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Hump Day at La Cage; time change in the pool

Both quarterback Jake Medlock and running back Kedrick Rhodes had far more hop than hobble Wednesday as compared to Tuesday. Mario Cristobal said "they've got a chance to be ready for Saturday," a better chance than they had Tuesday.

If I had to wager the next paycheck, I'd say both play. Then again, I thought Rhodes would be in better shape for Louisiana than he was, so...

Between injuries such as Mike Jean-Louis' hamstring and more minor ouches hampering guys who are playing (plus most of those guys just aren't getting it done), expect to see more freshmen among the wideouts this week. That includes De'Andre Jasper and Raymond Jackson, but also Krop graduate Johnnie Durante and maybe even Adrian Jenkins.


FIU's first home meet of the season, Friday against Houston, has been moved up an hour to 5 p.m. at the Biscayne Bay campus.


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Johnnie Durante graduated from Dr. Krop.

I want to see the young guys play. Let the get experience for conference USA next year.

I'm really disappointed with season but going to support my Panthers this Saturday.

Somewhat excited to see Durante and to see what Jasper can bring to the offense. I love Younger and Times (#1 & #2!) but someone's got to run faster than everyone else.

Don't ask me why... but I have a good feeling about Saturday. We can finish the second half of this season strong.

Miami South Paw, you're right and the only reason I logged on just now was I was writing my story, realized I goofed and had to change the blog.

Im looking forward to seeing the younger guys work in more.
Start gaining experience for next year.

Also on the OLine if possible as 4 guys will need to be replaced.

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