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Chandler Williams, dead at 27

I didn't know Chandler Williams, FIU wide receiver from 2004-2007, the school's all-time leading receiver before T.Y. Hilton and still No. 2 in receptions. I didn't know him as a person, that is. I know him only as a name in a record book, one that I probably typed at some point when he was signed by the Dolphins and released by the Dolphins.

But after Williams died Saturday reportedly of a heart attack at a flag football game here in town, I've found myself fighting tears all night thinking about the daughter, Tori Summer-Rose Williams, for whom the wonderful bond between a father and a daughter never gets to fully form. And I know in whatever time he had between the time he realized he was passing on and when he passed on, whether it was seconds or milliseconds, he thought of his daughter.

Damn shame.


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My condolences to the family. This is really, really sad.

Condolences to his family .

i cant believe what happened tonight he just got took by an angel he was fine one minute gone the next

Damn shame indeed. Trivializes all this coaching bs.

RIP CW...very sad hearing this. Great person he was.

Chandler was a happy spirited person. The only thing he loved more than football was his family; wife and daughter. I just woke up to the news... I know his family and friends will miss him dearly. No one could have ever imagined such a tragedy. I will pray for his soul and pray for comfort & understanding during this time for his family. R.I.P. Chinaman


Pete Pelegrin at FIU sports has a great story of Chandlers carreer and passing. Plus comments from former teammates and current Panthers.

Could you link...

This is sad. rest in Peace CW and condolences to the family.

Chandler was a great guy, he loved God, his family, Football and especially his daughter. As we morn the lost of a great one, lets reflect and know remember Chan as the best we know how. He enjoyed life and it does hurt to see him gone.

I'll miss you always chan and no one else has wore that Gold and Blue #1 like you.

Your Big Bro,
G. Bodie #5
Psi Phi

RIP Chandler. Great player and most importantly a great guy.

My sincere condolences to his family.

I really admired Williams as a player and as a person. My heart is broken over this. He was so young at 27. May God bless his daughter and family and fill their hearts with peace during this very difficult time.

My little brother. Chan you will be missed. It hurt so bad to be at that hospital last night knowing you were gone bro. All I can think about is one of my roomamtes gone. I love you bro. I watched you come in as a kid and grew up to a man. Room #412 forever. Sleep In Peace ChanaMan

Former FIU football player and Arena Football League player Chandler Williams leaves behind his wife Vanitia and little daughter Tori. http://slimcelebrity.com/celebrity-athletes/vanitia-harrigan-is-arena-league-football-chandler-wlliams-wife/ My prayers are with them! RIP CW!!

Sad indeed.

Thanks DJN!

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