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North Carolina, according to its own words, is on the hook.

Back when North Carolina decided to cut ties with Butch Davis amidst the NCAA starting to spend a fair amount of non-vacation time in Chapel Hill around the football program, this was what the university handed out to media as its financial obligation to Davis:

Coach Davis' Employment Agreement calls for the University to immediately pay him $270,417. Before the end of the calendar year 2011, the University will pay Coach Davis (a) an additional $13,083, which is the pro rata share of his retention bonus, plus (b) an additional $650,000 in supplemental compensation payments. That's a total 2011 payment of $933,500.

The University will owe Coach Davis an additional $590,000 each January 15, starting in 2013 and concluding in 2015.
These amounts would be reduced by any compensation that Coach Davis might earn for coaching in a college or professional program.

The maximum total that Coach Davis could receive is $2,703,500.

All payments to Coach Davis will be made by the Department of Athletics. No state funds will be involved.

The bold emphasis was mine. "Reduced" not eliminated. This should not be any barrier to Davis accepting the FIU job. In fact, as stated in blog posts and comments, it makes it easier for FIU to backload a four or five-year deal on spec in hopes that revenues will have greatly increased by the time FIU's paying the heavier chunk solo.


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Does anyone honestly expect Butch Davis to work for here is no financial incentive for him to take the FIU job. He can afford to wait, since he has 3 more big checks coming.

My prior comment got clipped somehow.

Does anyone honestly expect Butch Davis to work for free? There is no financial incentive for him to take the FIU job. FIU needs to offer him more than $590K/yr---does FIU Athletics have the money to do that and pay Cristobal? Davis can afford to wait, since he has 3 more big checks coming.

Would be a major coup if FIU lands him, but I don't believe he would stay more than a couple of years.

Thanks DJN, for the actual wording of the contract. It does look, as you first reported it a while back, that any salary would only reduce (if less than $590k) the amoung UNC should pay him.

Obviously FIU knows the arrangement with UNC is one of a reduction, and that they could pay him $1 now and back load the rest. Yet that can happen at any time and still has not. Leads one to believe Butch may want to double dip...get paid $590k on 1/15 then a standard compensation from FIU thereafter. If so, we'll be waiting till 1/15.

We knew this already. I'm really liking this conspiracy theory where Butch convinces Cristobal to take an assistant job instead of waiting a year for a head coach oppertunity (smooth things over) then signs a dollar contract to coach FIU on UNC's tab.

Butch Davis would be another splash rental hire, like Thomas though. The fatal flaw in FIU's master plan is the assumption they could ever raise revenue enough to pay a top coach by generating buzz with a coaching hire. FIU's alumni are, unfortunately, Miami sports fans. They will not go to games unless you're playing a top 10 team or competing for a national (not C-USA) championship, period. Call it being bad fans, call it "high standards", call it too much else to do, it's just the reality.

Only way FIU can grow it's football program is by doing it the right way and building with a great coach who wants to be there for the long haul. Butch Davis would be Isaiah Thomas 2.0. The FSU coordinator would be better than Butch.

Butch Davis will be Isiah Thomas 2.0?????? Are you kidding me, first off one is African American; the other is not. One has actually one has won as a coach, the other has not, one has actual talent in evaluating talent, the other well you get the drift.

Isiah Thomas was just for the name sake, and was a total mistake. Butch Davis on the other hand is a proven person that can build a program. Isiah Thomas claim to fame was more as a player than coach. I don't see Butch Davis being fired after a couple of years, yeah he might leave if a big program comes calling; but I doubt that would happen after 2 years. If Davis comes to FIU, which I really hope he does; he at least has 3-5 years.

FIU will eventually be a 50,000+ student campus. Buc Nasty is somewhat right about the Miami sports fans, but FIU has a chance to bite into UM's piece of the pie. All FIU's fans want is an improvement on the football program, where not expecting to be winning National Championships; but in due time FIU could be a ranked team, year after year. If UM would stop being scared to play FIU, then both schools could have a good rivalry. The two times UM played against FIU, the OB was over 55,000 people; that is way more than what UM would get playing Bethune Cookman, FAMU, or FAU.

