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December 24, 2012

Pete says the Butch stories are "totally false."

FIU executive director of sports and entertainment Pete Garcia said Monday afternoon when asked about the stories bouncing around the Internet that Butch Davis was in as FIU's next head football coach, "Butch Davis is not the FIU football coach. That story is totally false."

So, that's the official word from Camp Mitch for now. Still, I'd say expect an announcement Jan. 2-6.

Word on the street is Butch, officially. But...

Sunday night, I got a message from a Camp Mitch source that Butch Davis will be the next FIU coach, it'll be announced next week and Davis has been smoothing things over with former FIU head coach Mario Cristobal, a graduate assistant under Davis at the University of Miami from 1998-2000.

As I checked on this, sources close to Cristobal said the part about contact between he and Davis definitely wasn't true. As nobody else would confirm the first part, I shelved the entire thing.

Which is where I am today, still trying to get more confirmation of what's expected and stated as probable in a blog post last week.

UPDATE: Please see latest blog post in which FIU athletic director Pete Garcia calls the Davis-is-in stories "totally false."



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