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No Butch, says his lawyer

Jon Sasser, Butch Davis' lawyer, told me Sunday Davis "will not be taking the FIU job. He intends to remain a special assistant with the Buccaneers."

This confirmed an earlier Sunday report by the Tampa Tribune.

Sasser also told me Davis has no dispute with the University of North Carolina and "no reason to believe the University will not honor its commitments." The school said upon firing Davis it owed him $590,000 each January in 2013, 2014, 2015, amount to be reduced by money Davis earns elsewhere as a coach.

So, now what? Bethune-Cookman coach and Fort Lauderdale Dillard graduate Brian Jenkins, who just signed an extension after going 27-8 his three years at Bethune, is believed to have interviewed Saturday.



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wow, finally we get an update. David all you are doing is cut and pasting someone elses work a day late. Why cant you call Butch Davis, Randy Shannon, Coley, Diaz, Collins and others and flat out ask them do they want the job and get some inside info? Isnt that your job. Be proactive man, we all read this thing and are waiting for news. All you have to do it pick up the phone and call people, ask tough questions...whats the worst thing they say.."no comment".

whatever, all I care about is Pete Garcia just fell flat on his face. Maybe he can hang out at ND or Bama's hotel next week and beg one of those coordinators to take the job.

Where's the big splash news Pete???


Jason, please remove yourself from Houston Nutt's nuts.

Oh, sorry, Deez, right, why didn't I think of that! Because I have The Book with all those guys home phone numbers, cell numbers, e-mail addys and none of them have caller ID or ignore calls or e-mails from people they don't know. They all long to be quoted on the record and they're all unimpeachable as sources so whatever they say, I can run with immediately without trying to confirm it elsewhere. And the ones shielded by media relations departments, those departments are just so helpful! I haven't spent days or nights trying to contact them and others, no siree.

And I'm not covering or writing about anything else the last two weeks. Nor do I have a non-Herald life during the holiday season.

Before today, the last relevant burst of actual news on the search was Pete Garcia saying Butch wasn't the guy after several outlets ran with the "It's Butch" story sparked by another blogger and another Herald reporter, both of which ran with the same tip I tried to actually confirm (you know, reporting?) before running it. That was posted in one place -- here on Christmas Eve by the husband and father who'd spent the previous 18 hours blowing up cell phones. Take your "be proactive" stuff and use it to clean your toilet rim after tomorrow night.

To qoute one of my favorite movies Tin Cup...."way to lay up David."

Seriously let's report the news faster!! Its like he's the kid running sprints at hoops practice that only runs real hard when the coach is watching. The Fans are coach David. We are all watching you and the Miami Herald. Pick up the pace

Go Canes!! #1 team in Florida

Shut it Little Paul. Canes suck, this is a FIU board. Have fun on probation

Way to go, David!

Go Canes!! #1 team in Florida

Posted by: LittlePaul | December 30, 2012 at 03:46

Too funny. Giggled like a 5yr old girl when I read that. Thx.

@David. Keep up the good work. Ignore the trolls. But thinking Butch Davis was EVER going to go to FIU was delusional at best. There was just beyond no way.

Go for the FSU coordinator, build the right way with a guy who wants to be here.

It's Butch. We all know it is Butch.
Posted by: JulesFIU07 | December 14, 2012 at 09:27 AM

B U T C H D A V I S............done deal.
Posted by: FIUBlueandGold | December 14, 2012 at 11:35 AM

Cane, you gonna eat those words...l the hire is already done, and your boy Golden is Mickey mouse compared to what PG is to announce.
Posted by: Reader | December 22, 2012 at 01:22 AM

Butch Davis still hasn't taken the FIU job because the Tampa Bay Bucs season has not ended. The second it is over he will take the job. You heard it here first. 100% FACT. There is no way Pete Garcia aka Pepe Bigote aka Pistol Pete fires Cristobal without getting the ok from Butch Davis wanting to step in as head coach.
Posted by: Nevin S | December 22, 2012 at 09:29 PM

