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The (Coaching) Wire

Coaching's scramble season, when Sun Belt coaches get fired or hired elsewhere, is in full swing this week.

For the second consecutive year, Arkansas State lost a coach to the SEC, Gus Malzahn heading to Auburn. Wisconsin's looking for a head coach after Bret Bielema went to Arkansas, opening up a Big Ten job.

The rumor mill has churned out Mario Cristobal's name as a possible candidate for the South Florida job. Despite the coaching staff's role in FIU going 3-9, this isn't surprising. As I alluded to in a post several weeks back, most athletic directors and coaches look at FIU's season and think, "Been there." Cristobal's stock, at a peak a year ago, hasn't gone Enron.

But his stock is common compared to the preferred of Western Kentucky's Willie Taggart, who turned his college alma mater from bumbling to bowling and went to high school at Bradenton Manatee. Manatee High coach Joe Kinnan, who built the school into a muscular state power during the 1980s and is an influential football voice over there, reportedly endorsed Taggart for the USF job.

By the way, South Florida was paying Skip Holtz around $500,000 in base salary. They'll need more than that to get Taggart (other opportunities or can stand pat) or Cristobal (makes around $454,000 in base, living in South Beach, working in his old neighborhood), although last year showed money to be no god to Cristobal. He got some extra in the extension, but more money went to be spread among assistants and for use in day-to-day football operations.

As for whether or not Cristobal would jump across the state after flirting with Pitt and jilting Rutgers at the altar last year, it's more likely than him going to either of those. He's a 305 guy and South Florida's only a four-hour drive away.




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Do you know if Cristobal has gotten interviewed? Last report I saw was confirmation that Nutt and Taggart are interviewing. Thanks DJN!


It would be really great for our school if Cristobal goes. That ridiculous extension to the contract last year was a killer and will have our school stuck in the mood for years to come. Cristobal gets outcoach every week and his recruits most of the time never develop.

This team was unprepared for most of the games this season (an last season every time we faced a team with winning record) and is really rough to watch.

Cristobal is not a FBS coach but he fooled Rutgers and Pitt last year, maybe we get lucky and he fools USF this year.

Interesting timing on this article. You got your wish Blue&GoldHeart...

Who is FootballScoop? They report Cristobal has been fired in a tweet posted at 9:50 this morning, Wednesday, 12/5.

I disagreee. People have to look at the BIG picture. When Cristobal came in we were officially the WORST team in D-1 Football. He took that and made it into a 2 year Bowl elgible team. yes this year was a nightmare to say the least, and yes there needs to be some coaching changes but I think Cristobal is the right guy for FIU. Only reason to even think about changing Cristobal for another coach would be if you have an outstanding coach with a heavy resume that wants to come and coach at FIU. Find me that person before asking for Cirstobals head. I personally love his recruiting, his commitment to FIU (remember he was offfered $2m from TWO different schools), and his energy to demonstrates. That said I hate some of his play calling specially in tight situations. I also don't like that he does not fully use all his weapons.

Time will only tell. Go Panthers!

Gooch7, he was fired today.

So where's BucNasty? Plastering the USF site with "Hire Mario" banners?

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