Cant wait to see Butch Davis wearing an FIU visor.

Enough crying about UM, why on earth would UM play FIU after that brawl?

They'd have to pay big bucks to FIU to play them and FIU still has local talent with severe inferiority complexes when it comes to the big three Florida schools. Seriously, the brawl happened because a UM player BOWED to the home crowd after scoring a touchdown. He bowed.

Butch Davis is a good coach but the philosophy behind hiring him seems off to me. Miami fans will not come out en mass to see even a ranked FIU team play C-USA teams, that's just the reality.

At best they'll get the same crappy crowds UM gets for their games against the Dukes and USFs of the world. UM's crowds are a big problem, it makes it hard for them to compete with top programs.

FIU may be a diploma mill but it's still a commuter school with 92.5% of students living at home. You can't really expect to have football attendance like you'd see in a college town where 20% of kids live in dorms, everyone else lives within 5 minutes of campus, and there's absolutely nothing else to do on Saturday but go to the game.

I think an up and coming guy like FSU's coordinator would be better for building FIU's program but what do I know, I thought Cristobal was good.

Buc Nasty, you are a certified moron. Truly.

I recorded the first FIU/UM game and watched it multiple times (they played again the following year by the way). There was trash talking and pushing and shoving going on from the opening whistle of that first game. This was well before Miami ever scored their second touchdown with nine minutes to go in the 3rd quarter to go up 13-0, which is when James Bryant theatrically tip toed on the side of the end zone after scoring on a five yard touchdown pass, pointed toward the FIU section of the crowd, bowed up in a pose, and then took a bow in front of the FIU section. Larry Coker immediately reprimanded him on the sideline as he should have. The brawl ensued on the extra point. But what many people always forget is that Miami players were pushing and taunting FIU players the entire first half. FIU, to be fair, was returning the favor and the play was chippy all game long, but it was a very close, hard fought first half that Miami only led 7-0 at halftime. Miami was frustrated that FIU was standing toe to toe with them on their home field with supposedly inferior players.

And calling FIU a diploma mill? Do you realize that the avg SAT score for FIU students was 1,135 while UM was 1,295, a mere 14% higher despite the fact that for many of FIU's student body English is a second language? Add on top of that the fact that FIU has 35,000 undergrad students compared to UM's 10,000 and FIU's acceptance rate is still 40% compared to UM's 39%. But UM's cost is over 10 times as much as FIU's. Only rich kids with financially stupid parents would send their kids to UM over FIU. Seriously.

And Coley sucked as an offensive coordinator for FIU. Why would we ever hire him as a head coach? He'd be Mario Cristobal light.

Buc, the day that you start showing up at FIU your opinion will count. Now you don't look very smart talking about something that you have no idea about.

UM is ranked in the top 40 academically, FIU isn't in the top 200.

DJN, thanks for the digging on the story. Do you have a full copy of the Davis contract, or just what UNC released to the media? It's very tough to draw any conclusions without seeing the entire doc. For example, based on what you are reporting, I don't understand why FIU would have to wait until next fiscal year to hire Davis? It seems to me that if he were hired on December 21st, for example, the UNC payment would simply be reduced by a mere 10 days worth of compensation that he earned as FIU's coach in 2012. I get the timing with the national media being in Miami, but the money seems to be a non-issue.

Only point is FIU needs to stop worrying about UM, the two schools have nothing to do with one another.

Blue&GoldHeart, you don't look measurably smarter with nothing to say.

PS, here's the egregious touchdown celebration.

Tip toed over and pointed at the FIU section? Please.


See articles below..pretty bold by Garcia to release a "totally false" statement yesterday when you see these articles. If Butch gets hired, Garcia lied to the press and should be immediately fired!!!

Let alone be embarassed for hiring a coach who got canned for putting NC on probation, by an FIU AD that was on probation 6+ years ago. Someone explain how Garcia walks into the Prez's office asking for Butch and his past to be hired.

