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Back to UM for Cristobal

Sources close to former FIU coach Mario Cristobal, a former University of Miami player, graduate assistant and assistant coach, say he's not officially a University of Miami assistantagain yet, but will be soon, probably by the end of the day.

Now, the question becomes: what sanctions will the NCAA come down with and what reaction will it bring from head coach Al Golden? Because if Golden goes, don't rule out Cristobal being lifted into that position.

On FIU's end, size matters -- of Cristobal's paycheck. Whatever he'll make at UM this year cuts into the $906,386 FIU owes him just out of base salary (one year automatically plus a second year with that amount reduced by whatever he makes in another coaching job).

FIU owed former basketball coach Isiah Thomas $660,000 upon his firing last April. In 2012, the school with the second largest athletic budget in the Sun Belt Conference (around $23 million), the budget with the largest percentage in the nation coming from public money or student fees, managed to do at least $1.1 million worth of head coach firing.

That speaks for 40 to 50 percent of next year's Conference USA football TV money.


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Congratulations to Mario for becoming the No, 2 guy at the best program in South Florida. He and Al Golden along with the other coaches will put a big damper on FIU's local recruiting efforts. Gee? Do I choose the U or the FIU to play ball? Do I choose to go to tradition and learn from the dedicated up and coming coaches or do I sign up for a ride with a known lazy NFL and NCAA failure who aint never come around our hood? Good night, FIU. Good bye to your run in landing good recruits. Y'all gonna be viewed as a choice for kids who can't go to major programs. Contender? Not a chance. Garcia should lose his job immediately over this mess he created. He set back the program by a decade!

I wish Mario the best. He was a hard-working coach and FIU ambassador. I still say PG should have given him another year, but what's done is done. Best of luck with all your endeavors MC!!!

Cristobal is sharing position coach duties w/ a bunch of 20 something year olds. Major step back for him.Not sure he is the number 2 guy. Good hire for UM.

Cristobal got the job he deserves. A position coach and recruiting guru. Keep him away from x's and o's.

Pike: You ever coach or play? I doubt it. FIU returns to bush-league football status. Don Strock and Ron Turner can play golf together. Pete Garcia and Al Maury will serve as their caddies. Rosenberg was seen threatening to jump from the third floor of a Leon Medical Center building. "What did I do. What did I do. Please forgive me."

Hey Pike? You ever recruit ballers from the hood? Volunteer to help Turner. He's gonna need your expertise.

Assistant head coach is usually #2.

But, "if Golden goes?"

UM already imposed three bowl bans, the most they're looking at is a scholarship reduction and a fourth ban, which Golden already knows about and is basing this year's recruiting on.

For a guy who's tapped into South Florida sports I'm surprised you don't have a better read on UM's coaching situation. If Golden was going to leave he would have left for Penn State, Miami isn't getting the death penalty.

Good Luck Christobal and thanks for the work and dedication while here at FIU. The efforts to restore the academic standards of the football team and navigating the programs around the lost scholarships was awsome.

@DJN, I agree that MC did the best thing he could do. With all the yearly rumors of Al Golden's impending departure its a good gamble.

Than again, it was a good gamble to not leave FIU with 30 returning seniors and parlay that to 2.9 million like Taggart, Guz, Freeze. So, not all business gambles work out.

In any case, Mr. Clairborne should worry more in assisting you with your Charles Robinson investigation on the dealings of Pete Garcia to clean out this program than worrying about the 5 star recruits AG and MC will take away from FIU.

As always, go Panthers.

Rob - I stay away from the hood. Don't you read the news... Better yet, just peak outside your window to understand what I mean. But keep your head down.

I didn't know you had to coach or play or recruit in the hood to comment on a blog. If UM is competing for recruits w/ FIU they are in far worse shape than I thought.

It all comes back around at the end of the day I guess....

Charles Robinson did no investigation, he published every allegation S**** made along with nightclub receipts and pictures of S**** with players, all of which was given to him by....S*****.

LOL. Good luck to Mario in the other university in Miami.

It's time to move on and focus on FIU and its future.

Go Panthers!

David, what does this mean for FIU's remaining payments to Mario?

It means that FIU can keep some money for Garcia and Maury's use at strip clubs throughout South Florida and Nevada. This is a great day for FIU football. Don Strock and his new golfing buddy Ron Turner are laughing at how they've taken money from the school for easy times down here.

Cristobal back at what he is: a position coach. He will never be a head coach at UM. Well.. with DS at UM you never know...

Good luck at UM.

UM wins, brothers. FIU loses. Ya'll get a retread at coach, a retard at AD, a bunch of connected assistants with no ties in our state and....a return to the Don Strock era of problems with grades, scholarships and a whole bunch of losses. Turner will last for one or two seasons.

DJ Neal - do you have any insight into how the Herald's new pay strategy is working?

