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Pregame on hoop big game; Sonia Perez Swimmer of the Week (again); lawyer time

Bigger dance hall, swankier dance partners, but the shoes are the only thing FIU coach Richard Pitino wants as a major change for tonight's game with No. 5 Louisville at the KFC Yum! Center.

Pitino said he spotted the South Beach model adidas at a summer AAU game. The adidas rep at the game welcomed Pitino's request that FIU get some and Pitino decided they would make their FIU debut at the Louisville game. (Thanks to Joey de la Rosa for contributing his shoe and a steady prop-holding hand to the above shot).

Otherwise, he wants to keep everything the same as most games, despite the fact they'll be playing in front of 10 times the crowd they usually face and FIU's highest ranked opponent since No. 1 UCLA in the 1995 NCAA tournament.

"It's an opportunity for us to get better," Pitino said after Wednesday's morning shootaround. "Regardless of who we're playing, that's been the goal from Day One when I took this job. Let's get better every single day. This is another opportunity."

Louisville shouldn't be familiar just to Pitino. FIU players should recognize the Cardinals' high pressure style.

"It's funny because we play the same defense as they do," Pitino said. "When we're going over scouting, I'll tell them to get into Louisville's "White Press." All of a sudden, they're playing harder and it's more aggressive. I want to tell them, 'Guys, that's our defense, too! Play that hard every single time!' So we may switch the name of our press to "Louisville' instead of "White" to see if it'll work and carry over. It's good for them to see those guys playing the same style defensively, showing them that we can do it, we've just got to play a little bit harder."


I know I'm usually up on the swimming thing and I knew about this one yet it still slipped through the cracks. Sonia Perez broke the FIU record in the 1000 freestyle with a 10:11.36 at Nova Southeastern's Sharks Invitational, won the 200 Individual Medley, the 400 IM and the 1600 free.

So the Sun Belt awarded Perez her second consecutive Swimmer of the Week award and her third of the year.


Called in our lawyers this morning. What I've asked for doesn't take long and in an information age, should take a few minutes. Pop a colada and get it done.

That is, it shouldn't take that long if said records actually still exist...


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or ever existed...thanks for the recap.

don't bother the FIU administration right now bc they are doctoring up garcia's evaluations... someone in human resources is in garcia's back pocket. shame on the board of trustees & Rosenberg for letting this happen.

I still trying to understand what records are you asking for and for what purpose? Is this Garcia's annual evaluation that you are looking for? What are you expecting to find?

I am serious, I really don't understand.

Everyone lets stick to sports.

Everybody on the internet acts like they have insider information and everyone is 6'5" and brave enough to say anything. How about all you making your anonymous slanderous accusations go and say that to Pete's face like a man.

I'm not on anyone's side but I'm sick of this. All these "FIU fans" who've never posted anything before, go take your personal beef somewhere else.

Well said OC Panther. They are all upset because Pete fired our high school coach Cristobal.

Grow up guys and back FIU not the mediocre coach that used to work for FIU.

Pete has done a great job with almost every sport (including football), with facilities and with conference affiliations. Did you see the statue of the Panther? Thank Garcia for that.

DJN, what's the point of digging up and publishing only negative excerpts from Pete Garcia's performance reviews 2+ years ago? We already know he was reprimanded for some of his past behavior. Hopefully he's corrected those things by now. If he hasn't, his boss will address them. You are not his boss. By trying to make them public, you are clearly demonstrating that you have an agenda against Mr. Garcia.

If you really want to do some journalism, why don't you turn your attention to why the local newspaper in Miami buried stories of clear, rampant NCAA violations by the University of Miami Athletics department over a span of more than two decades. One of the largest investigations of NCAA violations in history is going on right now in Coral Gables. All of these violations occurred right under the noses of the Miami Herald, which was not only silent, but most likely complicit. Are you scared of what you'll find (or will happen to you) if you start digging there?

Funny Southpaw, I like DJN...I believe if he were covering UCG when Shapiro was around he would have exposed them. Makes you wonder why it took a national guy to break the story. Just saying....

Anyways, even though I could care less about evaluations, it is public information so FIU should provide it to anyone requesting since FIU is public university.

On to sports, bring on Butch!!!

Btw, rough night for bb team. They played tough in first half by Louisville too good.

Southpaw, I originally asked for performance reviews before I wrote the story on Pete Garcia that ran in August and most people (including Pete Garcia) saw as "positive." When I got the response I did in September from the FIU lawyer, I thought, this is cat guano. And, it's an insult to any reporter's intelligence. I'll deal with it after football season. Well, it's after football season. Little journalism lesson for you: when they don't give you public records to which you have a right and give you a lousy excuse or a bad lie, keep asking. Because there's likely a reason.
The reason I don't turn my attention to the University of Miami is, uh, well, we already have two fine UM reporters. I cover FIU. Saying we ignored two decades of UM violations and accusing The Herald of complicity smacks of throwing poo against the wall. And it doesn't stick, especially because Herald investigative reporting started UM down the path to NCAA sanctions back in the 1990s (within the time frame you accused us of turning a blind eye to violations).

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