.5 to 24. What really looks interesting is the over/under opened at 51 points and is up to 54.5. The teams combined for 44 points in last year's 27-17 FIU win, in which the Panthers were favored by 17.

Not much to tell from practice Tuesday morning.

Freshman wide receiver DeAndre Jasper sees doctors Wednesday to get medical clearance to return to full practice. He was doing time with the second team in camp before getting injured. It'll take him a few weeks to get into full football shape and integrate with the offense. Before that, he and his 4.3 speed could be used on returns.

Nobody's said anything officially, but I think E.J. Hilliard has the backup quarterback job. Lorenzo Hammonds, Jr. is a nice athlete, but Hilliard's a good athlete with an arm.


C-USA is adding affiliate members in various sports for the next two seasons. The only one who will remain an affiliate member and is in a sport FIU also participates is New Mexico men's soccer. The Lobos will be in 2013-14 what FIU is now in C-USA. They're ranked No. 3 nationally, meaning C-USA will be added three schools currently ranked in the Top 20 (New Mexico, UNC-Charlotte, Old Dominion) to a lineup that already includes ranked Alabama-Birmingham. Tough crowd.


For those of you who are new this academic year or have forgotten: throw down in the comments all you want. Rip me, rip FIU. But comments either too gross or racist will be deleted. If I have to delete too many of your comments, I'll pull a de facto banning from the comments by deleting each of your future comments.


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How about also regulating these morons that post the same crap using different screen names? They wreak of regurgitated tuna sandwiches coupled with deafening loneliness.

Lay the hammer DJN

Seems the butt whipping Duke the Perenial Doormat put on the little 'kitties' (and by 'kitties' I mean...well you know) from calle ocho has made them all extremely tender, so the king of the idiots have enacted "the rules"! Mind you, these are the same "rules" that would never have been mentioned had those 'kitties' from 8th street not had their rear ends emphatically handed to them by pathetic Duke the Notorious Doormat, or realized now that they may be facing the very real possibility of being 1-4 by the end of the month. : ) And be fully aware that these "rules" are generally meant for UM fans who heave a little more truth and reality on he and his calle ochians than the little 'kitties' and this 'kitty' writer can bare!...and nothing more than that!...no curse words, no derogatory terms, just good ole fashion painful truth!
In short, his "rules" are designed to do nothing more than spare he and the rest of the calle ochians little feeling from being hurt!
...now aren't I exactly right, DJ?

Wow.... where do some of these guys come from?

Good stuff DJN, in your game analysis the other night. Pretty in-depth and entertaining. Thanks for your work.

Good for you DJN. There is no place for rascist or offensive comments in modern America. And not allowing this hate speech does not make you anti-free speech.

By the way, What is lonelyoutcast trying to say?

JP1990FIU come on man, all lonelyoutcast has is crappy UM football.

Can you imagine if you were this guy - just some poor uneducated sap that can barely piece sentences together, clearly suffering from an advanced learning disability, and all you got to lighten your life is fabulously mediocre UM football. Can you imagine that!?!?

For Pete's sake, he's pounding his chest after UM beat a team that one 4 games last year...one more than Duke mind you. So next time you see him, have some class, roll down your window and hand him a dollar already.

Hope to see the dumb mistakes fixed and a way better Defense. I also hope we don't get into the "lets settle to win by a touchdown". We need a BIG win and way less mistakes.

Also, I hope to see the darn QB go UNDER CENTER when its any down and a foot. I thought that was one big change that the new O.C was going to bring in.. Let go play some hard ass football!

Go F.I.U

Only a student educated at Fiwho would spell the word 'won' as "one"!!!

...talk about your "uneducated sap"! LOL!...dumb!

The funny thing is he's a UM fan, which means he never actually went to school there. More likely, he either went to Miami-Dade Community College or no college at all.

Someone please report this lonely outcast to FIU security. He obviously has mental health issues and his obsession with FIU football goes beyond a simple rivalry between two schools. There are red flags here and someone needs to look into this persons mental history. Then fact that he labels himself as a lonely outcast speaks volumes.

Well done pointing out the "one" in that diagnosis lonelyoutcast. The fact that you can read while interpreting is good sign. All may not be lost for you.

Quick, refresh lonelyoutcast...someone else just posted something about FIU!!!!

Loneoutcast -- hate the name change, I thought "lonelyoutcast" seemed so much more appropriate in a sexless troll sort of way -- you insult someone for using "one" instead of "won" when you should've used "bear" instead of "bare" in your extended taunt.

You know, the taunt that ignores that I've left up some of your posts and all the other posts body slamming FIU after the loss to Duke. The taunt I'm leaving up so your own grammatical failing is highlighted. Besides, it might be one of your last posts here.

