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Moving forward...

Here's what I know or what I've heard and feel comfortable posting:

Florida State offensive coordinator James Coley's telling his recruits there's no truth to any rumors that he's in contention for the FIU job. Then again, that's what he better tell those recruits. There's no upside to him saying, "Yeah, I'm trying to build a bond with you and gain your trust to get you to come to Florida State, but I might not even be there next year." And there's no downside to telling them he's not in contention. If he winds up leaving for FIU, those aren't his recruits who feel deceived.

Folks acting as a go-between for Coley contacted FIU soon after Mario Cristobal's firing. That's a common practice. The coach can then say with honesty and a straight face that he hasn't talked to another school. Coley's wires and those representing an SEC assistant were told the same thing at that time: This is Butch Davis' job.

In addition to Manny Diaz and Brian Jenkins, fired Purdue coach Danny Hope and former longtime Florida State assistant and North Carolina State head coach Chuck Amato, now Akron's defensive coordinator, have interviewed for the job. Butch Davis' conversations with FIU athletic director Pete Garcia have been, allegedly, of a consultant variety.

There's been no meeting with the players or broad communication to let them know of transfer procedures. Defensive lineman Fadol Brown, who showed flashes of tremendous potential as a freshman, has asked for his release. It hasn't been granted yet.

One SEC assisstant and two former SEC head coaches have interest in the job and haven't been able to get callbacks from FIU.

T.Y. Hilton finished the season with 50 catches for 861 yards (17.2 yards per catch) and seven touchdowns receiving and 11.5 yards per punt return with one touchdown. Tight end Michael Egnew dressed for two Dolphins games. Zero catches. Zero yards. Average yards per catch: 0.0.




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A FIUgoldenpanthers.com moderator denied me access into my acccount in the beginning of this past season. Hope u liked the results of pissing off OBabalawo, u get none of my blessings. Do u guys want another 3-9 record?

Allow me access back into my FIUgoldenpanthers.com account and OBabalawo will bless thee school again!

Funny that the DJN continues to report based on unofficial information. This blog is becoming laughable.

Take a seat BGH, he is not representing it as fact. I for one appreciate these updates. Happy New Year DJN and to all my fellow Panther fans.

If not Butch, I would be happy with Collins.

Does Nick Saban have a son I could hire?

Or just anyone with the last name Saban or Shula or Bowden? Doesn't matter if they coach, just need a name.

DM me if you know of anyone!

Butch WILL be the FIU coach. Awesome hire, GO FIU!

Posted by: Blue&GoldHeart | December 24, 2012 at 04:25 PM

Maybe it's because you look pretty dumb when you just say things with no sources?

I am just a fan, I can cheer whatever I want. I don't have a blog in Miami most important newspaper and have the resposablity to inform people.

For the last 30 days this blog has had an anti-FIU bias and the bashing is non-stop.


Reporting the facts isn't anti-FIU.

FIU fans should be anti-FIU right now, our AD made a terrible decision and can't find anyone to take the job.


Show me ONE example of David Neal being "Anti-FIU".

1)Trying to find garbage in PG and MC performance evaluations. Of course didn't work, but he loved creating muddy environment around FIU AD, like if there were somithing dark there (that of course he couldn't find).

2)Reporting every tweet and non-official report. "Davis is coming, not he is not coming, wait now he is coming, oh no it will be Manny Diaz, oh wait will be Houston Nutt". This is garbage. PG said that he won't have a coach until the beginning of 2013, this is the only official quote from the AD.

3)For all you Cristobal nuts, just let me tell you: He is a terrible coach and PG made the right decision letting him go. He was a drag from this program. Almost anybody would be an improvement over Cristobal.

1) multiple FIU fans asked David Neal to look into Garcia's performance evaluations.

2) he DID NOT report every non-official report. Many fans were annoyed at the "lack of coverage" after Yahoo! and Fox and other outlets picked up on unconfirmed Twitter posts and ran with them.

3) enjoy "almost anybody" (FAMU's head coach).

Excuse me, Bethune Cookman.

Why would you wait so long if you know anything about college football this last comple of weeks is when the football coaching football staff needed to be on the road recruiting.

I apologize to the FIU fans for the circus I have created with this coaching search.

I will re-hire Mario Cristobal at the end of this week. Press conference will be Friday at 2 p.m. in President Rosenberg's on-campus house.

I really would of preferred Houston Nutt over Butch Davis but if Brian Jenkins is hired I believe its a steps up for FIU in improving their identity. This preference of wanting something from a Miami familiarity like what we had or we want as a Don Strock or a Butch Davis is such a tunnel ideal. In addition to trying to keep the school under this Cuban machine such as getting Mario Cristobal and going after Manny Diaz Jr.


Do you think (realistic) we will have a Head Coach hired before the weekend?

What are the chances that it comes down to: Butch, Nutt, Hope, or Amato? All four coaches are huge pickup's for FIU and would make 98% of Panther fans very happy.

