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UCF 33, FIU 20: Medlock probably OK. Rhodes? Well....

Postgame blog coming later tonight or early tomorrow morning, but a couple of quick things:

Quarterback Jake Medlock had ice on his left hand after injuring it in the fourth quarter, but shrugged off any idea the injury that kept him out for half a drive would hamper him further.

FIU coach Mario Cristobal said junior running back Kedrick Rhodes was "banged up" again. Rhodes limped off in the third quarter slightly favoring the right foot that had a huge ice bag on it after the game.


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I feel bad for you FAU fans. We spanked you today and I am sorry fo you bad school. UCF is the better school. Do you even have a medical school? We are the future and you is the past....just saying

I normally wouldn't say anything, but what William Shepherd said is hilarious on many different levels. Thank you for lightening the mood.

I feel bad for you FIAU fans, hahahahahahahaah! Mario Cristobal whooooo?

Exactly, what hilarious about what William Shepard said is that he (who's team just finished beating you) and no one else (outside of calle ocho) even knows who Fiwho is!

1-2 on their way to 1-4 then on to 4-8...

Oh what a "rise"???!!! : )

This just in, truck loads of Alka Seltzer have been shipped to calle ocho this morning in an effort to curve the queasiness that being 1-2 when you thought you'd be 3-0 brings on!

...what happened to CBS Computer #38, "we'll be a top 25 team this year", (really laughable) BCS Bowl hopes, and your so called "rise"???

Panthers on the fall! (snicker)

Is lonelyoutcast the same as bucnasty? Might be.

I am glad that we calle ochoians are here for the UMers, the lonely Internet crowd, and those that have no lives. I am glad that our football team's standing is so important to you. Without hatred for FIU where would you be? Between the UF, FSU, and FIU sites there is no time to contemplate suicide. We are doing a public service.

You pathetic 8th streeters have pined for the attention of UM fans since you begin going to little irrelevant pee wee bowl games! And now since it looks like you wont have another one of those spectacular 7 win seasons that affords you a trip to the Spice Ham Bowl, you're offended by the attention of us UM fans! How hilarious!

...and please, PLEASE, PULEEEASE don't mention Fiwho in the same sentence as UF, FSU, or The U!...heck, Fiwho can't even be mentioned in the same sentence as USF and UCF! I mean, the only school they own the series lead over in this whole state is FAMU! heck, You haven't even beaten Bethune Cookman!

Fiwho is a joke, and I come here for it's comedic value. LOL!..."rise" anyone? : )

Stop hating FIU is a great school and the football program has had a lot of success considering the football programs young history... So go back to your private institution and pay 40,000 a year for a worst education and still a shitty football team in 15-20 years we will see where each of the programs are at because FIU can only get better well I guess um can't get any worst...

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