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At the club...and commits




Class, today we're going to cover some basics of college athletics.

1. When in the process of recruiting for a Division I school and the other D1/FBS school in town is under NCAA investigation for improper recruiting practices, among other things, DO NOT TAKE THE RECRUIT TO THE STRIP CLUB!

Show the recruit the strip club. Point out that if he chooses to attend your university, he can visit the strip club. If you're in South Florida, show the recruit the many places where he can see just as many attractive women showing skin and behaving in a flirtatious manner as the strip club, including your own campus. But DO NOT TAKE THE RECRUIT TO THE STRIP CLUB!

The only money you're allowed to spend on the recruit cannot be used in the strip club. Diamond or the Twerk Twins might not care what money you contribute to their hairstylist. The NCAA or the state of Florida might.

2.  Now, we move to Twitter, that wonderful connection of servers that lets everybody let everybody else in on their business.

If you post something on Twitter, it's public. Whatever you write is the equivalent of getting up with a microphone in front of all your followers and saying it. This remains the case even if you have a "private" account with protected tweets. Take, FIU defensive tackle Isame Faciane, @ICEem_down in one of the above tweets. Mr. Faciane has a private account with protected tweets...and 540 followers.

To believe that you'll post something off the chain and one of those 540 folks -- and you know you don't know all of them -- won't e-mail, text, screen grab, whatever to some authority figure or the media indulges in the hopefulness of the losing gamblers who built Las Vegas.

Stay with me as we move to No. 3...

3. IF you choose to violate No. 1 -- which, I understand, goes on many places and I'm not judging you -- then DO NOT go on Twitter and brag about violating rule No. 1, as defensive back Demarkus Perkins did above and in a later Twitter conversation with Mr. Faciane.

The conversation included the two above tweets as well as Mr. Faciane answering Mr. Perkins with "@ICEem_down: @DPerk_15 buddy had this😁 look on his face all might."

Class dismissed. Time for a little Ray...



Palm Beach Gardens offensive lineman James Cruise, one of the recruits on an official visit this weekend, committed to FIU today. Cruise, not rated by ESPN, Rivals or Scout, was a Second Team Class 8A-7A All-State player this season.

University School's Jordan Budwig, rated at two stars by ESPN and Rivals, also has committed to FIU after visiting this week.


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Time for players to block twitter from reporters. :-)

Honestly a recruit may be one of their friends they call by that name and may not even be a football player. :-)

Wow...totally agreed DJN..

But as long as the money spent is neither from the player, boosters, or school there is no problem.

Very few places in the US offer the kind of adult entertainment as 305-954-561. Full nudity and alcohol (over21) and lap dances. beats the pasties in the bible belt and the no alchol if full nude...or no lapdances.

As long as everyone pays their own with their own money.

Thank God we live if MIA

Very few places in the US offer the kind of adult entertainment as 305-954-561. Full nudity and alcohol (over21) and lap dances

Chia, seems you know lots about this. Lol

This is sad... I looked at other player accounts and the language/content is unbelievable and very few are even protected. DJN is right, it is attention that FIU does not need. Where is the direction? You can't blame the players on this one...Young kids in Miami and what do we expect Joey Corey is the director of operations. That man knows his way around a strip club! Guess the Cruise commitment should come as no surprise... Sounds like the guys had a great weekend!! I think the schools are allowed to give the players some money to go out with recruits... DJN does this mean we are in NCAA violation?

Guys: FIU's Pete Garcia is a fan of strippers. He has set a poor example. How about Butkus. He flew the coop for an assistant line coaching post in the NFl, not the line coach spot. We hear that Mirabal ended up at another NCAA program. David Neal: Any news on this? How about a rundown of where the other coaches have ended up?

Where did Mirabal wind up - He's a class guy, good things were bound to happen for him

Mirabal is going to Marshall as the O Line coach.

If anyone has set a bad example regarding strip clubs Robert it's that school from across town.

Yeah and we hire one of the guys directly involved to help us! I love our decision making...

Best column ever

Does anyone with a brain really care? Is this supposed to be breaking news? If so, please explain, Mr. Postman. Really pretty lame of you.

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