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December 08, 2012

Would you want Petrino?

According to CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman reports that Bobby Petrino's getting momentum for the Arkansas State job.  

No surprise there. As I noted, big names who get fired or resign under scandal often have to cleanse themselves or rehabilitate their coaching name by doing a few years penance at a lower rung school. Petrino, last seen falling off a motorcycle and a woman while Arkansas' head coach, certainly seems a natural fit for the 2011 and 2012 Sun Belt Champions.

But would you want Petrino at FIU if he could be drawn to Camp Mitch? There's two things nobody questions about Petrino: he doesn't exactly have the judgement of Earl Warren and he's one of the best college football coaches in this country. Louisville won with him. He got Arkansas going again. At FIU, he wouldn't just be the best coach in Conference USA. He might be the best coach in the state of Florida.

Of course, you might be cheering every win with trepidation over when the next scandal sandal will drop.

So, would you want him?

DBs decommit in the wake of firing

Carol City defensive back Simeon Thomas and North Miami defensive back Troy McCollum announced their decommitments from FIU via Twitter Friday. Last night, I heard that Belen's Xavier Hines, a third member of what would've been a strong group of freshman defensive backs for FIU (according to ratings of South Florida recruiting types, including our Herald people), also is out.

Panama City Bozeman defensive end Chandler Burkett is in a holding pattern with his committment. North Palm Beach Benjamin tight end Jonathan Pavlov told a Palm Beach reporter he's sticking with his verbal until he meets the new coach.



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