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December 10, 2012

FIU trying to get a Nutt?

More than money, FIU's facilities and undersupported support staff could hamper a football coach search. Yeah, both are better than what Mario Cristobal walked into when he took the job six years ago, but FIU wants someone of greater stature. Obviously. They fired Cristobal with the stated reason they wanted someone better. So, you better have more bells, whistles and diapers around.

As one former FBS assistant with an eye and ear on FIU noted Monday night, a Butch Davis or a Houston Nutt is used to practice fields and platoons of a support staff.

And those were the two names he used -- Butch Davis and Houston Nutt, the former Arkansas and Ole Miss coach. Thought that was interesting. Nutt interviewed for the South Florida job that went to Western Kentucky coach Willie Taggart, so he's willing to move to Florida and willing to step down from the stature of his last two jobs.

Then, I saw Charles Robinson's Yahoo report. Hmmm...I wondered if this might turn out to be one-stop shopping for FIU. Nutt and Davis both are represented by agent Jimmy Sexton, who now works out of Creative Artists Agency. 

Under the guidance of Mike Ovitz, CAA beacme one of the most powerful entertainment talent agencies. So, it's no surprise that when the agency got serious about sports, within a few years, CAA Football would be headlined by heavyweights Tom Condon and Ben Dogra. They added Sexton, who has a powerhouse client list himself, last year.

Condon and Dogra mainly represent players. Sexton has players, coaches (including Nick Saban) and some management. In fact, Sexton was Bill Parcells agent when Parcells joined the Dolphins as Vice President of Football Operations and the agent for the first Parcells second round pick, Phillip Merling. That's the kind of thing that started getting hockey agent Alan Eagleson into trouble, but, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more....


No interviews yet; men's hoop 3-3

Here's what I have after a day at Camp Mitch:

All my Christmas shopping done for the wife and the nugget that nobody's interviewed for the open FIU job yet. While this surely effects recruiting, I'm hearing the philosophy is they'd rather take the time to find the right coach for the next few years than snag the right recruits this year.

Meanwhile, as detailed in the previous post, other head coaching positions are being filled, both thinning the coaching talent pool for FIU and thinning the spots former FIU head coach Mario Cristobal might land that would ameliorate FIU's financial obligation to him. For what it's worth, according to Bowling Green Daily News' Chad Bishop, Western landed Bobby Petrino for $850,000 per year.


With Louisville coach Rick Pitino watching, his son's FIU team evened its record at 3-3 Sunday by taking out Stetson, 82-79. Indicative of what can happen against when you use a high-pressure defense, FIU allowed 50.9 percent from the field, but forced 16 turnovers.

They've got a chance to nudge over .500 with a Thursday trip to Florida Gulf Coast. Then, next Wednesday, Dec. 19, it's the Oedipal Shootout at Louisville.

Cristobal might go where Golden has gone before

Sources close to Mario Cristobal confirmed today's Philadelphia Inquirer report that he interviewed this weekend for the head coaching job at Temple, where current University of Miami coach Al Golden blew his whistle before coming down to South Florida. Steve Addazio, who went 9-4 with a New Mexico Bowl win in 2011 and 4-7 in 2012 in his two years at Temple, took the head coaching job at Boston College last week

The Denver Post is reporting Colorado has hired Mike MacIntyre from San Jose State for the head coaching job in Boulder. If correct, it removes one more possible landing spot for Cristobal, whom I'd heard drew some interest in Cristobal for that job. His next job and how soon it happens matters as far as how much money FIU will have to spend on its next coach for the next couple of years. If he gets another head coaching job for next year, FIU could be on the hook for as little as $453,183. If he doesn't, FIU's ponying up $906,366.

And for those who chuckled at the idea of Bobby Petrino taking his reputation bath at a school such as FIU...Chad Bishop of the Bowling Green Daily News was first among several to report that Petrino will be named Western Kentucky's new head coach today. Willie Taggart left his college home, Western, last week to go back to his native home, taking the University of South Florida job.

Congratulations to linebacker Winston Fraser, who just passed by in his cap and gown after going through his graduation ceremony, and all athletes who are getting their sheepskins this week. Hope the real world welcomes you with gainful employment. If not, don't sniff at grad school.


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