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Smokescreens and Butch money

The leaking of Mississippi State Geoff Collins and Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz's names as the possible next football coach feels awfully convenient.

Collins, FIU's defensive coordinator in 2010, vaulted to the SEC after guiding a unit that was the Sun Belt's best across the board. Diaz fits the FIU suit.

He’s from Miami (Miami Country Day graduate), which might soothe the feathers of those angry over a loyal-to-the-305 guy getting blind side sacked. He just did two years as a coordinator in one of the two or three most massive programs in the nation, by any measure. He’s linked to the same Miami-Dade County power structure as FIU’s Board of Trustees and executive director for spoots and entertainment Pete Garcia, albeit by chromosomes (Manny Sr. is a former City of Miami mayor).

Also, on a purely football level, as a coordinator for seven seasons at Middle Tennessee State, Mississippi State and Texas, Diaz’s in-game decision-making might be a bump on one of Mario Cristobal’s weaknesses as a coach.

And about Butch Davis and money (even though he's told FIU he's not interested...)

Davis is guaranteed $590,000 in 2013, 2014 and 2015 from his North Carolina contract. He's able to double dip his income chip now with Tampa Bay as a "special assistant" because he's technically not a coach. But if he gets back into college coaching -- and Butch wants to get back into college coaching -- that salary will decrease North Carolina's part of the $590,000. Let's say someone paid him $500,000. North Carolina's now on the hook for only $90,000.

Theoretically, FIU could pay Davis cheap for three years and give him a bump in the fourth and fifth years of a deal.



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Has anything directly come from butch?

If I had to pick between Diaz and Collins, would prefer Collins. That guy can coach defense. We'll just wait and see. Any interviews taken place yet that you can confirm? Thanks

Thanks for the info and fact finding, David. Keep them coming please.

Go FIU!!


Thank you for staying ontop of the situation.

All the names have quality resumes and true coaching expirience with each beign DC at major AQ programs. And in Butch's case we know his resume.

Nearly seven years ago FIU made a position coach the higest paid head coach in the conference. The resume of the person read; No head coach experience, No Coordinator expirience, TE/OL position coach.

These guys bring more sustance and the expirience then our previous hire.

Go panthers


Can you PLEASE post any info about the situation with the current players decision to Transfer to another school. I think most of the time the NCAA will let you transfer without having to seat out when there is a change of Head Coach & Staff (I think)..
Keep the info coming..

Go Panthers!

Even though I don't agree with the decision of getting Cristobal out, and not having a BIG name in your pocket to replace him, I have slowly accepted it. That said, I think some of the names that have been talked about for the last 5-7 days are excellent coaches. Will that translate to "WIN's" inside C-USA? God knows..

My personal Rankings of the Coaches mentioned:
1) Butch (South Florida guy, great recruiter, has coached in some big time games, can come to use for dirt cheap (first 3 years), and overall best choice).

2) Petrino (with all the baggage he brings, I would still take him with a smile. Guy has coached and won some big games, he knows how to bring a team from the dead to the top, Im not sure about his South Florida Recruiting skills, but he can't be off by a lot).

3) Collins (when he was at FIU as a D.C our defense was amazing! Never liked the over size cards to display formations and plays, but he gets the job done. I miss the Chilli. Not sure about Recruiting skills)

4)Diaz (don't know anything about him. I understand he is currently at Texas which is very hard to coach at, but I need a little more then that)..

NEIL, Do we have 1 or 2 guys that have separated them self's from the rest of the competition? Who has the best chance of receiving the keys to the car?

Go Panthers!

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