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Balls in the air...

During Furlough Friday, I heard a reiteration of what's long been suspected/murmured about the FIU coaching search: Butch Davis still the No. 1 choice, Florida State offensive coordinator James Coley No. 2 with the announcement to come after January 1 as the nation's college football media hits South Florida for the Notre Dame vs. Alabama Who Does South Florida Hate More? national championship game.

For what it's worth...


FIU's women took out preseason Sun Belt favorite Middle Tennessee State Thursday, 58-51, extending their winning streak to four and ending Middle's winning streaks at home (14 wins) and in The Belt (17 wins).

Jerica Coley got hers as usual, 23 points. But Finda Mansare, Zsofia Labady and Marita Davydova combined for 21 rebounds and FIU held Middle to 32.8 shooting from the field.

The men's team bounced back from the expected drubbing by Louisville to beat Texas Southern, 48-45. Last week, coach Richard Pitino qualified his compliment of FIU's offense by saying the defense wasn't good enough for those nights when the offense would get shut down. Saturday, FIU made up for shooting only 36.0 from the field by holding Texas Southern to 29.1 percent.

Freshman Jerome Frink put up 14 points and redshirt sophomore Marco Porcher Jimenez put up 12. After a couple of days for holiday break, FIU goes to Western Kentucky for a Thursday game.


Slogging through what FIU e-mailed me Friday from Pete Garcia's file and Mario Cristobal's file. Fun Saturday night reading...


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why are they waiting no butch davis when houston nutt is available and willing to take the job?

Butch Davis still hasn't taken the FIU job because the Tampa Bay Bucs season has not ended. The second it is over he will take the job. You heard it here first. 100% FACT. There is no way Pete Garcia aka Pepe Bigote aka Pistol Pete fires Cristobal without getting the ok from Butch Davis wanting to step in as head coach.

so how come a position coach with Bucs took the western michigan job dumb ass butch is not even a coach on the staff

Houston Would have made a huge impact in the recruiting, and put a staff in place, I know Coach Ponce is staying on because he has done a great job,

Butch Davis is a special assistant on the Bucs staff, no need to get vulgar tough guy. He has not taken the job because they are waiting till all the coverage for the national championship game gets down here, which is why David Neal says "they are waiting till after Jan. 1 to make an announcement."

I hope "Nevin S" is right, but I don't think the media attention out ways the lost time with recruits, putting a staff together, and starting preparation for Spring. Non of the 3 things are done over night, and time was on our side about 3 weeks ago. Not anymore. BUT i hope you are right about Butch. Right now it does not look good to have no one, while Nutt is still available and a few other good coaches.

On a different note, congrats to both basketball programs for great wins. On the girls side the team is looking great, and who knows what can happen with our Lady Panthers come Feb. & Mar..
As for the Men, great way to bounce back from the Lou game. WKU is going to be a very tough game. I was watching their game last night, and their Arena looks amazing. It also helps to have it 3/4 full..

Go Panthers!

media huh, so you are telling me they are going to drop all the national championship coverage, to cover a 3-9 team, that fire thier best head coach ever, Jan 1

While FIU’s on the hook for Cristobal’s lost earnings, it probably makes little meaningful impact on FIU’s bottom line to have Butch Davis for the hypothetical “$1” mentioned in earlier posts; the scenario where Butch still draws an income from his UNC contract.


If Cristobal lands a coaching job financially equal or greater to his former FIU job, thereby freeing FIU from securing Cristobal’s earnings, AND if FIU and Butch game the system to structure a coaching contract for that symbolic $1, then while UNC secures Butch’s earnings that allows FIU the opportunity to set aside its head coaching salary for the coming seasons in escrow.

Putting that money aside in escrow for as long as UNC’s on the hook for Butch at least gives FIU the opportunity to later offer Butch a $1M base salary (i.e., approx $500K saved thanks to UNC plus another $500K that FIU now typically pays its head football coach) for a subsequent number of years equal to the years that UNC got jipped.

Add that hypothetical $1M base coaching salary to other incentives, e.g., a percentage of advertising revenues; ticket sales; or bowl game revenues and you got a much more promising financial reality for FIU football.

This wild turn of events has the possibility to land Butch at FIU for 6 seasons (i.e., 3 seasons subsidized by UNC plus 3 seasons that FIU could double its normal salary), maybe more, and the question would then turn to whether that was a good thing or not for FIU.

From Butch’s viewpoint, he would need to decide if another opportunity is available to him now that would secure an average of $750K, plus bonuses, over the next 6 years; and all that while living in sunny South Florida throughout his mid 60’s.

Guys, I have been stuck in the farmland of China; and finally made it back to Shanghai for Xmas. I finally got caught up last week that Mario Cristobal got fired, which made ohhh so happy. China does not have any internet in the farmlands.

