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Chandler Burkett swings from FIU to Maryland

Panama City Bozeman Defensive end Chandler Burkett has swung his commitment from FIU to Maryland, according to David Jenkins, president of Bozeman Football Booster Club and a coach at Bozeman.

The rangy 6-4 Burkett, a July commit to FIU, is rated at two stars by Rivals and three stars by Scout, which had him as the No. 78 defensive end in the nation.


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I saw on Football Scoop that FIU hired Joey Corey as Director of Football Operations. I looked him up to see where he has been and the first thing to pop up was the Yahoo article on the Miami Scandal with Nevin Shapiro. Apparently this guy was one of the main Do Boys for Shapiro when he worked on the equipment staff. I was shocked to see this!!! I don't know if I was more shocked that he was still working in college athletics or the fact that FIU hired him as Director of Football Operations. These hires blow my mind- I also agree with some previous posters on Popovich. I'm sorry but the secondary and special teams were obvious weak points this season!!! I am closing my eyes and hoping for the best... Here is the article I found http://sports.yahoo.com/investigations/news?slug=ys-joey_corey_allegations

Bye, bye...

no coaches with ties to Florida recruiting.... recruits de-commiting day by day...
nevin Shapiro's gopher hired as FIU's director of football operations.

maybe Cristobal was or was not the answer at FIU but it would be ironic if Garcia's ego gets Garcia fired with this month long coaching search turning up a Ron turner

keep up the good work Garcia... those trips to Vegas with Albert Maury and the hookers are paying off

After almost a month of these posts I kind of want to go to Las Vegas with Pete Garcia...

Got a feeling that this year's recruiting class is going to suck.....

DJN, I was curious about some recruiting rules. As i understand, FIU is allowed to recruit a maximum of 25 players for this upcoming class. Also, since there were no early enrollees this semester, FIU cannot count any scholorships for last year's class. Is this correct?

Does this mean that even if FIU is losing 30 players to graduation, most they can offer for scholarships is 25? What happens if any players leave the school? Can FIU go above the 25-scholarship limit in order to reach the full 85 scholarship limit?

Looks like FIU has 9 committments right now. What happens if it doesnt get to 25???

I know a lot of things have been said on this blog by seemingly disgruntled former employees... but doesn't it seem like there has to be at least some truth in all of these allegations? I am very interested to see if anything does come up about Garcia. By the way, I am still shocked we hired a guy to run our operations who was in any way connected to Shapiro and that garbage at UM- That can't be Turner's fault. I mean we hire him on the eve of their sanctions... DJN has this hire been confirmed?

Firing Cristobal wasn't a mistake, he sucks. Hiring Turner, who knows? I agree that if Turner doesn't pan out, Garcia needs to go.

Blue&GoldHeart, OK, but what if Ron Turner is worse than Cristobal?

I believe it was you who was 100% convinced that Butch Davis was coming here, then that Houston Nutt was coming here, which speaks to your overestimation of the quality the FIU head coaching job can attract.

So, Cristobal "sucks", but he was better than the last guy and he built the program from NOTHING to the state it's in now.

But Ron Turner is the level of coach FIU can attract to replace Mario Cristobal. Your claim that firing Cristobal was a good move regardless makes no sense, FIU was never in a position to hire someone better or more renown.

Funny how BGH knows more than a national columnist. IDIOT!

The Corey hire hasn't been confirmed on any level, which is why I haven't reported it. Not saying it won't happen. It just hasn't yet.

The scholarship limit remains at 25, Jimmy. If FIU doesn't reach its limit, that's life. There's no rule that says you have to use 25 scholarships.

Besides missing on big name coaches, the FIU job probably looks different to up and coming coaches after firing a loyal guy like Cristobal than it would if Cristobal had stuck around another year or two and moved on to a head coaching job.

But whatever, they have Norv's brother now, I'm sure he brings some mean Xs and Os and apparently that's what Cristobal was missing. FIU will still get south Florida talent and a good coach can make good things happen. Just hope FIU gets more games on TV now that they're in C-USA, anyone know about that?

Is it too late to bring Cristobal back?

Coach aint never coming back to this dump. He is the lucky one. No y'all gotta live with a crappy football team thanks to a dumb-ass AD, a coach who don't fit and a bunch of assistants who cant keep the locals at FIU. What is this about hiring someone tied to Nevin Shapiro? Are you making some jokes?

Yo,Mario be at the home boy school, now. You go over there now and talk that talk.

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