I think they might also be waiting for the sanctions to hit UM. We all know that for FIU to be something, its more than just getting a coach. You need the players, that is why Butch Davis is so key. Butch can look a player in the eye, and tell them they can go the NFL if they go to FIU. Cristobal, if he was lucky was only able to get max 1 or 2 of those players per year, and that is what he would have always been able to do. I think Butch can get 8-9 of those players per year. If he stays at FIU for the long run, he can get 12-20 has he once did at UM. Recruiting is 24/7, 365. FIU needs to work on getting those players that are considering UM to come to FIU, It's been over 10 years since UM has won anything. The kids in H.S, middle school, and pop-warner dont have a loyalty for UM as they once had. The kids in Miami-Dade County know about the good things that are happening at FIU. FIU is growing into a University that has become a viable option for an Elite athlete to go. Great City, Great Campus, Great Academic Programs, Great Students. It is not a hard sell. Kids these days are all about going somewhere new. Look at college football today. If this has been the plan all along, then Pete Garcia needs a raise.
BTW, what is up with UM playing FAU next year? Are you kidding me? Wow, talk about being insecure about your program huh, UM? Your guys are a bunch of vaginas.
Merry Xmas to all.
Posted by: Wong Xi Wang | December 23, 2012 at 01:33 PM

You've been on top of the whole thing, thanks for the coverage. Btw, I hope you get to be the first media member to break the story. It is Butch Davis.
Butch also just got 100% cleared of the academic issues at UNC.
Have a quick story ready to post. #DJN will be trending on twitter!
Posted by: chiapanther | December 24, 2012 at 08:44 AM

PG said that "Butch is not the FIU coach" but, he didn't say "Butch won't be the FIU coach".
Butch WILL be the FIU coach. Awesome hire, GO FIU!
Posted by: Blue&GoldHeart | December 24, 2012 at 04:25 PM

Butch Davis keeps denying it because the Bucs told him not to take the job yet. The new coach is Butch, no question about it.
Posted by: Nevin | December 25, 2012 at 05:38 PM

David - ask Pete Garcia to comment on below. Scout.com recruiting rankings this week. This is probably false because this assumes these kids are still coming. FIU has 25 seniors/scholarships to give. Guess what, no coach yet, and 4 weeks to go. Ask Pete how he salvages 25 scholarships in 4 weeks when the entire country had 6+ months to recruit. This is embarassing - we lose an entire class becuase this clown AD tries to boost his ego and turns this into a circus. Ranking 105 and quickly dropping......

Sun Belt Recruiting Ranking (Scout.com)
Rank School Commits

85. Arkansas State 18 Sun Belt
87. Western Kentucky 19 Sun Belt
94. Louisiana 12 Sun Belt
97. North Texas 13 Sun Belt
103. Florida Atlantic 11 Sun Belt
105. Florida International 7 Sun Belt
106. South Alabama 8 Sun Belt
116. Troy 5 Sun Belt
118. Middle Tennessee 7 Sun Belt
121. ULM 8 Sun Belt

^^^^don't read much into recruiting sites. According to MC he had his best recruiting classes last 2 years. Talent is suppose to be at FIU. New coach will helpfully benefit from what MC said(even though he was 3-9 last year).

I'm just being patient. Let's just see how this turns out.

FIUJM, need to agree with BuckNuts, we lose 25% of total scholarships which need replaced with upgraded talent. With our situation, 4 weeks to go and no coach, we get medicore kids at best. I believe, someone keep me in check, we need to use all 25 scholarships and can't take 10 good kids and save the rest for next year. 25% of the team is depth. With a bunch of starters gone, we need depth. This is why were screwed. If Pete had a plan and hired someone in week 2 of December, maybe we salvage the recruiting season. The new HC needs to pick a staff, recruit immediately. Right now FUA is kicking our ass which is sad. Everyone comes to Miami and takes kids.

