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College Friday...

That's the way we used to think of Thursday, especially the semesters I managed to have no Friday classes.

I'm writing on special teams for tomorrow's paper. As far as the usual health update, Jake Medlock looked even better Thursday as did Kedrick Rhodes. If he plays, FIU doesn't plan to eliminate anything from the playbook. It'll be interesting to see not just if Medlock can run as well on the very taped up foot, but how well he can throw it and if his throws get better or worse as the game goes along.

More books put this one up on the boards as the week's gone along and Medlock's status gets clarified with most books favoring Middle by 3. FIU's 2-4 against the spread this season.



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Enjoy being the "lone" outcast. Ya pansy.

Hey DJN, will you or your Herald buddies delete this comment of mine too? Maybe one just has to be a fan of the scUM to not be censored around here...regardless of how racist the posts are.

Or maybe it's just our biggest fan, lonelyscUM, who is employed by the herald. Would make sense...what better place to work than here if you're a degenerate fan of the Univ of Miami Spring Showers. You can spend all day trolling FIU blogs and articles since you clearly have no greater purpose in life, plus your woman looks like a hairless golden retriever. It's a dream job...carry on then.

1-6 (0-3 in the Rainbow Belt), and dead last btw in what is Thee Worst Conference in College Football!

Chugga-lugga, chugga-lugga, choooo choo!
Looks like the Calle Ocho Express to Fourandeightsville which got diverted to Treeandninesburgh, is now headed to Twowinstown instead!

This has got to be the strangest "rise" I've ever seen. smh (snicker) : )
...poor little calle ochians. : ( (snicker)

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