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Crabcakes, baby...

Maryland likely will fill out FIU's 2013 football schedule. With Baltimore in one direction, Washington, D.C. in the other and College Park being OK if you're feeling lazy, it counts as a good road trip for fans.



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DJN, If you have time next year, I will invite you to eat the best crabs and crab cakes in Maryland.
As always when FIU comes to Maryland I will be right behind the FIU bench with my family.

Good news...


Loooks like we just waived good bye to a possible 7 home games.
Oh, well.

DJN, is Pitt going to honor the scheduled game in 2014? or Pull a Texas A&M and buy it out?.

Kind of strange that in 2014 we have UL, UCF, Bethume, Pitt? and according to the above maybe UM. So something is odd or Pitt is officially out.

Baltimorepanther, Cantlers in Annapolis.

Beats going to Troy to watch a button whipping, no question about it.

Beats going to Talladega to watch a butt whipping, no question about it.

Buc, they are good, but I prefer the Dock Side in Baltimore

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