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Medlock to play Saturday

In a Sunday night text message, FIU coach Mario Cristobal said quarterback Jake Medlock is "good to go." Then, on the weekly Sun Belt coaches teleconference, Cristobal reiterated that Medlock practiced with no problems Sunday and would play Saturday against South Alabama. 

Medlock left Saturday's game with a jacked up throwing hand and a hanging left shoulder. The team practiced Sunday, will have Monday off and return to practice Tuesday.



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LOL!!!...there's nothing to be said.

Sit Medlock down the rest of season. Do something right this season. 1-8 with health issues? only a complete moron would play him. Even if this is a decoy, it's a stupid one.

Let EJ play the rest of the season he needs the game time/experience and open competition next summer. Medlock needs to rehab.

Chi's is right.

I personally think that Cristobal is fighting for his job the next couple of games. Medlock will give him better chance to win and he will sacrifice him for his job.

Coaching is the biggest problem at FIU. Our coaches don't have any idea about what they are doing. With this talent and playing in the SunBelt there is no excuse for 1-8 and for having 20 games without beating a winning-record team.

Weird. Blue&Gold mentioning that Coach Cristobal is a bad coach. That's something different that you never hear him say. Too bad, he is here to stay. Like it or not.

I think Cristobal can lose the rest of the games and he will still be here next season. I don't think Medlock is playing for Cristobal's job at all.

Are you guys NUTZ. Coach Cristobal Job security is A+ right now. He has put an 0-12 team into two Bowl Games, and some NFL attention with TY playing great and being picked up in the 3rd round. There is many other issues that need fixing before you mention Cristobal.
There is 1 or 2 possition coaches that I would try to replace. That might be something to look for during the Spring.

Critobal took a team that was 5 years old that just jumped to FBS. When Critobal took the job it could only go up. He is way overrated for what he has done.

Yada, yada, yada...in short, the answer to Fiwho's problem is simple: their playing typical Fiwho football, Bottom-Feeder Basement-Tennant Cellar-Dweller football, which is the Panther Tradition!

Nobody outside of the youth fair grounds expects anything different from this pathetic program!
...to do so is to make yourself as delusional as the ignorant calle ochian soccer fans who actually think they have (or had at any point) a legitimate football program.
When in reality everyone with an ounce of football knowledge knows that this:
FIwho's wins of the 2011 season:
FAU (1-11)
Akron (1-11)
Middle Tenn. St. (2-10)
Troy (3-9)
Louisiana Monroe (4-8)
North Texas (5-7)
UCF (5-7)
* All teams Duke would beat *
Louisville (7-6)
FIwho has beaten exactly 3, THREE, TRES opponents with a winning record under Coach Cristobal (5 years...cinco anos), and only 7 opponents with a winning record (3 of those I-AA) throughout that (joke) "illustrious" history!

Here's the breakdown:
Louisville (2011)
Troy (2010)
Toledo (2010)
Western Kentucky (2005)
FAMU (2005)
Steven Austin (2004)
SUNY Albany, NY (2002)
*note the 4 consecutive seasons (2006 thru 2009) without winning a single game against a winning team!
...does not a solid football program make!


Loneoutcast, Cristobal is a very mediocre coach but you are a very good idiot.

Blue&GoldHeart, enough with the "Fire Cristobal", firing Cristobal does nothing, that just leaves FIU without a head coach.

Go do some research since you're such a good evaluator of coaches. Go read up on D2 coaches and position coaches around the country. Find someone with no coaching experience who will come here for a fifth of what good head coaches make in D1 (and a third of the average salary) who will be an upgrade over Cristobal.

Stop with the "Fire Cristobal" and suggest someone they should hire.

why the hell would we play Medlock... that makes no sense. Play E.J. and let him develop into a better qb so that next year when medlock gets hurt, we have a better chance.

U only cheat
when U know U can't compete
on an even playing field.

I'd rather be 0-12 playing by the rules than cheating to gain a single win.

If U cheat, U are a loser. It's that simple.

Haha, tell that to USC, Ohio State, and 5 time champion the University of Miami.

If U don't have recruiting shenanigans going on, it's because Ur recruiting sixth rate south Florida talent and don't have the pressure involved with recruiting real athletes.

We can't all use our Santeria to brainwash players' babies to pick hats.

BTW, what Bill Belichick, the best coach in the NFL did, that's cheating.

Buying recruits Beni Hana and covers for night clubs is just giving in to the pressure created by an outdated system determined to keep poor inner city kids from receiving compensation for fueling a billion dollar industry.

Buc Nasty, losers (and cheaters) always make excuses.

Buckle up and get ready for what you deserve.

USC - 11 national championships.

Ohio State - 7 national championships.

UM - 5 national championships.

No excuses necessary, recruiting shenanigans are a part of big time college football, and the "controversy" is worth the elite talent it takes to compete at the highest level.

All big time programs have scumbags buying players dinner, the only reason Miami got "caught" is that the local scumbags hanging around the program didn't go to UM and have no respect for the institution. Nevin Shapiro could never happen to a diploma mill state school where all the boosters have lived for that program all their life.

You really think lost scholarships and vacated wins and maybe another bowl ban are going to hurt UM more than two bad coaches in a row did? Dream on.

FIU doesn't need UM to shutter it's program to improve it's own, they don't compete for students, fans, or for football players.

FIU will get where it's going by building it's own program behind a great coach like Mario Cristobal.

"Cristobal is a very mediocre coach but you are a very good idiot."

Spoken by a man who a fan of this program:


(shrugging) : )

Nice work DJN! Was loneoutcast at FIU game? Seems like closet fan.

What a horrible season, I say we go with Hilliard.. B&G has so much hate for Cristobal that it's becoming pathetic. I actually agree with him on certain things about Cristobal, but he is not going anywhere. Ok to criticize him on some his coaching , but he has done positive things for our school the last 5 years. We can't just forget about that.

The guys on Fiwho's roster must feel like they've taken a step backwards from high school when they run from the locker room into this type of crowd:


...probably should have went to FAMU or Bethune, even they (division I-AA schools) have a much better showing than this sub par high school turn out!

smh (snicker)

I'm a fan of Charles Addams brand of dark humor. And Fiwho football provides lots of the same kind of black laughter!
...right, Davie J?...
(snicker) : )

I'm not going to lie, I am literally fascinated by the kind of person that loneoutcast must be. I'm pretty certain the name is accurate to his situation.

Thanks, nothingxs, I'm flattered. (eyes batting while blushing)
And I'm pretty certain that your name is accurate to your situation below:

nothing, extra small. he he : )

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