Is the loss of readers and advertising worth the subscriptions yet?

I know I've been buying actual Herald papers more frequently even though like everyone else I'll never pay for something online that I used to get for free.

the real question is who will last longer at fiu the new football coach or the ad garcia?

the only ron that garcia knew before ron turner was ron bacardi. if you believe garcia spent a month long coaching search to find ron turner then you also believe in unicorns and the tooth fairy.

garcia didn't even know who ron turner was until butch davis turned him down for the fiu job. then in a panic and with no backup plan for davis bailing on fiu, garcia pleaded with davis to help him find fiu's next coach at the final hour. turner working with the tampa bay bucs, where davis was a consultant happened to be in the right place at the right time and landed a job at fiu to set him up for a waterfront retirement home in miami.

garcia has got bigger worries right now than ruining the fiu football program by hiring a coach that has never recruited in florida and is a few years from retirement. the turner coaching error will end garcia's run as fiu ad.

if not, then this will. the miami herald is investigating the corruption going on at fiu with garcia and fiu chair of board of trustees albert maury. when the investigation is complete you will read about hookers, booze and misuse of state resources by these two degenerates.

where is fiu pres. rosenberg in all this? his hands are tied with maury being his boss and the threat of leon medical center money no longer coming to fiu. leon medical donated $10 million to fiu medical school. maury is the son-in-law of benjamin leon, well at least until leon finds out maury is cheating on his daughter with the hookers that maury and garcia party with.

stay tuned ....

Buc, "like everyone else?" Yep, because nobody over the age of 40 pays for radio, TV or drinking water these days...A UM class taught by our Michelle Kaufman said they would pay for stories online, especially if presented in the proper manner. As one reasoned, "We pay 99 cents a song on iTunes, we wouldn't pay a nickel or dime per story?"

Bateman is the bomb. He is telling the story. The reason why Bateman won't be shut down by threats is only one: TRUTH. Let FIU's attorneys go after Bateman. They can't. Any legal actions will bring unwanted attention on the FIU department.

Congrats to Mario on landing a job at the U. This is a perfect fit for him. Wish him nothing but the best.

The numbers are what they are, WSJ and the Economist don't have trouble getting subscribers but free content with advertising dominates the internet. Most outlets that charge have to compromise, Rolling Stone, GQ, etc. make articles available a few weeks later, ESPN and SI have only select paid services. YouTube and Facebook and CNN and Foxnews and Yahoo and scarysquirrel.org aren't going subscription. Even the Herald still lets you read the entire article by fighting the pop up.

Paying for a newspaper article you read once isn't the same as song or movie file you then own, people are more psychologically averse to it. That's why it's always pitched as a subscription, reminds people they used to have to pay for newspapers.

Problem isn't that they used to get the content free, it's that they can get still get almost identical content free elsewhere.

I'm not trash talking the charge, I'm just curious to see how it pans out with the Herald. I'd probably be indignant if readers demanded to get my work for free but that's the reality, it's a big problem with the newspaper industry. Pretty much why the Herald lost it's waterfront office, no?

^^^ chose your degrees wisely.

Sheesh. I think some folks have gone off their meds. Good luck to Mario. I am happy he has found a place.

Robert Clairborne shows his true colors now. U sound scared. That's right Canes' fans, your next coach might be FIU's reject. What do you think that says about the two programs?

Pike, you're an idiot. Or are you Pete Garcia in disguise? Either way, same s*&t.

Anyhow, I'm curious to see how long it will take to have Pete Garcia thrown in jail and have this house of cards tumble. I have no problem with his using prostitutes if obviously thats the only way he can get any. What I do have a problem with is the use of FIU's funds to finance them. And do not kid yourself. FIU paid for it all and it's only a matter of time before you read it. I think it's a shame what he's done to himself, to FIU and to the program. He hasn't set it back a decade - he has started the programs dismantling and shame on those who knew and did nothing.

Anyone up to go to the Booby Trap or Scarlets after work. Pete Garcia using an FIU bus as a party bus. Lets Do It!

I am not a fan of Garcia as much as I am not a fan of Cristobal. I think this whole thing was handled badly. They went for a homerun hired and failed. What I do find funny is that when Cristobal was at FIU, you clowns thought he sucked. And now that he went to UM (as a Receivers Coach, which he knows nothing about and is taking over for a 28 year old)he is all of a sudden a great coach.

You want to talk about idiots? All you clowns talking smack about "the House of Cards Coming Down" when you have zero proof whatsoever of that. I am willing to bet all you clowns posting this unfounded stuff have been fired from FIU. Good luck and make sure you sign up for unemployment. There are services that help you fill out the forms if you find them too difficult.

Hey Albert...isn't that where UM has been taking its recruits for the past 20 years.

And DJN, your data is old. FIU's Athletic budget for fiscal 2012 is $27.4 million, but thanks for the effort.

