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Postgame extra stuff from Louisville 79, FIU 55

Total attendance for FIU's first 7 games: 9,586. Attendance Wednesday night in Louisville: 21,411.

"I've never played in front of that many people," said junior forward Tymell Murphy, who admitted to nervousness. "I just wanted to get a rebound, get a score to take my mind off the crowd. After that, it was just playing."

Louisville coach Rick Pitino likens Richard Pitino starting his first college head coaching job at FIU to his own early days as a head coach:

"I started at Boston University and the similarities are there. We didn't draw any people. I used to sit up in what was called the Eliberg Lounge and you could see the people walking in before the game. You cold count the people as they walked in the beginning. He's going to go through the same type of stuff, except they are going to go into Conference USA and, obvisouly, they can recruit a higher caliber basketball player. But, he has four or five really good basketball players. His bigs aren't where they need to be for the future, bu that is what he's working on. He's going to have a really good backetball player named Rakeem Buckles (a Louisville transfer) next year."

FIU head coach Richard Pitino, explaining how he and his father are different on the sideline (both Pitinos say Richard is more like University of Florida coach and Pitino favorite Billy Donovan), said, "We have different personalities. He's very very intense during the game. If I got that intense, I'd forget where I was. So, I'm trying to stay calm during the course of a game where he's really trying to fire the guys up."

Richard thought this year's Louisville team, compared to last year's Final Four team, is more physical overall.


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Comparing attendance at FIU and Louisville is silly. One is the top programs in the nation, the other is a start up program playing from the SunBelt. Most of programs in the country don't get 20,000+ for a regular season game.

I don't understand what's the point here other that take a shot at FIU.

I didn't think he was comparing them negatively? I think he was making a point on the different pressures of playing in front of a large road crowd, especially when you're not used to it. I think you're a little too oversensitive there buddy.

Thank God for a Coach who doesn't look like he's maxed out on Xanax during the games. Furthermore, no one has demanded serious defense of players at FIU since Bob Weltlich.

Start up program! WOW BGH doesn't have a clue! We have been Division ! since the early 90's.

GP 90: You have no clue. FIU never really committed to sports until a few year ago.. Comparing Louisville to FIU in basketball is just silly.

wow now I know why you are so loved! show me in your infinite wisdom where I compared Louisville to FIU? I was just stating facts! But I guess you have a clue.

Blue and Gold Heart. Stay off of all the boards please. You keep on making stupid comments and giving FIU fans a bad wrap. Next time you have a comment just dont post it.

Miacane is correct. The comparison of attendance wasn't a comparison of programs. It was a lead-in to Tymell Murphy's quote about how the atmosphere affected the team. I asked him about the contrast and that was Murphy's answer. So, obviously, it was a question worth asking. The attendance numbers demonstrated that contrast best.

Guys, please understand that BGH doesn't see the world the way most normal people do. Give him a break. And good point Anus. BGH did argue many times that the football program was not new, and Cristobal was at fault for everything. His love of Cristobal is legendary. BGH you have been called out on your hypocrisy. Maybe he will admit it.

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