Butch Davis to FIU hits major snag

Alex Marvez is a Senior NFL Writer for FOXSports.com. He has covered the NFL for the past 17 seasons as a beat writer and is the former president of the Pro Football Writers of America. He also is a frequent host on Sirius XM NFL Radio

UPDATED DEC 27, 2012 9:38 PM ET

A contract squabble with the University of North Carolina is keeping Butch Davis from becoming the next head coach at Florida International University, a source told FOXSports.com on Thursday night.
The dispute centers on almost $1.8 million that Davis is owed from the settlement he signed upon his dismissal as UNC’s head coach in July 2011. The source said that UNC doesn’t want to pay the money if Davis accepts another coaching position, which is a stumbling block that also complicated his hiring earlier this year by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
FIU is set to sign Davis to a multiyear contract averaging roughly $500,000 a season, the source said.
The Tampa Bay Times has reported that Davis is due annual payments of $590,000 from UNC every Jan. 15 between 2013 and 2015 as part of the severance deal. Davis was fired after a slew of NCAA infractions were committed during his four seasons (2007 to 2010) with the Tar Heels.

Report: Butch Davis hire at FIU stalled by contract dispute
By Jerry Hinnen | Blogger
December 28, 2012 12:32 am ET

The Miami Herald reported earlier this week that FIU would be hiring Davis as head coach. That drew a rebuke from FIU athletic director Pete Garcia, who claimed the report was “totally false.” Garcia and Davis have a prior working relationship from when the latter was head coach for the University of Miami and Cleveland Browns

It's never been much of a secret that FIU has wanted to make Butch Davis its next head coach after its shocking firing of Mario Cristobal. The question has been if Davis -- a former Miami, Cleveland Browns and North Carolina head coach -- wanted the same thing, even given his ties to Panther athletic director Pete Garcia. Reports initially claimed that he wasn't interested, but then said Davis had agreed to take the job, only for Garcia himself to call those later reports "totally false."

But a report from Fox Sports Thursday night suggests that Davis and FIU have indeed spent some time talking things over -- even if those talks haven't yet overcome a major stumbling block. Per reporter Alex Marvez, "a contract squabble with the University of North Carolina" is the only thing standing in the way of Davis becoming the Panthers' new coach ... but that that squabble appears to be at a standoff.
Per Marvez:

The dispute centers on almost $1.8 million that Davis is owed from the settlement he signed upon his dismissal as UNC's head coach in July 2011. The source said that UNC doesn't want to pay the money if Davis accepts another coaching position, which is a stumbling block that also complicated his hiring earlier this year by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Davis would earn "roughly $500,000 a season" coaching for FIU, according to Marvez's source, while his settlement from UNC would reportedly pay him $590,000 per year for the next three years -- meaning that if Davis could not force UNC to continue his payments even after taking the FIU job, he'd be taking nearly a $100,000 per-year pay cut for his efforts for the Panthers.

There's enough traction between these reports to assume that the interest between the Panthers and Davis is at least somewhat mutual. But unless Garcia and FIU can find enough money to make it more worth Davis's while than unemployment would be, or the terms of Davis's UNC settlement change for some reason -- like, say, a clause expiring at the end of the 2012 calendar year that only makes Davis hireable after Jan. 1, as the rumor mill has had it -- that interest may be as far as things go.

Bleacher Report
by Richard Santamaria
Who will coach FIU in 2013?

"If Garcia offers FIU a no-name assistant to lead the football program, he deserves to be crucified by FIU fans and the media.

After the Isiah Thomas fiasco and this potential blunder, maybe it is Garcia who should be the next to go."

Nice hire Pete!!
Butch Davis fired at NC

"To restore confidence in the University of North Carolina and our football program, it's time to make a change," Thorp said in a statement released by the university.

"What started as a purely athletic issue has begun to chip away at this University's reputation. I have been deliberate in my approach to understanding this situation fully, and I have worked to be fair to everyone involved. However, I have lost confidence in our ability to come through this without harming the way people think of this institution. Our academic integrity is paramount and we must work diligently to protect it. The only way to move forward and put this behind us is to make a change."

Check this article out - right from the Carolina backyard.....

Tar Heels’ football program, Butch Davis deserved sanctions

By Tom Sorensen
Posted: Monday, Mar. 12, 2012

Under head coach Butch Davis, North Carolina football was like a kid whose parents allowed him to do anything he wanted while they talked on their cell phone in another room.

