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Back in the game (sort of); Patterson as asst. head coach, Conlkin as DC

Felt like kitty barf most of Friday, which is why there was no blog post. Now feeling like cleaned up kitty barf...

Ron Turner went for Josh Conklin, Tennessee safeties coach, as defensive coordinator over former Texas-El Paso defensive coordinator Andre Patterson, who'll be assistant head coach and defensive line coach. Patterson coached NFL defensive lines with New England, Minnesota, Dallas, Cleveland and Denver. He's bounced around, doing two years at UNLV in the same job he'll have at FIU and three years as UTEP's defensive coordinator.

Under Patterson, UTEP's defense ranked 91st, 104th, 92nd, respectively, in the nation. Conklin's defenses at The Citadel -- yes, FCS, 1-AA, but they're also playing against and ranked against 1-AA teams -- ranked 41st in 2010 and 36th in 2011.


Been meaning to do a story on junior diver Sabrina Beaupre for a year and had set up a time to talk for Friday evening, after she finished at FIU's dual meet with Central Connecticut State. So, trying not to breathe on anybody and fist-bumping instead of shaking hands, I got to the meet just in time for the penultimate event, the 200 IM, won by Sonia Perez in 2:06.55.


FIU also won the 200 freestyle (Johanna Gustafsdottir, 1:53.36); the 100 backstroke (Perez 59.06); 100 breaststroke (Jessica Chadwick, 1:06.17); 200 butterfly (Marina Ribi, 2:06.19); 50 free (Courtney VanderSchaaf, 25.12); 200 back (Perez, 2:06.20); 200 breast (Gustafsdottir, 2:21.55); 100 fly (Ribi, 57.52); and the 200 medley relay (Perez, Klara Andersson, Ribi, Valeriia Popova, 1:48.88). Beaupre won the 1-meter and 3-meter diving. FIU won the meet, 198-100.

The story on her will run in the next couple of weeks. Two things of interest, perhaps only to me: she's happy about the move to Conference USA because she'll be able to go back to platform diving, which she prefers to springboard. And, she's a Montreal Canadiens fan.



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hey David:

Is the story for real that Turner is talking to NFL teams about openings? Preparing to fly the coop soon after realizing the cat puke in which he stepped?

Help a brotha out. If this is real, somebody named Garcia got a whole lot of splaining to do.

He already got a fire burning about this meesy hire. Fans are just mad. The recent staff hires are about friends of his. Maybe he realizing that it's better in the NFL

The Ron Turner to NFL tweets - because that's all there has been, tweets, not articles - have been satirical at best.

Nice article on Cristobal in the herald..miss u coach!

Robert, enjoy your NCAA sanctions and stop obsessing over FIU.

Robert Clairborne is being played. At the end of the day, U will get what U deserves.

turner is not going anywhere. he will spend 2 or 3 years here collecting his $500k per year and then get fired and retire to a waterfront home. garcia will be the one gone soon when all his dirty laundry is revealed by the miami herald. garcia will join fiu board of trustees chair albert maury looking for another job when the hookers paid with fiu funds and flown on leon medical center's plane are brought to light by the herald. when the herald gets a hold of garcia's fiu credit card records then the crap is going to hit the fan. and if garcia's performance evaluation done by the independent firm brought in by the fiu president ever turns up then for sure garcia is a goner. the firm's recommendation on the report was for garcia to be terminated. for now it seems someone in fiu's human resources department has either buried the report or maury paid off the firm to destroy the report. the shake up at fiu might just be starting . . .

EVERYTHING THAT Patrick Bateman SAID IN THE POST ABOVE IS ALL TRUE! IM A PLAYER HERE AT FIU AND IF THE HERALD DOESNT POST A STORY ABOUT THE BS THAT EVERYONE IN THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM HAS BEEN WITNESSED TO THEN IT IS A DISGRACE! EVERYONE FROM PETE GARCIA TO Julie BERG is corrupt and this is no rant i is the truth but sadly no one on the team can say a word for fear of retaliation from PETE GARCIA OR JULIE BERG. Plz anyone reading this if you are in any position to help this football program then please do and speak up. There are many buildings and even a new statue being built here on campus partly because of the money taken from the football program and yet the football budget will still not be INCREASED.

The football team is still playing with the same shouldere pads and helmets and shoes that the program has had since the days of antwan barnes and I would know because I wear his SHOULDER PADS! or breakfast in the ,morning supplied by PETE GARCIA and his staff last year during the season was BAGELS AND CREAM CHEESE that was all we had to eat every morning before practice and before we went off to class. Pete garcia has never once SPOKEN to any player and walks with his head low when he is in the football facility because he knows he is a corrupt man. Julie berg is just as bad and someone who has lied in all of our faces one time or another. Cristobal may have stress discipline but one thing everyone still knows is that he loved FIU and would have never left for any job and the real reason why he was fired was because of pure jealousy from Julie berg and Pete Garcia. Coach cristobal ask for better food for the team. He asked for better equipment and an increase budget so that we could win and hire more help but it was all denied by Pete Garcia.The football team despises this man and we all pray that Justice....real Justice is served soon. HELP!!!!

DJN - how about tracking the IPs of these supposed multiple posters with an axe to grind. I bet a small fortune they're all the same guy who probably got canned by PG for being a lazy unproductive govt worker...on a good day.

See below - bet my house we start 0-4 and it serves Garcia right for making a change, can't wait until David Neal finally reports worthwhile news, like Garcia sweating when the program reaches a new low...Entire staff has been ex fired coaches from 2012

My predictions below...This is best case if our QB doesn't get hurt, which is likely and 0-4 is a guarantee

2013 FIU Golden Panthers Football Schedule

08/31/13 at Maryland Terrapins
Byrd Stadium, College Park, MD
Lose 45-7
Horrible game 1 match up, no timing, large crowd, too many athletes

09/07/13 UCF Knights
FIU Stadium, Miami, FL
Lose 38-3
Hang in until half, then get worn down, the will run up and down the field

09/14/13 Bethune-Cookman Wildcats
FIU Stadium, Miami, FL
Lose 24-21
Best game of the year, vs 1-AA team, Bethune has better athletes and something to prove

09/21/13 at Louisville Cardinals
Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY
Lose 56-10
Absolutely destroyed, Teddy, defense blitzing against us every play

And im thinking that mario cristobal would of done better with his six offensive plays .Also todd orlandos defense was garbage even with all those seniors, Not to mention tthat now fiu is in the conference usa which is more competitive. I guess we have to see how turner recruits and how hungry his coaches are.

These folks might, might have an interest in some of the allegations circulating about Pete Garcia's use of FIU / State funds....



And there are plenty of other folks that would get involved if there was any merit to these allegations.

And yet they're not interested.

What does that tell you?

While I was a student athlete at FIU I personally thought and still think Julie is an outstanding person, and a great leader. Is there times where I wish FIU would make different decision, YES but that does not make her a bad person. My wife and I always make sure to see her at every football game and she is one of the few people at FIU that still cares about the non revenue sports (which that would be all team at FIU) technically. As for Pete G. I personally don't know him (he came in after I graduated) but I have to totally disagree with his latest coaching move. As for most of his hires I think he is doing a pretty good job.

Just my 2 cents..

Go Golden Panthers!

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