Keep the info coming. Thanks!

George, your going to be late to your Klan meetin!


GP 90 "you're" wanted in your first grade grammar class.

Speaking of Chuck Amato, anyone see pictures of that clown in his white shell sunglasses on the sidelines at NC State...with his pants pulled up to his chest.

Amazing we are talking to guys that dont even know how to run or defend a fast-paced spread/zone run-pass offense. All colleges have the package. Old, washed out coaches cant adjust or defend it. Its a new, fast and younger college football coach we need. Not has-beens like Amato, Danny, Butch and Nutt. Their time is up, go coach I formation crap in HS


You're right. 98% would be very happy with those four coaches. The problem is that 2% of your own persona would be in conflict with yourself.

We hired Isiah right after a scandal so why not go after Tressel. FIU contacted Petrino however he went to WK

No one can hire Tressel for three more years or else they'll be sanctioned for hiring him.

The only way I'm coming to FIU is if they give me 500k per year, 5 year deal, free sunglasses and 2 bench presses in my office


Chuck Amato in action, great highlights

That Chuck Amato video is freakin great. Jesus - I almost pissed myself. If we hire this clown, we might as well just cancel the program.

Pete Garcia why not consider.. Jackie Moon from Semi Pro. He would love to relocate from Flint, MI

Miami tropics haha

ATTENTION PETE GARCIA, let's review your big splash annoucement

- Butch Davis (fired at NC, NCAA violations)
- Chuck Amato (fired at NC State, bench presses 450)
- Danny Hope (fired at Purdue)
- Manny Diaz (turned us down, gives us 200 yds rushing a game)
- Coley (turned us down, Jimbo calls the plays anyway)
- Bethune HC (turned us down, signed extension)
- Houston Nutt (fired at Ole Miss)
Who's next Pete???

Butch WILL be the FIU coach. Awesome hire, GO FIU!

Posted by: Blue&GoldHeart | December 24, 2012 at 04:25 PM


FIU needs a big name to fill that new enclose stadium, which is the reason Mario was axsed. Season Tickets sales + and the potential of a winning record will drive this decision for PG. All we need to do is to figure out which if the names associated with the rumors of being the new Head Coach that fills those two criteria.

Who among the bloggers think it's as simple as that and what names flitting out there fills the stated criteria.

Mike Shula

Danny Hope's Purdue team just got slaughtered in their bowl game, might be the worst loss this year for all bowls.

Hey Pete Garcia - let's hire him tomorrow...big splash news

Oklahoma State58

He was fired for a reason...and that reason was not to become the next FIU coach

Do the right thing Pete Garcia, fire yourself!!

How is Danny Hope "big splash news"?

What time is the press conference tomorrow is our new coach coming straight from Dolphins Stadium

Apparently chuck pagano called pete garcia to endorse a coach who was intereated in the job...

Who is brother John ?

The new coach is going to be Ron Zook . Zook played football at Miami OH. Look up who else went to school there.

John Harbaugh also is from there

Actually Brian Jenkins would be a very good hire. He does have experience at the FBS level, but what he has been able to do over the last three seasons at Bethune speaks volumes about him as a coach. He took a historically bad program, with very limited resources, and has won two conference titles and 27 games in three seasons. A Ft. Lauderdale native, I think he'd instantly connect with the South Florida community and get a lot out of the current players.

It's Rio Ramirez.

Seriously, Bethune Cookman Coach interviewed for HC job! Wow this is turning into a huge mess. Well several NFL coaches are looking for jobs. Most of all the players having to go through this without anyone talking to them.

Now we're going to 1AA to find a coach ?

Jenkins is an up and comer who spent several years at one of the Louisiana's in the Sun Belt, then a year with Greg Schiano at Rutgers before going down to the "we pay in matchsticks" school where he is now. Yes, he signed an extension at BCU three weeks ago, when Southern was courting him, but now he is only up to 2,000,000 matchsticks per year plus a pair of free seats at the Daytona 500. Who knows what is in the mind of an AD who would fire a more-or-less competent coach without a sure-fire upgrade in the wings, but I would say it is an open question at the very least whether or not you want to go with a hungry and seemingly productive guy whom you would likely get 5 or 6 years out of, or some marginal BCS re-tread who will bolt from FIU the instant a serious salary is dangled. I wouldn't worry too much about the pedigree when it comes to questions of whether someone can coach or not. Hey, if there were no such thing as NCAA regulations, the coach we once plucked out of the high school ranks would very likely be the dominant bb college coach in Florida today.

GP 90,

How in the holy hell do you get yourself calling me a Klansman you idiot!? I happen to be a Hispanic that just embraced a candidate for head coach who happens to African American. If you look at the demographic at the FIU powers at be you would clearly see there's an obvious favoritism to back my argument. Instead you choose a simpleton statement so one denominational and narrow minded comparably to the green tooth a-hole's that the late Neil Rogers couldn't even stand.

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