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Wednesday at La Cage

Junior running back Kedrick Rhodes didn't practice again. Darian Mallary will be excited to start, if he does -- his brother is Louisville sophomore cornerback Andrew Johnson. Saturday will be the first time their mother can see them both play in the same game.

Mallary said his brother has observed text messaging silence this week, obviously going into game mode. After the game, however, Mallary said, "We'll hug. I'm so sensitive, I'll probably cry. I hope I won't, but I probably will."

Mario Cristobal said sophomore Richard Leonard (two fumbled punts, two muffed kickoffs) will continue to return punts, but another three or four returners will be worked in with Leonard. Senior Mitch MacCluggage will continue to long snap, Cristobal dismissing Saturday's snap over the head of punter Jack Griffin as a hiccup after several years of flawless snapping.


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I definitely see the potential of RIchard Leonard as a return man, but the bobbling and fumbling make every one of those plays nail biter.

If it doesn't work, Cristobal sticks with it. Awesome!

What a nightmare are these coaches!

Has the ability to take one to the house, but dropping the ball 50% of the time (punt or kickoffs) is not helping out our Special Teams.

Speaking of small mistakes that still have NOT changed. What are the chances that #54 or #71 can go a full game without a False Start?

Will we see our WR FIND A WAY to get OPEN?

Will Coaches bring out NEW more creative plays?

I hope we get some answers from our Panthers this weekend..

Go Panthers!

Kaylin and Rupert have been pretty good with the penalties this season.

Todd Orlando has to find a way to generate pressure. Coach Collins was great at disguising and creating pressure. Under Collins one year the biggest guy we had in 2010 was true freshman J.Lee. Orlando has Faciane, Pound, Larhs, Dyson.....

Lets go! STAND THESE GUYS UP!!! Rush from different stands, blitz the Corner. Anthony Gaiteor killed QB's from the CB/Mike LB spot....

Lets go Panthers!


How come Joel Delgado's twitter feed still appears in the twitter feed that appears on the FIU section. He no longer report anything having to do with FIU.



...bring on Louisville and loss #3 of 8!
Fiwho football is as big a joke as their Little High School Aluminum Bleacher Stadium!

Oh what a "rise"???

Haters gonna hate.

Call it what you want, its on campus, and itt ain't leased, beeyotch!

And its beautiful!

Oww...still can't get over the rejection you got from FIU when you applied years ago...trolling on the blog and Herald 6AM everday says how miserable your life is lone...even the "cheap community college" didn't want you to enroll 'cause you're cheaper...

What I think FIU needs is a star QB out of Texas or SoCal. We need that star indefinitely. The team needs an identity crisis.

Fat lot of good an "on campus" stadium does you when your entire student body lives at home with their parents Quijote.

Hundreds of thousands of alumni, 50,000 students and you can't find 20,000 people to go to a game. Beeyotch.

"and itt ain't leased, beeyotch!...And its beautiful!"

Yeah, so is a brand new Yugo, but no one's proud of that piece of garbage except those who can't get anything else!

...I think I'd rather lease a Maybach. : )

@loneoutcast : you do nothing for the university of Miami. You never went to school there, you are not a season ticket holder, you have no concern for UM's success from an academic standpoint, you do not give money to the university, you do nothing but take credit for a program that you have contributed nothing to. You are a cancer to the image of the University of Miami and are despised by the real UM fanbase.

Thanks, "UM Facalty, Students and Alumni"!

...or should I say...typical Calle Ochian who has the nerve to claim to represent an institution of higher learning but can't even spell the word 'FACULTY'! : )
As to the rest of your uninformed comment, you're wrong on every account except one, and that is: I didn't attend UM.
...but regardless of where I went, it afforded me the ability to spell a simple word like 'faculty'...something that's clear to see your Fiwho education has not done for you?
...how proud you must be!

Wow, I misspelled faculty, sorry about that. Next time I’ll copy and paste from a program with spell check. You’re still a cancer.


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