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Gameday XII: FIU vs. Louisiana-Monroe

This is simple: if FIU quarterback Jake Medlock plays, he gets into a shoot out with ULM's Kolton Browning, who has about 8,000 yards of total offense against FIU over the previous two games. OK, maybe I exaggerated by a zero and change and Browning's mobility could still be limited by that ankle. But in that case, it's hampered passer against hampered passer. Could go either way, but I'd say 40-30, Monroe.

If Medlock doesn't play: Monroe will try to throw some exotica against freshman E.J. Hilliard and come out with a couple of interceptions, one of which gets run back for a touchdown. The Panthers defense gets run ragged, leading to a couple of late garbage time scores that makde 54-24 look even worse than it is.

That's one black man's opinion. I could be wrong.

The next quarterback to threaten Medlock's job might not be Hilliard, but Collins Hill (Ga.) senior Brett Sheehan. Sheehan's season ended with a 66-41 playoff loss last Saturday that saw him go 27 of 49 for 349 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions.

One local guy who has known and covered Dade high schools and recruiting since he was knee high to a grasshopper said while he was never a big Hilliard fan, Carol City defensive back Simeon Thomas would be a steal for FIU if he follows through on his verbal commitment.


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Forever Inferior to the U, this was to be the year , BCS Buster for sure, ESPN at least got the bust part right!

Will be totally surprised if Thomas follows through with FIU, I know folks who work the high school recruiting angle for other publications and the word is...... not good for FIU regarding Thomas, jmo!

Thomas is gaining real interest from schools that really play football, lol!

"That's one black man's opinion."


Why is that in your piece?

At least FIU doesn't cheat. Buckle up, Canes fans.

Chuck, that's the way I've ended each pregame blog for two seasons. I use it because it's something I occasionally say in a "for what it's worth" way.

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