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The last signing class of 2012

Kendall Rogers of Perfect Game USA began giving thumbs up to FIU's recruiting class long ago. So, for what it's worth (stop, hey, what's that sound...), here's the 2013 baseball recruiting class as announced Thursdcay.

Juan Escarra, 6-3, 205, infielder, Mater Academy. 2012 5A-8A Herald All-Dade Honorable Mention.

Brandon Diaz, 5-11, 180, outfielder, Plantation American Heritage. 2012 ESPNHA All-State

Joe Jimenez, 6-3, 220, righthanded pitcher, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy and High School. Perfect Game ranks him as the No. 1 righty out of Puerto Rico in this year's class.

Cody Crouse, 6-6, 165, righthanded pitcher, Valrico Bloomingdale.

Gunnar McNeill, 6-3, 205, righthanded pitcher and first baseman, Winter Garden West Orange High.

Derek Deler, 5-10, 165, infielder, Maitland Orangewood Christian. 2012 WWBA All-Tournament Team Hitter.


Michael Perez, 6-0, 170, infielder/pitcher, Killian High.


Christopher Mourelle, 6-2, 175, righthanded pitcher, Southwest High. Herald Third Team 5A-8A All-Dade.


Nestor Cortes, 5-11, 192, lefthanded pitcher, Hialeah High. Class 5A-8A Herald First Team All-Dade, 8-0, 69 strikeouts, 1.51 ERA; 2012 WWBA World All-Tournament Team.

Alex Pinero, 6-1, 195, infielder, Coral Gables High. Class 5A-8A Herald First Team All-Dade, .432 batting average.

Robby Kalaf, 6-0, 200, righthanded pitcher, State College of Florida.


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Never heard of "Perfect Game USA", but Baseball America.

TOP 25
1. Vanderbilt
3. Georgia
4. Alabama
5. North Carolina
6. Stanford
7. Texas
8. Arizona State
9. Auburn
10. Miami
11. Texas Christian
12. UC Santa Barbara
13. Clemson
14. Louisiana State
15. Texas A&M
16. South Carolina
17. Fresno State
18. Kentucky
19. Southern California
20. Tennessee
21. Arkansas
22. Florida
23. Cal State Fullerton
24. Missouri
25. Arizona

Nobody uses Baseball America anymore brah. All the guys who worked at Baseball America are now at Perfect Game. And Miami is ranked higher at PG btw. Wake up

Perfect Game has become the nation's #1 recruiting information and their camps are full with the top talent...not only in the nation...but internationally as well

I thought Baseball America was done. good to know they are around.

Talking Baseball when you are looking for a Head Football Coach? LMAO Even Idaho has their man, what's up, lol?

F orever I nferior to da U !!!!!!!!

Cane, you gonna eat those words...l the hire is already done, and your boy Golden is Mickey mouse compared to what PG is to announce.

Thought the hire was done two weeks ago? It was Butch Davis?

Or was that last week? And it's Houston Nutt?

Who will the big hire be next week? They pull Nick Saban or Les Miles away from the SEC?

Anymore on Football HC. It looks like it is going to be FSU OC. The OB game is Jan 1 the next day will we see him on campus?

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