There was little discipline. But there were some cool agent-sponsored parties.

Most of the North Carolina graduates I know are ashamed of the program. They want to believe their school stands for something. They did believe that. They were wrong.

The Tar Heels were Ohio State South, Miami North and Southern California East.

Walk out of Kenan Stadium at the end of the Davis years – he was fired seven months ago – and you wanted to take a hot shower, but only after scraping the bottom of your shoes.

In the world of NCAA violations, North Carolina collected the whole set. Davis hired as his head recruiter and chief assistant John Blake, and Blake allowed an agent inside.

A tutor enabled players to engage in academic fraud.
Ineligible players competed.
Illicit benefits were accepted.
The NCAA found nine major violations.

As a result, I expected the sanctions the NCAA announced Monday to be more severe.

North Carolina, however, got one thing right. The Tar Heels acknowledged their misdeeds and cooperated with investigators.

How many times has an athlete, celebrity, politician or official been caught cheating and compounded his or her mistake by lying about it?

The Tar Heels still take a reasonable hit. They won’t be eligible for a bowl in 2012 and they’ll give up 15 scholarships over three seasons.

The NCAA did omit one penalty: The Tar Heels forfeit the right to condescend.

For decades, North Carolina won or lost the right way. While schools in the Carolinas, ACC, SEC and Southeast were caught cheating, the Tar Heels avoided serious scandal. As a result, their fans were free to take shots at violators. And they did.
The lesser among those fans will continue to. But they have no credibility.

I doubt that North Carolina, or any other school, holds a staff meeting at which somebody suggests, “Let’s cheat.”

Tired of mediocrity, coaches simply choose to stop caring what their charges do.

So Davis hires Blake, and a tutor does much more than allowed and here’s a cool little party thrown by an agent, y’all come, Tar Heels, and how about a little plagiarism on the side?

Coaches work enormous hours. How are they supposed to keep up?

They make an effort to. They act as if a clean program is a priority.

We’ve all been in restaurants where inattentive and uncaring parents allow their children to do whatever they want when they want.

That’s what Butch Davis did at North Carolina.

And that’s why the Tar Heels must pay.

Butch Davis took a crappy UNC program and took them to .500 in the ACC (3-5, 4-4, 4-4, 4-4).

We would be thrilled if he can do that for us, he may be "dirty" but these days that's the only way to keep up with the top dogs.

The level of recruits alone will drastically improve with Butch Davis. That combined with the fact that C-USA has six bowl games we are sure to get there by year two at the latest.

Jim this makes no sense. Why bring in or encourage cheating? If Garcia wants cheating, he should have told Mario to cheat, not bring in his fishing buddy who has a history of cheating. Maybe that's the new thing to do, get a big contract with guarantee, cheat, get fired, get paid while you hang low for a number of years, then find a friend that owes you and get paid again....this time he can't cheat. Maybe he can't win then? I guess we will see. Can't wait to the press conference and the first uncomfortable question to the president and AD on Butch's shady background. Who knows, maybe Butch can scholarship his kid again like he did at NC...if he has eligibility. I believe that was another violation that NC didn't clarify and the NCAA got them on

Boy this AD looks real bad right now. He thought he had momentum. Only program left that hasn't named a coach, cheater on deck with a contract snag, No one else interested

I bet Butch cheats when he fishes on a charter boat. Captain reels in the tuna and Butch takes the picture

Lots of haters and trolls swimming in the waters these days. FIU's rise is inevitable and will not be stopped. Buckle up, boys.

Only point is FIU needs to stop worrying about UM, the two schools have nothing to do with one another.

Posted by: Buc Nasty | December 28, 2012 at 03:21 PM

ARE YOU F----ING KIDDING ME? The schools have nothing to do with each other? THE SCHOOLS ARE IN THE SAME CITY!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! Buc, why are you scared of FIU? Why play Bethune Cookman, FAMU, USF, FAU? This is like USC being scared of playing UCLA...There is nobody here, except you worried about UM. You guys haven't won anything in over 10 years. You guys are about to get some major sanctions, and your coach will probably be leaving soon.

