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This week, Day 2; Pat Bradley, Day 2 going into Day 3

As FIU limits defensive tackle Isame Faciane's snaps over the final four games, those snaps will be taken up by redshirt freshman Cody Horstman, freshman Fadol Brown and freshman Darrian Dyson. Others who should see increased playing time are freshman Davison Colimon at linebacker; freshman fullback Lemarq Caldwell; and redshirt freshman Lars Koht. Freshmen De'Andre Jasper and Nick England already have been in light rotation at wide receiver. 

Add offensive linemen Trenton Saunders and Edens Sineace, a couple of Palm Beach County young men, to the redshirt list.

"They're pretty good players, but offensive linemen, you'd like to get them in the 400-pound bench, 550-pound squat range," FIU coach Mario Cristobal said.

I'd put this in the comments, but, for some reason, my attempts to sign into the comments section now fail miserably. So, guess I have to put it here: chiapanther, that's the obvious question to ask of Orlando. And it'll be first out of the box.


Going into today's final round of FIU's 35th Annual Pat Bradley Invitational at Lakewood Rance Golf & Country Club, Daytona State's Mary Dawson leads after shooting a tournament record 67 in Monday's second round. Dawson's at an even 144, one ahead of FIU's Sophie Godley. Tania Tare and Meghan MacLaren are tied for fifth with Boston College's Katia Joo at 3-over 147. Jasmine Wade's in a five-way cluster at 10th, 7-over 151.

FIU leads the team standings by 14 shots over Boston College and 15 shots over Cincinnati. 



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Roger that DJN,
"So, guess I have to put it here: chiapanther, that's the obvious question to ask of Orlando. And it'll be first out of the box."

Yep. That's the obvious, but it's also the only one that can save his job. No coincidence that Miller's blitz put pressure on WKU and led to a turn over. The Defense has gone from two possible late round draft picks in Tourek and Cyprien along with two possible camp invitees in Hunt and Fraser to nothing but Free Agent Signees. You don't regress with this much returning talent.

Former Coach Collins adapted his style to match his inherited players and when faced with the DL's inability to pass rush, he stood them all up. Sent LB's, blitz from the CB and Safeties and even had an 9 sack DE without the talent of Tourek Williams.

Alot of risk in that style, but when you are getting beat without a pass rush you have to ADAPT!

Again, I know it's the obvious. Hopefully, they don't kick you out of the room. LOL.
For a program and coaches that wanted more attention (us fans too), time to put on "big boy pants".

BTW, I agree that Isame should make sure he is healthy and let the younger guys take the field.

The problem with Fiwho is that they are losers from a losing tradition, and everyone knows that water always levels out, so Fiwho is just being who they are...garbage!
2 winning seasons out of 11.
1 winning regular season out of 11.
5 seasons with 3 or less wins out of 11(6 with this year)
- Have won only one game in history against BCS level competition. (Louisville)
- Have only 2 wins under Cristobal against Sun Belt teams with a winning record: 2010 Troy (8-5), 2011 N. Texas (9-4).
- Of the 25 wins under Mario Cristobal, 16 have come against teams with 4 wins or less.

This football program and it's "rise" is a joke to say the least!

...laughable! smh


You forgot the (snicker) and the LOL. Oh, and I almost forgot the whole Duke University being the joke of the ACC................ or did you say they are in first place. I forget............. smh. lmfao. and don't forget to say how proud you are of the "U" for hanging in there with FSU. or do you also use the cool F$U thingie? and all the other childish things you say at all hours of the day and night. Hey are you going to the Jason Bieber concert? I here all the kids are. k, k?

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