Well done David.

I suggest Herald IT run some IP tracing. Some of loneoutcast's previous comments are borderline threatening and would be easily interpreted as probable cause with malicious intent by law enforcement.

@Quijote...Hey, imbecile, it's sports! LOL!!!

Didn't realize anything said on a sports site could be considered "probable cause", except in the context of revealing that I really enjoy belittling Perennial Losers! LOL!!!
...though I DO plead guilty to "malicious intent", seeing as though I do "maliciously intend" to degrade Fiwho at every opportunity! : )

DJN getting into it with the trolls is hysterical.

Hey, at the end of the day, I'd rather have the trolls. When you think about it, it means that someone cares enough to spend part of their day focusing on FIU, and he livens the place up.

Anyways, I am pretty sure the only reason the rules were laid down were because some people got a little wacky with what they were saying earlier. It's all fun and games, and talking trash is fine and all, but there's a line. Calling us perennial losers isn't really the line. I find it amusing, at best. :P

Hey lonely-outcast: I have no problem with your taking issue with FIU. But I will say that you do sound a bit "out there." The way I see it is you are either very young or life has given you one too many lemons. Some on here argue that you are a security threat. I wouldn't doubt you are that guy that throws beer on the opposing team's fan's, screams at customer service reps, and comes from a show-off family that could barely make the payments on the altogether too expensive car you bought to impress the neighbors. Not sure if you are married or have a significant other but I'm sure you have gotten into fights simply because some guy looked in her/his direction.

And as to "thickened skin," I should add that yours is thinner than a photocopy of a UM diploma you once saw at your therapist's office. The reality is that calling FIU fans "Calle Ochians" is neither cute nor clever. It sounds rascist. You may not realize it (if you are hispanic), or you may be saying it because you may in fact be a rascist.

You Calle ocho comment is ridiculous particularly when you sound like someone that grew up dreaming of moving from East Hialeah to Westchester. FIU fans are blameless in the fact that the university is near Tamiami Trail. Similarly, UM students (not fans like you) are blameless in the fact that their university should not be called UM due to the fact that they are in Coral Gables. It is not their fault that UM has no geographical clue where it is located. But because you are cute I will try to be as cute and call UM students Lejuenians. See not cute. I guess DJN is right and you are just a dumb rascist.

Finally, we may be a "nobody" to the rest of the world, but certainly not to you. You certainly like to come on here to play with us. And you know we are on Tamiami Trail. Heck you even know we lost to Duke. Thanks for keeping up with our news. Oh and don't call Duke a doormat they are far and away better than the University of Coral Gables, and I doubt that any one of its grads think they are a doormat or care.

Lonelycastout: one last thing, I will show you my FIU diploma if you show me your UM diploma? Didn't go to UM? I thought so.

What's wrong with is loneoutcast jerk? Does he sit in front of computer all day just to troll FIU as soon as there's an update or new article on this blog? Not only has he/she been trolling FIU but now he/she is fronting DJN. Please get a life will you?


...so much love. : )

Poor little Dave J, couldn't stand the heat!
Don't feel bad, DJ, most have a hard time dealing with my truth...and nearly ALL 8th Streeters. : )

Since we are pointing out grammatical failures:

They're ranked No. 3 nationally, meaning C-USA will be added three schools currently ranked in the Top 20 (New Mexico, UNC-Charlotte, Old Dominion)

Really? will be added?

And that rag pays you?

Nothing ungrammatical about the will be added construction. Perhaps not mellifluous, as that great prose stylist lonelyoutcast-in-need-of-meds might have put it--"will have added," but a proper, if unusual, construction nonetheless. On the football front, I'm hoping like one of the other mentally balanced posters for some evidence of actual game day coaching, where adjustments are made in real time. Maybe Medlock will put himself under center one of these days, just to show mc it can be done.

It is grammatically incorrect. It should read "will be adding," as opposed to its current form. 4th grade English class adequately explains that.

Nonsense fomenterslack. DJN's usage of "will be added" may be unconventional in the U.S., but is perfectly acceptable. And starting a sentence with "and" is also acceptable even though most fourth grade teachers will cringe at the thought. However, you should not start a sentence using a numerical number like 4. The universally preferred style is Fourth. But 4 can be used within the sentence. And ending a sentence with a preposition is usually a bad idea;for example "where are you at."

I should point out that I don't like pointing out grammatical or spelling mistakes. After all this is just a sports blog and not a literary masterpiece, an important document, or brief to the Supreme Court. But I felt your trivial and unnecessary rantings should be addressed. I close by pointing out that I am guilty of numerous writing and speaking mistakes. Perhaps you can spot some? Are they conspicuous?

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