What a freakin joke....another step backwards at FIU. Nice work Pete, tremendous hire. Look below, 1-AA Defensive Coordinator!! OMG

FIU: Sources say that former Tennessee safeties coach Josh Conklin will join Ron Turner's staff as the defensive coordinator. Conklin previously served as the defensive coordinator at The Citadel, where he came to know Ron Turner's son, Cam

Comon, 1-AA coordinator
You have to be kiddin me
Dick Butckus son, now 1-AA def coord and a NFL positional HC with no Head Coaching experience since 8 years ago, btw where he got fired??

Absolutely amazing
How can this pass the sniff test with FIU Prez??

This AD should be fired. Have fun guys, 2-9 at best, actually you lose to Bethune Cookman and start the year 0-4...how does that feel? Who you beat in Conf USA? Tulane, Southern Miss...the two worst teams, whose to say they don't have better talent and coaches

Let's consider 1-AA again, at least we can compete and match coaching skillset of Turner, his son, Butckus, the Citadel, and a few local HS coaches

Clock ticks, I haven't heard any recruit committing lately...can't wait to see our new 25 freshman, probably 1-AA players

Also, everyone should know that Butkus was FIRED by Illinois. Why does Turner hire these names with poor records? Can someone explain? Why do we need someone else's cast-offs? We deserve better.

Truth Williams, here you have the truth. Garcia fired Cristobal because the later sucks as a coach. That's why.

it's more than just hookers and booze with Garcia and Maury. the Miami herald has done a public records request for garcia's fiu credit card records.

and still missing from garcia's fiu personnel file is the performance evaluation on garcia done by the independent firm that prez Rosenberg brought in. the firm recommended that Garcia be terminated due to poor performance as an athletic director, including lack of fundraising, poor ticket sales and overall boorish behavior toward FIU employees who have reported Garcia to FIU's human resources. the suspicion around FIU is that Maury bought off the firm with money from his father in law Benjamin Leon owner of Leon medical center.

more to come ...

Ron Turner has already assembled the island of misfit Toys....Garcia is the train with the square wheels, what a joke.....Hires his son, Hires Butckus son, hey lets hire Ditka's son as well? Then hires a 1-AA military academy DC...that got fired at TN, Butckus fired at Ill, Turner fired at Ill.

Another big Splash PETE!!!!

UM trash all over this board. See you later.

Find one example of a UM fan saying Cristobal sucks "Pike".

That's just your imagination, of course idiot UM fans trash talk FIU but I guarantee none of them ever said Cristobal was a bad coach, only FIU fans who watched the games last season ever thought that.

For all I know they're right and he's a terrible head coach. Still glad he's at UM for a bit as a "tight end coach" and RECRUITER.

For all I know the FIU fans who watched all of last year's games and think Cristobal sucks as a head coach are right. Still glad to have him on board as a pure recruiter.

For what its is worth:

ESPN ranked UM's 2012 class as #9

And UM's current class is #23...

So your recruiting savior will close that gap in three weeks. Hope he doesn't steal the 6 5-star recruits that were committed to FIU.

What? What's that you say? Oh... yeah, we had none of those. FIU recruited well enough to rank in the top three of the Belt almost every year... but didn't dominate against their peers in recruiting either.

The talent recruited at FIU are hungry guys with a lot to prove. But it will be hard for Golden to pass on a 4 star guy over a 3 start guy. Also consider with possible reduced schollies.

Now, let's see if MC will speak to the UM administration to schedule us..

FIUFan, for 2012-13, total revenues were projected at $23.6 million with expenditures at $22.7 million. That's a budget that's "around $23 milllion."


Turner has put out feelers to NFL teams about open positions. That's the buzz I hearing. One source said she heard him contact his brother about a position.

David: Is this for real? Could y'all have a house of cards that be tumbling down? My lady friend in the department said the coach is angry over the negative feelings he's getting down here. I guess us folks are part of the picture. And we ain't alone. Old Turner has been
blasted by the media and the fans. He was miffed that the president didn't even show up for his introduction because of the issues surrounding Garcia and Maury.

Help, David, help! Find out the story for us.

Projections David? really? So now you have access to FIU's confidential books? I find that very difficult to believe. And the budget is going to drop by $4 million year-over-year with the exact same schedule and larger student enrollment? How do you explain this decrease?

FIU's "confidential books" are public record.

So let's see a link to your data for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Here's the link to the US Dept. of Education: FIU - 2011-2012 fiscal year: http://ope.ed.gov/athletics/InstDetails.aspx

Grand Total for all Teams (includes by team and not allocated by gender/sport)


Google FIU Approved 2012-13 Operating Budget. Page 17 of 33 on a PDF file. First line. "Projected expenditures of $22.7M." http://finance.fiu.edu/ofp/docs/BOT_FY_2012-13_Operating_Budget_Presentation.pdf

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