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The Ghost of UM Coaches Past...

Butch Davis definitely let it be known Thursday he didn't want FIU's head football coach job. I don't know where ESPN's Joe Schad got his information for his report that Butch was out, but I know I wholly trust where I got my info.

Before that, however, I heard three different applicants' representatives were told not to bother inquiring, this would be Butch Davis' job. And 640AM midday host Andy Slater put out the idea that Thursday was a setup to make FIU athletic director and longtime Davis pal Pete Garcia look heroic by reeling in Davis when all appeared to be lost.

If that sounds ridiculous, note what UM players say they remember from 2001: being told by Davis he wasn't going anywhere, then seeing Davis and Pete Garcia on television the next day getting off the plane in Cleveland together to accept jobs with the Browns. 

SportsByBrooks, who's a hawk on college football, says Davis was using his position as Tampa Bay's special assistant to get information on FIU's players from Mario Cristobal before the firing. A very well-placed source says, "That's a reach. No room for Mission:Impossible 5."

I saw Davis at several FIU practices in 2011. I can't say the same for 2012 -- maybe I saw him at one or two -- but FIU's about as welcoming as any school to NFL scouts dropping by to watch practice and ask questions.


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Eh... Don't know what the takeaway from this article is

Quijote: I was wondering the same thing.

That Pete Garcia's an idiot who thought Butch Davis was a done deal and is stuck paying a million dollars to Mario Cristobal with no one in Cristobal's league to replace him.

Cristobal league is Dave Wannstedt or Tony Sparano league. He is mediocre at best.

It is embarrassing to listen to Mario inevery radio statation in Miami, making himself a victim an taking credit for stuff he never accomplished.

Cristobal hasn't beat a winning record team in 22 games. He went 3-9 with 18 seniors starting and only beat the worst three team in our schedule. Cristobal has nothing to do with FIU moving to conference USA (he says he did it).

I am so glad this used car salesman is gone. It's time to get a real coach.

Blue&GoldHeart, well hopefully your next coach won't be annoying you on the radio - I promise you he won't have any accomplishments to take credit for within this decade.

To criticize Cristobal shows ignorance of where this tam was.

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