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Butkus out, Shankweiler & Williams in; Coley now nation's No. 1 scorer

Wish I were out at Camp Mitch, stationed at The Fieldhouse today. But, alas, I'm up in Coral Springs dealing with the Panthers sur la glace this morning and afternoon.

FIU offensive line coach Luke Butkus is headed for an offensive line assistant's job with the Jacksonville Jaguars. So, in more ways than one, Butkus would be going south (Illinois-Big Ten to FIU-Conference USA) then going north (FIU to Jacksonville-NFL). Nice career bounce without coaching a single game.

Butkus' replacement as offensive line coach/run game coordinator will be Steve Shankweiler, South Florida's offensive line coach the last three seasons. Shankweiler's lived the nomadic coaching life, 30 years at the college level for five different schools, including three turns at East Carolina

Also on staff now as linebackers coach is Tom Williams, former Yale head coach who was at UTEP last season with FIU defensive line coach Andre Patterson, then UTEP's defensive coordinator.



FIU senior guard Jerica Coley's scoring average, now at 24.4 points per game, ranks No. 1 in the nation. Coley, an Honorable Mention All-America last year, has been at No. 3 most of the season.


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Tell me that you don't take a stab at FIU every time you can. Why you need to make that reference of going north or going south? This is sad that you take aim at us that way.
What happen to the non sense investigation that you had on PG? You didn't find anything but you put a black cloud over our AD for a month. I used to have repect for this blog and DJN work. Not anymore.

Then stop reading his blog.
How can you not consider going from CUSA to the NFL an upgrade?

Damm it...I wanted to meet Butkus!

Can fault anyone for making career moves. Well, Shankweiler has a lot of FL ties, isn't that one of the knocks of the current staff.

A staff that is performing as well as the previous staff in termsof recruiting despite the shortened time and lack of "local" knowledge.

We are a good school, with improving facilities, in one of the best living destinations in the USA, and in the top 3-recruiting ground in the country.

Now we need to ID the talent that can't sign with the big three cauuse of scholarship limitations and keep them from leaving the state.

Go Panthers.

Im not going to say Neal is Perfect in any form of way, but he has all the right to write what he posted just now. The musical chairs that is going on at FIU right now with our coaching staff is NOT good in any way. As for taking an NFL job (even with the worst team of the league) and coaching at FIU, is an easy decision. I LOVE FIU and will cheer when the win or lose, but things are not looking all that great right now. I refuse to be an idiot fan (like most non eduacted U.M fans) and say we are going to win the BCS championship year in and year out.. A .500 record next year would be AMAZING! Actually 5-7 would not be bad either..

Go Panthers!

Good school = not a top 200 university.

blue, please learn how to read as you do have multiple degrees per your posts. Where is DJN mocking FIU in this article? All he is posting is how Butkus went from one school to another to the NFL without really coaching. Please explain where he is bringing FIU down.

If he brings to light corrpution by PG then so be it. We dont need any type of additional scandals or illegal activities that will bring future sanctions. If PG and his other buddy are dirty, then we need to take care of it now better than later.

Where is Buc Nasty to set you straight or your Anus buddy.

BGH you love to be hated. I am starting to think you are sick in the head. No single person can be so stubbornly stupid. You must be on the take. You must be getting paid to fan the flames so to speak. I just don't understand you otherwise. Please, please, please go cheer for UM or FSU or UF or even FAU. Just stop making FIU look so bad.

Do you really see the world so narrowly? You are one of those you are either for us or you are against us kind of guys, right? Well son that's not the way the world works. It's not all black and white. There are shades of gray. Stop it. First you despise Cristobal and now DJN.

que bola, I certainly recognize the description of Mr. Diamond. He's a good man with whom I shared many a professional and personal talk during my first 20 years at The Herald. I appreciate the defense of my fairness. If you want to take shots at my pal and colleague Adam, but the "Jerusalem cruiser" line sounded like a religous shot. Please leave those out. Especially on a blog written by a Christian married to a West Indian-Ukrainian Jew.

didn't mean it as a religious shot DJN…always see him in sandals… thats about it. glad to have a reasonable discussion

I know this is off subject DJN but that Marcelas Wallace reference you made the other day had me pissing my pants!!!

que bola: If that's the reason...then, that's kind of funny. Sorry I misinterpreted.

System and others: Glad the reference made you smile.

Does the change at O-Line coach mean that First Team 8-A All-State lineman Rae from Cypress Bay will be back in the mix at FIU? The last kid to come from Coach G's program was a walk on who left a starter, in Jonathan Faucher.

Or maybe it means the kid who committed under Mirabal, looked at other options when there was no coach, then re-committed under Butkus will reconsider again.
I know you commit to a program, not a coach, but right now there is no feeling that the guy you sign for will be there when camp opens up.
Relationships matter

Ridiculous for you guys to jump on BGH on this one. Though I think he made a bigger deal out of this then he had to, he's partially correct on this one. Please, please explain to me how on Earth 'going south in more ways than one' can be spun in a positive manner?

Obviously it's a backhanded comment. Nonetheless, I still enjoy his blog and appreciate the coverage. Much better than Adam Measly.

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