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Dates for FIU-Maryland football

FIU will open the 2013 season at Maryland on Aug. 31. Then after a two-season hiatus, Maryland will return the favor Sept. 10, 2016. Unless, that is, they try to buy their way out of the agreement.



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Booking flight for 8/31/13....
Go Panthers.


Is the Pitt '14 game at home still scheduled?

Let's see, your mighty U also plays in a pathetic conference, the ACC. Since you talk so much trash about the Fiwho and the calleochians, why doesn't the mighty U join a real conference like the SEC. They don't because they would be the Doormat or better yet the pond scum of the SEC. I would like to see how they would hold up against teams like Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, SC, Texas A&M, Miss State. Even Tennessee would run over them. Please, get a life and post on the mighty U board. They need all the fans they can get.

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