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2013 FIU football schedule

Now that Conference USA got everybody organized, slotted, home dates figured out...

Aug. 31: at Maryland

Sept. 7: vs. UCF

Sept. 14: vs. Bethune-Cookman

Sept. 21: at Louisville

Oct. 5: at Southern Mississippi

Oct. 12: vs. Alabama-Birmingham

Oct. 26: vs. Louisiana Tech

Nov. 2: vs. East Carolina

Nov. 9: at Middle Tennessee State

Nov. 16: at UTEP

Nov. 23: vs. Marshall

Nov. 30: at FAU


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Love the schedule.

Question is;
Which game to travel to?

Terps or Cards?

Just an aside while we wait for the next news of note, DJN. I know that you have endlessly dismissed the validity of recruiting ratings and could not seem to care less about the hype surrounding any recruit, but I keep thinking that you are sitting on a story of truly interesting potential, one that could actually support your thesis and interest readers. Unless I misremember, "Pooh Bear" Mars remains the highest rated FIU recruit, ever. And, again, I could be wrong, but I don't think the kid ever played a down at FIU. I think, if he were still on the team, he would be a senior to be, or maybe his eligibility ended with this past season. In any case, here you have the perfect object lesson for your contention, AND you are well placed to write such a piece. Not to mention the fact that everyone who was involved with getting him here is now somewhere else (as he may be) and would have no reason not to talk to you about him. Maybe it is not as good a story as getting Nevin Shapiro to divulge how he manages to continue to place bets while in custody, but I would like to read it, and I think it has heart. Just a note in a bottle.


The highest rated player may be Willis Wright also a 4-star recruit.
Pooh was a cool guy but always undersized at 5-10 and 180 lbs.

Not sure if he ever played... I thought he dressed his frosh season.

Yeah, I think Mars was in uniform for the first few games of 2012, too, but I may be wrong. I seem to remember him being injured somewhere along the way. Whatever the reasons, too bad. He seems to be the poster boy for DJN's insistence that recruiting stats do not matter.

Why is Turner passing the buck on the issue with the recruits and strip clubs? My read of David Neal's article is that Turner is saying he left things to Cristobal's holdover coaches, and they screwed up. This is not the sign of a leader. You are the head guy, Turner. You have been for many weeks. It is your responsibility to know the ins and outs of your program and to take responsibility. Don't call out guys as Cristobal's. Why did Butkus leave quickly? Because you are a lousy college coach who has no recent experience in building winning programs. It is hard work, and recruiting is a main part.

Mars was involved in a serious accident that broke multiple bones in one leg, effectively ending any opportunity to perform at the level anyone expected of him. He's a good guy with a good story to be told. He has made more out of his bad breaks than plenty others have done with more opportunity.

Recruiting sites are run by guys who aren't qualified to carry jock straps or push pencils for a real team. There's not much one of those fantasy geeks can say that's original or insightful. Back when Howard and Jimmy built a national power across town, they had pathetic ratings as recruiting classes. Give me a coach with a vision and commitment over one who's content with his place in the pecking order, any day. Recruit players that make your system a winner, not guys who are only worth celebrating in February.

Thanks, IGP. Just more reasons it would make a good story. And isn't it always good to hear all the positive news from Robert? I saw Coach T in tears in his office the other day. He'd gone over to Our Lady of the Broadened Fanny to recruit but he couldn't get in until he gets his hall pass signed by RC.

Alright Robert is back....

You were missed.


Larvez played in 2009... mainly special teams. Great kid and yes was in a car accident summer of 2010 and took a redshirt. 2011 he needed to focus on school. He was not part of the team in in 2012 and had already withdrawn from school early last year.

He was 5'11/225...

Pooh Bear really looked like "Pooh Bear" after the leg injury. Great kid but it just wasn't in the cards for him. BTW I kind of have to agree with Robert- didn't think it was a very Head Coach move to throw HIS guys under the bus. Holdovers are now HIS guys.

Pretty sad, and I am sure difficult, for PBM though. You come in as the highest touted recruit a school has ever had and for whatever the reasons...anyways, I hope he did hit those books.

Great article on Coach Ponce joining Coach Satterfield at App State... http://www.goasu.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=21500&ATCLID=206198060

Coach Ponce's recruiting will be missed... He had great HS connections. DJN, are there any open spots on staff? It would be great to see Turner give a local guy a chance.

DJ Neal - legitimate question, do you have any idea what happened to the suckers that actually paid $80 for online access to the Herald?

Wow, $80.00 for online access to the Herald? That is ridiculous. What a rip-off.

Quick, Coach T, send someone over to see that kid UM just pulled its offer from. Oh sorry, forgot. DC won't let you in. Darn. Now Stanford's gonna get him.

PitinoFan: I believe there's one more assistant spot to be filled. What should concern you even more, though, are the spots on the support staff that need to be filled. It's like a football team playing without its backups and special teams players or an NHL team playing without its third line grinders and penalty killers.

BucNasty: Don't know what happened to the $80 customers. Is that for a year? Online only, no print?

Yea, it was an annual fee, either $70 or $79, don't remember which. Print subscriptions included digital but not the other way around. Some outlets like the Economist, WSJ, etc. include the print as almost a throw-in, goes to show how far print has fallen.

Sunsentinel went through a bunch of permutations before figuring it out, I think the Herald's problem was that we could still read the stories by moving around the pop-up.

Well, I am proud to say that I am a long time subscriber to the print version of the Herald and in fact my dog brings it back from the end of the drive each morning. If the carrier misses me, the dog goes over to the neighbor's drive. By the way, Buc, legitimate question: why is this of interest to a dedicated sports blogger such as yourself?

Just interested in media in general and the rise of the 24 hour news cycle.

The first time I asked about it DJ Neal thought I was complaining about the rate as well, I'm a red blooded capitalist, really don't have a problem with charging for content, just don't think it can work anymore. Always curious to see who's able to pull it off - Economist and WSJ can do it, not sure many regional papers have the kind of exclusivity in content to though.

Sunsentinel/Baltimore Sun charged for almost a year, just recently they opened back up.

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