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Sounds from Camp Mitch on Butch, other options

Despite what I just said on 640AM's The Andy Slater Show, perhaps ESPN Joe Schad's report from earlier today is correct.

About two minutes into my nuked turkey marsala lunch, heard through the Camp Mitch grapevine that rippling through the FIU hierarchy is that former University of Miami and North Carolina coach Butch Davis doesn't want FIU's head football coach job. Now, that doesn't mean he can't change his mind later, but, for now, he's out.

Also heard that a) perhaps FIU's attention has turned to Florida State offensive coordinator James Coley, a Miami native guy who coached at Norland High a decade ago when the Vikings were a power and b) some big muckety-mucks at Camp Mitch aren't happy with the way Pete Garcia handled this. Not like he's going to get rung up or anything, but it doesn't do to make the muckety-mucks unhappy when you're rolling the dice.

Half the assistants south of Olney, Illinois might be blowing up Pete Garcia's phone. Garcia said to me yesterday this wasn't the same job Cristobal took in 2007. He's right. Ironically, Cristobal's a large reason for that. Still, FIU's seen as a stepping stone, unless someone truly loves living and working here. Some people get attached to their starter house and it becomes the family home.




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You're bringing it strong! Even being on radio to talk FIU. Good stuff and Thank you.

Coley would be great choice, some even think he is strong recruiter in Florida.

Can't believe Pete Garcia would make that move without having a big name already in hand.

Mario Cristobal is the ONLY reason Florida International is somewhat known in this country, mostly from when he was being considered for the jobs at Rutgers and Pitt on the front page of ESPN.

It's damn sure not the job it was before Cristobal was fired either - who would want to work for a guy who fires you after building the program from nothing and giving up millions out of loyalty to the school?

Buc Nasty, I agree MC help put FIU on the map but T.Y. Hilton had something to do with that also. He is doing well in NFL. We all saw how this year turned out without T.Y.

This move by PG would make me not want anything to do with him if I were a desired coach, why would someone want to coach FIU? Also with the money FIU is on the hook on for MC and FIU's financial situation, I doubt they can pay decent money.
It was a shock for me for PG to fire MC after he took over a loser program on probation, took it to 2 bowl games, and made us a competitive D-1 program.
One bad season with injuries, close games, even if very disappointing should have been earned by MC. It's not like we had done any better prior to MC.
PG sounds like an egomaniac, and with Butch Davis track record on NCAA infractions and FIU coming out of probation I don't think would have been a great move(although no one recruits like Butch - look at the talent he put together at the "U" and NC.

Only way this firing made sense is if PG had Butch locked down, which he clearly did not. Now this move can be stated as rash and irrational with certainty. He muddied the shine he earned with the moved to C-USA with this one.

Hey DJN! Weekly segment on 640! Make it happen!

Just a bad bad bad bad move. I saw nothing wrong with Mario. Maybe now UM will open its eyes and see that "Goldy needs to go.

Twasn't MC who pit us on the map, 'twas TY. MC will be fine--the next place he goes will likely have deeper pockets and a greater likelihood of attracting difference-makers like Hilton more often. Speaking as one who actually goes to the games, I am hoping for a coach who will put a team that is fun to watch on the field next year. We are never likely to have the depth that allows four yards and a cloud of dust thinking to succeed, but the Louisiana Tech modus we can dream about, and who wouldn't like to watch that?

FIRE PETE GARCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said. That man has 0 integrity. Who would want to work for that fool???

I also thought Cristobal was the right guy for the job (like I have said before on here 100 times). I thought pushing him to change a FEW coaches in teh staff would have been a great move by Pete, but not this!

Since we can't go back now, I hope my biggest fear won't come true.
We get Cristobal out (in a very unprofessional way) and replace him with an Assistant Coach of some crap school like North Texas. How can an assitant coach of a team we actually beat for the last few years take over a prrogram as a head coach?!?!?!

I personally thought Pete would at least have a BIG hitter in the bag ready to go if he decided to make such a big move. The situation is only getting worst as the days get closer to "First week of Jan"..

Go Panthers!

Who the Hell is going to coach our team now PETE!!!!

The situation is actually better now than the high-school style team that Cristobal was running.

PG made a great and gutsy move that shows he cares about the program.


Manny Diaz jr.
Mike Shula

Cool Cat that was an uncool statement "cool cat"...Golden is the man

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