This is another reason why no one wants this job. Pete will now get some 1-AA guy with no ties to Miami.

This entire thing makes me sick.

Call Randy and let's get some good players.

Is anyone investigating Garcia and his surprising firing of your HC? 3-9 after 2 bowl games, with Mario taking over one of the worst NCAA teams, on probation from a past coach..and gets fired by the AD? This doesn't make sense. Take a look around college football. You may get fired after 2 straight debacles (Colorado, who might get sued by a minority coach). 3 bad seasons and sure you are gone (many of those this year). 1 season?

When will it leak what truly happened here? Take emotion out of it, did Garcia think he could fire him and bring in Butch immediately? If so, boy that backfired.

Miamiherald should spend all efforts asking tough questions on why? Garcia's BS aanswer on a 3-9 season and higher expectations doesn't cut it.

I know for a fact some heavy alumni have already called the office of the Prez asking for answers. Let's see if more details leak or an investigation transpires.

Golden Panther for Life!!!

Arkansas: Arkansas has announced that TCU linebackers coach Randy Shannon has accepted the linebackers job at Arkansas.

Now thats a real time update David!!

Why would David update you on the former Canes player/coach. As you all point out, this is an FIU board... He's not the Canes beat writer.

I find very irresponsable that The Herald continues this campaign of creating a muddy cloud over FIU and their new coach.

I will really laugh everyday at this Blog if finally Davis comes to FIU.

First started with the garbage of finding Garcia's yearly work performances reviews (that of course didn't serve any purpose) and now this stuff of bringing some kind of downer everyday to the hiring of the new coach.

I know Garcia does know what he is doing and I also know that Cristobal was a terrible coach. PG did the right thing getting rid of him.

This is blog is becoming really pathetic.

Youre right miacane86, just hearing and seeing updates to pass along. This one is relevant. Here's why....Manny Diaz, Butch Davis and Randy Shannon dont like this job. Houston Nutt's name was thrown around early, since then he's falling off the planet. David mentioned that Garcia was speaking with Danny Hope, ex Purdue HC. This guy was born in Gainesville and never coached in the state of Florida besides HS. How would that help us recruit in South Florida?

Purdue Boilermakers(2009–2012)
2009 Purdue 5–7 4–4 T–6th
2010 Purdue 4–8 2–6 9th
2011 Purdue 7–6 4–4 3rd (Leaders)
2012 Purdue 6–6 3–5 4th (Leaders)
Purdue: 22–27 13–19

Now there is interest in a Bethune Cookman HC as a candidate. Thats right, the 1-AA Bethune Cookman. This is a shitshow. We all should be demanding an update straight from Garcia on why its taken so long, why people have turned him down, why he really fired Mario, how they will recruit 25 kids in 4-5 weeks and ultimately how this program recovers.

These are all fair questions for people who donate to the school, pay for season tickets and spend at fund raising events.

Im concerned that Garcia will panic and choose a 6th or 7th candidate to save face late this week. Big step backwards for the program.

Butch WILL be the FIU coach. Awesome hire, GO FIU!
Posted by: Blue&GoldHeart | December 24, 2012 at 04:25 PM

What do you mean IF Davis comes to FIU?

Any chance that FIU's top choice turning down the job through his lawyer is FIU news and not a conspiracy by the Herald to make FIU look bad?

ROFLMAO Magic!!!! FIU or Forever Inferior to the U doesn't need the Herald to make FIU look bad, the preseason BCS buster, lol did that all by themselves,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol!!!!!!!

I don't think I have ever seen so many delusional people in one place since I retired from working for Psych hospitals!

Are the rumors true that Pete Garcia's trying to hire Dan Shula, the grandson of Don Shula?

No Bear Bryant grandson.

Davis' firing was more than ample evidence of exactly what no one pinpoints. Didn't he make some rather off-color remarks on occasion remembering Jimmy the Greek; touched the third rail as it were,opened his mouth once and pearls of wisdom stunk.

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