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A good day for Cyprien, Hobbs & Albrecht

The same day senior safety Johnathan Cyprien will turn his tassel at graduation (Hospitality Management), he was announced as FIU's second ever Senior Bowl invitee.

"I'm really excited. I can't wait," said Cyprien, who has signed with agent Drew Rosenhaus.

NFL scouts hung around FIU practices late in the season, usually checking out Cyprien, defensive end Tourek Williams and left tackle Caylin Hauptmann. Cyprien should be able to attend the Senior Bowl, unlike T.Y. Hilton, who had to miss it last year with a quad injury. He said he'll try to get in touch with NFL cornerback and fellow North Miami Beach High alumnus Louis Delmas to get the skinny on the Senior Bowl.

As for last week's firing of Mario Cristobal, Cyprien said, "It was a shock. He was my coach for four years. But I have no say-so in the athletic department. Whatever happens, I've got Coach Cristobal's back."

Cyprien is one of Cristobal's favorite people, both on and off the field. If Cristobal had a daughter, he'd have wanted her to marry Cyprien.


In more on and off the field (or pitch) news...

Senior defender Anthony Hobbs was named a Senior CLASS Award First-Team All-American. Brown defender Ryan McDuff won the Senior CLASS Award, which takes into account performance on the field, citizenship and academic achievement. Hobbs was one of 10 finalists.

The 10 goals and 23 points this year by sophomore forward Quentin Albrecht not only were the most by an FIU player in a decade, but got him selected Third Team All-South Region.


Don't go looking up Shoat Cooper's college coaching record. Shoat was the New York Giants coach in Dan Jenkins' 1973 satirical classic, Semi-Tough, which was made into a Burt Reynolds-Kris Kristofferson-Jill Clayburgh movie in 1977 and followed by a few novel sequels.


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Universities claim to be giving these kids a $100,000 education but their athletic department and advisors steer them all into nonsense majors like hostessing so that they can stay eligible for athletics.

Go look down the football roster sometime, all either criminology or athletic training, which you don't need a four year degree for, or sociology and humanities degrees, which won't help you get a job in the real world. Except at McDonalds over everyone who doesn't have a four year degree.

If this kid wants to be a nightclub promotor or a cruise entertainment director, a good drug connect would take him a lot further in life than a four year hostessing degree.

Good thing Drew Rosenhaus is helping kids make it to the NFL, their college advisors don't do them any favors.

Dude you don't know what you're talking about. FIU has one of the highest rated hospitality management programs in the country. BTW, why are you on a sports blog trolling the hospitality school? Wouldn't you be better served trolling Lesley Abravanel's blog?

@Truth: an appropriate response to you're post can be best summarized by a similar response given by principle Mr. Oblaski's in the movie Billy Madison.

"What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

Not "trolling", it's nothing personal against any of these FIU players, but 90% of players in 100% of D1 schools are steered into majors that won't help them get a job when they graduate so they can easily stay eligible to play football. Robbed of the valuable education they're supposed to be getting in exchange for fueling an exploitative billion dollar industry.

Communications and sociology and hospitality management are majors full of girls who just want a "college experience" and are never going to need a real job after they graduate.

I got a Hospitality Management degree from FIU, and I now work for Carnival Cruise Line making $85,000 a year. Good for Cyprien. Truth you are just hating.

Way to go Cyp!

I was a student-athletes at FIU and graduated in 2002. The athletic Dept never pushed me or guided me in the wrong direction. Actually they try to give you as many tools as possible to making sure you keep your grades up. EX: Required Study Hall Time, Computer Lab for Athletes, Tutoring for Athletes, Scheduling for classes with professors with a good reputation, etc..
I personally think they did a great job, and that was 10 years ago. I can only imagine how much more they get now..


@Truth - Your an idiot. I bet you don't even have a GED

@Gooch7 - GO Knights!

GO FIU!!!!

Yea, because no one cares if track runners or swimmers are eligible.

I'm just talking about football programs, and it's not just a problem with FIU, it's every program in the country.

Sociology and humanities and criminology degrees in exchange for four years of pretty much a full time job fueling a billion dollar industry.

It's exploitation, pure and simple.

@Truth - Lets not destroy "A good day for Cyprien, Hobbs & Albrecht" with your crappy opinion of their education.

Thanks for the "Go Knights"..

As for "TRUTH" you are half right. You do see "easier" degrees in most football programs all over the nation (not just FIU). But at the same time it would be very stupid for the university or the athletic dept to tell one of your student-athletes that just made the NCAA eligibility cut-off to study to be a Doctor or a Lawyer. We have 45,000 students and not all of them will be making $100,000 paychecks..

Your argument is some what pointless but I do understand that its also coming from a person that has probably never competed in anything outside the chess club..

Go Panthers!

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