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Coley Sun Belt POW (again); where are those evals again?; Manny in, Manny out, whatever

Junior guard Jerica Coley received her sixth Sun Belt Player of the Week award, the most by an FIU women's basketball player.

Coley put up 39 points against Dartmouth Saturday and 22 against Central Florida, both wins. Perhaps most impressively, she hit 24 of 25 (96 percent) free throws. She's sixth in the nation with 22.1 points per game. 


Tuesday, I received an update that everything I wanted from athletic director Pete Garcia and former head football coach Mario Cristobal's files were being compiled.

Now, as I had specifically separated Garcia's evaluations as being more urgent than everything else -- they were first requested July 14 --I eagerly anticipated seeing them in my e-mail box yesterday. Hey, I'd been with The Herald about a decade when I asked for copies of all of my evaluations. It didn't take five months. It didn't take five hours. It took closer to five minutes. If they'd had to scan them, that would've been maybe 10 minutes.

My e-mail box remains light on Garcia's evaluations. So what reasonable conclusion can we reach about said evaluations and how much should I trust what I eventually will receive?


Camp Mitch sources confirm the Rivals.com report that Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz interviewed for the head football coach job Monday. CBSSports.com reports that Diaz removed his name from consideration Tuesday.

My thumbnail analysis of Diaz can be found a few posts ago. The opinion remains that if FIU wants to sell the next hire as a guaranteed upgrade on Cristobal, they'll want someone with head coaching experience who'll look good in front of the national college football media in early January when they're in town for Notre Dame vs. Alabama.


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Eric ......Houston Nutt, i like how that guy(Eric) posted Houston Nutt last 2 years keep looking back
Head coaching record
Overall 135–96
Bowls 4–5

Accomplishments and honors
2 OVC (1995–1996)
3 SEC Western Division (1998, 2002, 2006)

Eddie Robinson Award (1995)
2x OVC (1995–1996)
3x SEC Coach of the Year (2001, 2006, 2008)
2x AFCA Division I-AA Region 3 Coach of the Year (1995–1996)
AFCA Division I-A Region 2 Coach of the Year (1998)
The Football News Division I-A Coach of the Year (1998)

if you are going to put a name in here show me what he has Accomplish,

Manny Diaz?! No bueno. Pete should seriously consider Geoff Collins. GC contributions as DC and TY Hilton were the real reason why Mario was relevant.

Damn, used us to get a raise...Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is removing his name from consideration for the FIU vacancy, a source told CBSSports.com Tuesday afternoon.

The 38-year-old Miami native--the son of former Miami mayor Manny Diaz--has decided against returning home because he felt the timing was not right. The source said that the coach is determined to help the Longhorns get back on top of the college football world

Thanks Trux for that insight, I don't see how he is going to help the long horns after it was reported that Manny had his play calling duties taken away from him by head coach Mack Brown.

jason - why not, MC 3-9 and fired. No one stroked him for 2 bowl games, just a pink slip by an arogant AD that thinks he's at FSU. Houston Nutt solid career, lost his edge in last 2 years and fired. Bottom line, this industry sucks, ADs make decisions on candidates that are hot and everyone chases. Do we really think these MAC coaches we've never heard of will all of a sudden turn around Purdue and others? 50-50 chance. Nutt is no longer a hot candidate. FIU AD will hire Butch Davis, this is all a smoke screen, btw Butch Davis is no longer hot and damaged goods..cheater

2012 - finished 8th in Sunbelt
2011 - finished 4th in Sunbelt, TY's senior year with 1,896 all-purpose yds also slowed with hamstring injuries.
2010- finished tied for 1st in sunbelt, TY's junior year with 2,089 all- purpose yards
2009 - finished 8th in Sunbelt, TY injured sophomore with 1,350 all-purpose yards
2008 - finished 6th, All-American freshman TY with 2,201 all-purpose yards.
2007 - finished 7th in Sunbelt, first year of MC

Against his peers MC led teams were not as successful as the two wins and back-to-back bowl games would suggest. He did great things at FIU from improving the academics (APR) scores and steering the ship through the NCAA violations.

DJN, I too think the next HC should have head coaching experience. But, if the next hire comes in with no-HC than a Coordinator from a major program will do. Arkansas State just hired the OC from Texas for 700k.

FIU better find 850k for Butch or else settle for a Coordinator type for 600k or more. In any case MC was not the guy moving forward.

Just one panthers opinion... lol

Amen Chia. We would have gotten crushed next year with Cristobal. I loved MC's passion and he is a great person but T.Y. made him relevant. Bring on the new coach. I think it will be Butch, but even if it's not, I'll be happy.

They need to hurry on the hire because national signing day is coming up in February.

Chia, you are da man. Great post.

Mr. Neal,

Here is the smoking gun. Make sure you request from FIU the performance evaluation done on Mr. Garcia by an independent committee who recommended that Garcia be terminated because of his poor performance as athletic director. It does not shock anyone that report is missing from the personnel file you requested. FIU chairman of the board of trustees Albert Maury is the son-in-law of the owner of Leon Medical Center. The owner of Leon Medical Center donated $10 million to FIU's medical school. Dangling that donation Maury persuaded President Rosenberg into not firing Garcia.

The investigation could result in nothing like the public requests for Isaih Thomas.If its one rogue AD and a president unwilling or powerless to stand in his way. Than we need to clean it up. If it's the Head of the Board being too strong than that needs to be cleaned up.Let's clear the air and move forward. DJN do your thing!!

If it means black eyes so be it.... we will move forward as we have always done.But, I'd like to move forward clean.

Mr. Neal,

Not looking good for Rosenberg or Garcia right now, this kind of pseudo-NEPOTISM cannot be tolerated at a public institution. I'm also hearing of alleged sleazy activities on campus, on athletic road trips and on University money. Can it be possible these allegations occurred and FIU leadership looked the other way because of the LEON MEDICAL DONATION ?

FIU should give the dirty $$$$$$ back, FIRE GARCIA, force the CHAIRMAN out and maybe ROSENBERG can find a way to survive the scandal.

You minimum wage idiots should be working instead of posting conspiracies. Maybe the athletic department should stay stas quo like in the 90's. Bring back Rick Mello, Danny Price, and Rich Walker so FBg would be happy. TAAC here we come!

Everyone lets stick to sports.

Everybody on the internet acts like they have insider information and everyone is 6'5" and brave enough to say anything. How about all you making your anonymous slanderous accusations go and say that to Pete's face like a man.

I'm not on anyone's side but I'm sick of this.

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