The problem with you is that you have no respect for FIU, buddy at least have some respect? FIU has tremendously improved in academics. FIU is becoming a world class University, have you seen the buildings that are going up? Have you seen the master building plan? There is major money going into FIU, and into their medical program; it would be one thing if this was the FAU blog, but it is NOT. This is the FIU blog, and we are MIAMI too, before you know it FIU will almost have as much on campus living students, as the whole student population at UM.

Oh, BTW. If the Miami Herald did a poll, I guarantee that the UM fan base would prefer Butch Davis over Al Golden as their coach.....Enjoy your sanctions.

One more thing, for all you people who think that UM and FIU not playing each other because of the brawl are completely on bath salts. You people act like UM never got in a brawl before....South Carolina, Notre Dame, Colorado, San Diego State, Arizona, FSU, FIU. Its not like UM was known as Thug "U", its not like UM has had 3 players killed due to gun shots RIP, It's not like UM is known for being a dirty program.

Remember University is on holiday vacation until January 7. When they come back they have bigger things then a football coach. They're also in charge of wine and food Festival. That's more important then football program. Remember we have a athletic director/director of entertainment. So we are also recruiting chefs to come down to the festival.

There is no rush to select a football coach we have until August.

World class or not in the top 200 in America?

I'm only interested in FIU because I live in Miami, like college football, and like David Neal's writing.

I hope for the best for them but their fans, like UM's local fans, are mostly awful. I do like that there are some die hard FIU fans that read this blog but as a UM fan and alumni I'm obviously annoyed with the rest of FIU's tangential fans' obsession with UM.

And yes, of course UM won't play FIU because of the brawl. But go ahead and think that UM is afraid they'll lose to a team that finished 3-9 in the Sunbelt and lost by 20 to Duke if that makes you feel better.

UM got in a brawl with those real teams because they had a rivalry.

The FIU brawl happened because FIU is full of Miami players who got passed up by the Big Three Florida schools and are insecure about it.

It's not a good mix.

FIU should pay Butch whatever he wants to get it done, with Butch we'll be a top 25 team in a few seasons!

Yeah, they had a real rivalry in the two times they played San Diego State, and the one time they played Colorado. Stick to the Army LT. Einhorn

Can someone tell me why David Neal isnt fired? How can the Tampa Tribune report faster and more than a Miamiherlad beat writer for FIU? No reason to read this paper or blog, just go to Tampa Tribune or Fox Sports, thats where all the updates are coming from. Read below for the latest....

Published: December 30, 2012

Butch Davis will not be leaving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to become the new head coach at Florida International University, Davis's attorney told the Tampa Tribune Sunday.

Reports have suggested for weeks that Davis, a special assistant to Bucs coach Greg Schiano, would soon take over as the new coach at FIU, but Davis' attorney, Jon Sasser, said Davis has no plans to do so.

Davis, who has coached at the University of Miami and in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns, last coached at the University of North Carolina, where he left amid an NCAA investigation into the football program's conduct.

A Fox Sports report last week said UNC blocked Davis' path to FIU, exercising an authority it retained as part of a departure "settlement" with Davis. Sasser told the Tribune, however, that Davis never signed a settlement agreement with UNC upon his departure.

Sasser did not say why Davis was not taking the FIU job, nor did he comment on Davis's future plans

Neal is still reading the 2011 HR evaluations on Pete and Mario....no time to report on real news

Amen, our prayers were answered. Butch is out!!
Cheaters never win

How about Randy Shannon ?

GrapeApe: I'm not fired because I wasn't irresponsible enough to instantly run with the Butch rumors of last week as others did without caring to confirm them; the FoxSports story was a non-story, as previously discussed on this blog and stated by Butch's lawyer; and I haven't been exactly derelict in my Herald duties lately (if you read the rest of the section, you'll see I've been a bit busy elsewhere lately...).

We should go after randy he working at TCU. Randy will bring the players to FIU from the south Florida area.

Guys its james coley... its perfect timimg with what pete said because he would finished with his work at fsu.

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