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Word on the street is Butch, officially. But...

Sunday night, I got a message from a Camp Mitch source that Butch Davis will be the next FIU coach, it'll be announced next week and Davis has been smoothing things over with former FIU head coach Mario Cristobal, a graduate assistant under Davis at the University of Miami from 1998-2000.

As I checked on this, sources close to Cristobal said the part about contact between he and Davis definitely wasn't true. As nobody else would confirm the first part, I shelved the entire thing.

Which is where I am today, still trying to get more confirmation of what's expected and stated as probable in a blog post last week.

UPDATE: Please see latest blog post in which FIU athletic director Pete Garcia calls the Davis-is-in stories "totally false."




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You obviously care since you posted. lol

Look.....I m not a hater ....especially against FIU just because I follow/always have followed the Canes.Why?They re a team that enjoys the sport,the camaderie,wanting to be good,enjoy their overall college experience at their young age.Nothing wrong with that.It s called having plans.dreams,to become successful later in life...with a good career somewhere and a great family life....and good health.FIU,Duke,Wisconsin,USC,FSU......whatever their school.....they just want to be the best they can.They bleed,they re young guys who are good and decent.No need to hate.They re like Miami s little brother.No big deal.No reason for anyone to be threatened.

Paolo, In time, Florida International University's football program will continue to get better, but your grammar will most probably not. Stay in school, and please hate somewhere else.
-Proud FIU Alumni

mine name is paolo an i dont belief in no dang grammer cuz dat aint Kool. u scrubs r just goin to haf to deal with the fact dat its all bout the U. we's got much better academiks than u fools.

Wow, paolo; you are a trouble individual. Why don't you do us all a favor and kill yourself. You actually go to FIU? You must be a dork that cannot get any of that quality beaver that is walking around FIU. You keep that anger inside and take it out on anything that is said good about your University. BTW, your jokes are so old. We can tell your the same dude, you probably don't even go to FIU, or Miami-Dade, or any type of College. You are just some white fat dude that has been turned down by all the Senoritas at FIU, and all the latin senoritas for that matter.

I don't really care what people say about FIU or UM or whatever, because that's usually just people being ignorant, but telling another dude to kill himself over the Internet is pretty poor taste, dude.

Paolo, what makes you so certain that FIU will never become relevant? It's only a ten year old FBS program that was once flooded with sanctions revoked scholarships. Yet they've already made it to two bowl games (winning one of them), and were Sun Belt champs in 2010. The games are frequently on ESPN networks, and the 2013 shift to C-USA is going to bring further exposure. Furthermore, they have sent 6 players to the NFL, with TY Hilton becoming a breakout rookie. Your opinion is based on absolutely no facts, making it entirely irrelevant.
In the decade that FIU football has been in existence, they have grown faster than most other programs ever have. This foreshadows a great future in which FIU will continue to rise until they become strong enough and deep enough, to eventually make it to, and win a BCS bowl game.


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