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Collins "no comment;" Hilliard, Freshman All-Sun Belt

Mississippi State defensive coordinator Geoff Collins, FIU's defensive coordinator in 2010, threw out a "No comment" to Matt Stevens of the Columbus (Ms.) Commercial Dispatch when asked about the FIU job. I'm thinking his name got leaked as a decoy.

Quarterback E.J. Hilliard got named to the unofficial Sun Belt All-Freshman Team, a unit picked by the beat writers covering the conference and completely independent of the conference (thus the "unofficial."). It's put together by Adam Sparks, who covers Middle Tennessee State. Hilliard was 49 of 68 for 441 yards, four touchdowns, one interception this season.

Of course, Hilliard's two fumbles, against Louisiana-Monroe, might've been the difference in that game and his one interception started the turnaround in the Arkansas State game. Still, he started three games against bowl teams and played the second half against Louisville, who's in the Sugar Bowl. And he didn't get much help in two of his starts from the defense, running game or receivers. Expecting much better than what FIU got from a three-star true freshman is foolhardy.




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Houston Nutt.. is going to be name the Head Coach at FIU

Pete Garcia should have been fired two years ago. He survived a recommended termination solely because of his relationship with the chairman. Even his own employees were preparing for his departure. If you did a more thorough job looking into the facts you would have uncovered the obvious rift between Garcia and Cristobal a while ago. When Garcia is ultimately fired, there will be a trail of dirty deals and complaints of sexual harrassment. Do your job, David. Go ask the difficult questions to the University President. There is a big scandal here that was swept under the rug. Garcia found an excuse to terminate the moral Cristobal because he was a threat to Garcia's image. Shame on you for not providing readers with the real story. It's almost as dirty as the UM booster case.

they are in the process of scheduling a press conference at FIU Football Office is a done Deal FIU got a NUTT

Nick Walsh, what you have said is actually slander, you have accused the man of sexual harrasment and breaking NCAA rules. The only thing you have been able to say to justify this is that he wanted to get a better coach and the truth that Pete has gotten us the funding for the stadium, fieldhouse, and if you dont recall he actually got us into the last bowl game we did not deserve to be in. DJN your reporting is fine.

@Jason: Are you serious Houston Nutt? how serious is this?


Answer the following questions--

1. Did the department hire a firm to evaluate the performance of Pere Garcia?

2. Did this firm interview former and current coaches and staff?

3. Was the outcome a decision to terminate Garcia?

4. Why did the university's chairman overrule the recommendation?

5. What happened here, DP? You seem to be the one who claims to know the facts. I guess my cousin, who quit from his position at FIU, must have a wild imagination.

Nutt washed out of Arkansas and then Ole Miss but he'd be a decent enough get for FIU, ton of head coaching experience anyway.

DJ Neal - does FIU NEED Mario Cristobal to get another job before they can give up relative "big bucks" for a new coach?

In other words, can they not afford a half million a year coach if they still have to pay Cristobal's salary or is this search being dragged out (with seemingly no interviews) because they're doing due diligence and want to find the right guy?

Also, there's no transfer amnesty for coaching changes, right?

FIU players can't leave and not sit out a year just because FIU changed coaches?

Is there anyone from Cristobal's staff who's staying on and can help smooth things over with recruits while the coach search is underway?

Houston Nutt is not Going to keep anybody, he is bring in his guys, and his staff has done a great job recruiting South FLorida he sign about 20 player jeff scott the RB from Ole Miss is a Miami Player, he had TY Hilton on the boat but due to the fact that TY had a Baby, he choose to stay in mimaim , he takes player that can be special look what he did at Ole Miss with small players, i can see him running the wild Panther with a guy like Hilliard

What'd he do at Ole Miss with small players?


I mean he'd still be a better hire than some coordinator no one's heard of but most schools have position coaches that have been around a while and usually stay on through coaching changes.

It'd be nice if the new coach didn't have to start from scratch with a recruiting class.

DNJ, why don't you just come out and tell us who you think FIU will hire? Why all the innuendo and beating around the bush with "smokescreen" and "decoy" comments?

And Nick Walsh, Pete Garcia might not be the nicest guy around, or even a great boss. But the fact is that the FIU Athletics Department needed a MAJOR cultural change. And in alot of ways, it still does. Pete Garcia is at the very least a change agent and a man with a vision. If your cousin had been around FIU athletics for some time, the odds are that he probably was part of the problem and needed to go. There is a loser mentality that is pervasive around FIU athletics and the winds of change need to blow that foul stench out of there. Mario did some nice things for FIU that are commendable, but the sad fact was he wasn't a great football coach and his time had run out. It's time for FIU to grow up, and Pete Garcia is helping in that regard.

It is funny that all these loser UM fans come here telling us what to do at FIU. You guys have your own issues that are bigger than ours.

FIU will be all right, Cristobal was a terrible coach that did some good things at FIU. Time to move on.

Pete Garcia is doing a great job not only in football but in baseball and basketball too. Every sports is growing under Garcia's watch.

Buc had two really good questions (PLEASE ANSWER)!!

1)Can players Transfer (without having to seat) if there is a coaching change? Have you heard of any of our players thinking of making the move into another school?

2) Will we have to wait until M.C gets hired to see if we can afford to put out $500,000+ for our next Head Coach?

As for Nutt, he was actually 3rd in my list (Butch and Collins) where ahead in my book, but I still think any of those 3 guys can do an amazing job as a head coach.



Hilliard needs to hit the weight room and put on about 20 pounds. given medlocks fragility and the likelihood that the kid from georgia will decommit, we will probably need him, but not in scarecrow mode.

PS--DJN sounding tres elegant regarding the race card on 560 Saturday.

It's not Nutt. It's Butch.

Collins ran out of here so fast, just like the past OC to App State. This AD thinks this job is Wisconsin. Why do you think there is no news...its because no one wants this job, everyone wiill try for better jobs until this one is the last one standing. By then, its too late, recruiting class is destroyed, we get marginal kids, its sad, this is where FAU bypasses us due to the arogance of our AD. Dont thnk the next coach wont call Mario to get a read on what happened..then, withdraw their name from consideration.

DJN any work... its all quiet on the fiu front.. too quiet...

Butch Davis

Houston Nutt

Hey, Strock doesn't have his golf tournament to run any longer. Maybe he can come back with a couple years of eligibility left. Fore!

Houston Nutt isn't the next coach.

Collins is, in fact, a decoy.

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