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Would you want Petrino?

According to CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman reports that Bobby Petrino's getting momentum for the Arkansas State job.  

No surprise there. As I noted, big names who get fired or resign under scandal often have to cleanse themselves or rehabilitate their coaching name by doing a few years penance at a lower rung school. Petrino, last seen falling off a motorcycle and a woman while Arkansas' head coach, certainly seems a natural fit for the 2011 and 2012 Sun Belt Champions.

But would you want Petrino at FIU if he could be drawn to Camp Mitch? There's two things nobody questions about Petrino: he doesn't exactly have the judgement of Earl Warren and he's one of the best college football coaches in this country. Louisville won with him. He got Arkansas going again. At FIU, he wouldn't just be the best coach in Conference USA. He might be the best coach in the state of Florida.

Of course, you might be cheering every win with trepidation over when the next scandal sandal will drop.

So, would you want him?


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I would Welcome Petrino. Section 112 would just have to take care of Dazzlers. We're up for it!

I would. A proven winner at head coach who will come at a bargain price.

Absolutely. PG needs to understand he's put us in an disadvantageous spot. Petrino would be a coup in this position.

Just give us someone who believes and is going to leave the program better than they found it.

No way. He quit on the Falcons in the middle of the season and in the middle of the night by letter. He left all the assistant coaches and their families hung out to dry. Then he cheats on his wife. No thank you. We need to take a stand somewhere in our lives and this is a perfect place to start.

Ahhh.. there are a too many good looking graduate assistants and athletic staff women in our department.

I'd love to see Petrino as our new HC but please stick with the golf cart this time Bobby...no more motorcycle riding...

I'd rather see them bring in Don Shula, as long as we're just saying things...

How about taking this a little more seriously and make sure that the next coach is a person that brings integrity, hard work, and a good ethics to the job, to go along with a good football background? We all know that Coach Cristobal has those qualities and should not have been let go. We also need to concentrate on letting the powers that be at Camp Mitch that some housecleaning is in order at the top of the athletic department. All the hard work that Coach Cristobal and his staff put in so that this program may continue to grow is rapidly going down the drain, thanks to the situation that the AD, or whatever his title is, has put FIU in. The AD needs to really clean up his act quickly. The president of FIU cannot turn a blind eye to this any longer.

he would fit in perfectly with pete garcia

Seems a bit premature to me . Wait a little bit before freaking out .

Cristobal was let go because he fail at FIU. Pete Garcia did what he had to do and an Athletic Director.

Mario Cristobal rode T.Y. Hilton's coat tail.

^^^^ it certainly looked that way from this year's results.

He got caught having an affair! He didn't attack us on 9/11.

You know how many Coaches and players in every sport have affairs during their careers? Thousands.

Stop acting so self-righteous. He's a great football Coach.

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