Same here, I also hope "Nevin S" is right about Butch Davis; is the "S" for Shapiro??? Hahahaha. Butch Davis is a way better coach then Houston Nut, and recruiter. Since Pete Garcia likes the National Attention (ala Isiah, or Pitino), the whole theory that they are waiting for the Bama/ND is possible. I think they might also be waiting for the sanctions to hit UM. We all know that for FIU to be something, its more than just getting a coach. You need the players, that is why Butch Davis is so key. Butch can look a player in the eye, and tell them they can go the NFL if they go to FIU. Cristobal, if he was lucky was only able to get max 1 or 2 of those players per year, and that is what he would have always been able to do. I think Butch can get 8-9 of those players per year. If he stays at FIU for the long run, he can get 12-20 has he once did at UM. Recruiting is 24/7, 365. FIU needs to work on getting those players that are considering UM to come to FIU, It's been over 10 years since UM has won anything. The kids in H.S, middle school, and pop-warner dont have a loyalty for UM as they once had. The kids in Miami-Dade County know about the good things that are happening at FIU. FIU is growing into a University that has become a viable option for an Elite athlete to go. Great City, Great Campus, Great Academic Programs, Great Students. It is not a hard sell. Kids these days are all about going somewhere new. Look at college football today. If this has been the plan all along, then Pete Garcia needs a raise.

BTW, what is up with UM playing FAU next year? Are you kidding me? Wow, talk about being insecure about your program huh, UM? Your guys are a bunch of vaginas.

Merry Xmas to all.

Jason, let me explain how this works as far as national media.
Nobody's dropping coverage of the BCS game. But if you're at a big event and there's a nearby news event, especially one with a nationally known name on a beat you cover, and said event runs convenient for you to cover the regular stuff and this extra stuff, you do it.
Example: when Pavel Bure had his Florida Panthers debut, it was the largest media contingent to cover a Panthers regular season game, every seat taken in a big press box. Why? It was Super Bowl Week in South Florida and Bure was a world hockey superstar. Many papers who cover NHL teams and European outlets covering the Super Bowl from countries that care about hockey had someone at the game. They'd done their Super Bowl stuff earlier, then slipped over to the arena for the game.
The Indy 500 folks love when the Indiana Pacers make a playoff run. Media in town covering the NBA playoffs often shoot over to the track for qualifying, the race or to do feature stories.

I do like the idea of having Butch Davis coach FIU for $1 and sending 10 players to the NFL every year but IMHO I'd rather see FIU sign Nick Saban for $0.50 a year and sending more like 20-30 players (including underclassmen) to the NFL each season.

I feel like Saban would be a better fit in south Florida and at a cheaper contract and sending TWICE as many players to the NFL each season it just makes too much sense not to do.


You've been on top of the whole thing, thanks for the coverage. Btw, I hope you get to be the first media member to break the story. It is Butch Davis.

Butch also just got 100% cleared of the academic issues at UNC.

Have a quick story ready to post. #DJN will be trending on twitter!

This "S" actually stands for Simpson so I guess I'm not as cool as the guy who ran the ponzi scheme haha. Thanks David for clearing up the whole thing with the media coverage, no disrespect to Jason I probably just made it seem like they were going to drop all the National Championship coverage and only talk about Butch Davis and FIU. Again, trust me there is zero chance that Pete Garcia risks his job and taking a huge backlash from the community for firing one of their own without knowing for certain that Butch Davis was going to take this job. As far as recruits go, yes I agree we have lost some commits but I also think Butch is going to bring in some good players. Anyone who attended FIU 10 years ago and steps on campus today knows how much that campus and university has improved. I mean just take a look at the new Panther Hall that is being built, I heard that dormitory is going to have a walk way connected to the stadium, how cool is that? And now we have a statue of a huge Panther in front of the area. I also heard that we took back the land from Tamiami park so we will be expanding even more now. Hopefully in due time FIU will turn away from being a commuter campus. WE ARE DEFINITELY ON THE RISE MY FRIENDS! Remember Rutgers was one of the first college football teams ever and they just started becoming highly recognized on a yearly basis, so regardless of who the athletic director or coaches of the future are it will happen just give it time.

The only problem for FIU ...even if Butch Davis comes to FIU...is that he will be recruiting to FIU, the SunBelt or watered down Conference USA that used to be the SunBelt. You are seriously delusional thinking that sanctions or not the F orever I nferior to the U will EVER compete with Miami on the football recruiting stage or the field.

If FIU is still going to suck why don't you want to play us.

Well AnonymousCane, its too bad that we will never find out, since your beloved Miami Uaint Canes will never play FIU. This is because the administration at UM knows that FIU is a threat, and that is why the administration from UM, not FIU is negating any chance that these two Universities from the same city play each other, instead UM schedules FAU. UM is nothing, it will be nothing, their stadium is just as empty as FIUs; but at least FIUs is in its own campus and not in another County. FIU is closer to UMs level, than UM is to Alabama, or Oregons level. GO F your self, and all you wanna be, 80's Cane fans can also F yourselfs.

Ohhh, yeah one more thing. The ACC is not that much better than conference USA.

For all those UM fans that always come on here and bash FIU, I guarantee that FIU will get to UM's level in athletics within the near future. Y'all seem to forget that your athletics program has been around a lot longer along with the school in general but word is starting to spread about FIU. It is widely recognized as having some of the best academic programs especially in Business and Hospitality. That's just the tip of iceberg, an on campus hospital is being built and will be completely fairly soon. FIU has endless potential. Im not saying UM sucks or anything of that matter, UM has a well respected Medical Program in fact its one of the best but I am just tired of people coming in here and bashing FIU. Maybe one day both sides can come to an agreement and we will have a great rivalry in sports where kids who grew up together can play against each other and both schools medical program can work together and make a great discovery towards finding a cure for an incurable disease.

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