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Commit list & Several Academic "Uh-oh"s

Sean Avant, WR, Miramar

Jordan Budwig, OL, Davie University School

James Cruise, OL, Palm Beach Gardens

Jeremy Derrick, LB, Hallandale

Chris Flaig, OL, Vero Beach

Jordan Gibbs, LB, Killian

Jordan Guest, LB, Columbus

Xavier Hines, CB, Belen

Sandley Jean-Felix, OT, Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson

Shug Oyegunle, WR, Tampa Gaither

Jonathan Pavlov, TE, North Palm Beach Benjamin

Alphonso Randolph, RB, Ocala West Port

Jonnu Smith, TE, Ocala West Port

Willie Smith, DB, Bradenton Manatee

Vontarius West, CB, Bartow

Treyvon Williams, LB, Norland


As of right now, one of FIU's most talented offensive skill position players will be academically ineligble for the first four games next season. According to NCAA rules, it'll take passing 27 hours of classes this semester and during the summer sessions for him to regain eligibility. Considering his past academic record that got him in this mess, this is sort of like Nigel Mansell being 28 seconds down to Nelson Piquet with 29 laps to go in the 1987 British Grand Prix, both in Williams-Hondas.

WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: another skill position player FIU hoped to rely is in a similar position. Around seven players, six who have been or are expected to be starters, are in academic trouble. I mentioned this was a possibility in a past blog post.

And, no, I'm not naming names yet. I'm not embarrassing the young men while they still have time to get epiphanies about the opportunities they have.



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Yep, 27 hours in two semesters is 4.5 classes a semester, pretty hard for any student to do. Why not spill the beans DJN, and tell us who the player is; this is a horrible tease.....I bet you there are more players who are in the same boat.

This stinks... and I'm afraid we're going to stink. Baseball time?!

My son committed there. I hope this gets straightened out

Wow... Big news and possible big blow.

I know we add former 4star RB out of Columbus and LSU transfer J. Gore to run with Rhodes in the backfield.
I doubt its Jake Medlock or EJ Hilliard both of those guys get it.
It's not on the OL cause thats were no starters return and its open tryout season.

It can't be TE because the previous staff didnt believe in TE so thats open competition too...

So if it's on Offense I would assume you saying we just lost a WR.
Per ex-coach Ponce Williams failed to do what he needed do.

And Coleman also had trouble seeing the field. so my guess is its one of these guys or both. Both big physical receivers.

So, the theory the MCs best recruiting class came in his last three years will be put to the test.

#NextUP #GoPanthers

Academic Issues, Strip Club issues... Let's review ... I don't remember MC Recruits going to Strip Clubs...And maybe RT, you made the wrong selection in Assistant Coaches to keep on Staff, either way, YOU ARE THE HC Right now and you have to be ACCOUNTABLE for ALL DECISIONS, right, isn't that the quality of a LEADER? and not throw your staff under the bus...STAFF MORALE LOOKING REAL GOOD NOW :( FINALLY!! Where is SKINNY JEAN PETE in all of this? We haven't heard from him... Oh, I'm sorry...He's "BUSY" keeping his "girls" from the "BOYS"!! LOLOL!!

One last thing on our conversation;
We both agree that it was an utterly retarded thing to announce on twitter that you visited an adult club with recruits. Where we don’t agree and apparently never will is in your automatic assumption that FIU/State Funds paid for the “Endeavour”. Atleast Charles Robinson had receipts, pictures, and phone records when he alleged infractions across the street. You are going with, “hosts typically pay”, but than again you haven’t STATED THE FIU paid only alluded to the POSSIBILITY… Well played sir. Well played indeed..
OH, BTW, Congrats on the blog getting to USA Today, YahooSports, NBC, CBS, etc…
1. “Social common sense says you pay as host”: You know what happens when you assume.
2. “Recruiting is guess work”- 100% agreed
3. Perk and Faciane aren’t seniors – you are 100% correct. But they have competed in 3 seasons of NCAA football and are transitioning into the fourth and final season. They are the elders and should know better. You say past history is “Immaterial” but your wife being an attorney (I think) would completely disagree. Proving a person’s tendencies and repeated violations are incredibly important. It shows an inability to make the right decisions.
4. I’m old enough to of seen all the Pam Greer (Foxy Brown) movies of the late 70’s and early 80’s so I’m very familiar with the use of such expressions such as “C’om Man” or my favorite which would be insulting to you if it came from me which ends with “please” but not doesn’t start with “child”. I only referenced that ridiculous ESPN segment because that’s what a lot of the readers would associate that phrase with.
At any rate, let’s see how coach Turner handles this event. Your quote is from Coach says all:
Also, Turner said he relied heavily on assistant coaches remaining from Mario Cristobal’s staff because he didn’t know the remaining players well.
“Moving forward, I’ll be able to do a better job of picking hosts,” he said. “Obviously, a couple didn’t do the right job. That’s not something that’s acceptable.”

Forget the rest, love the esoteric Grand Prix reference. Well done DJN.

People who are blaming Ron Turner for these academic issues are ridiculous. Their eligibility is in question for academic issues during Mario Cristobal's tenure. I love MC, but if these kids are ineligible, it's on HIM.

Gee, pikedanny, you think? It is also worth mentioning that those apparent 32-watt-bulbs who either couldn't read or who ignored the "rules of engagement" handbook were also recruited by Saint Mario of Cristobal. And I could not agree more with chiaPanther when he points out the egregious innuendo in reports of this strip club fiasco. If there is some evidence of fiscal or other serious impropriety here, let's have it. Otherwise take it for the clever post that it was--hardy har har DJN--and let's move on. Anyone who thinks every kid on any D1 football team has good sense and has come to college to hit the books...oh never mind. What you want is a coach who lays down the law, enforces it consistently, and works creatively with what he has left. Kick butt and take names, Coach Turner. Any mistakes left over from the previous regime will follow out the door soon enough, and good riddance. Take a look over at the basketball arena--the absence of several prima donas doesn't seem to have hindered a real coach one bit.

I am sorry guys, but the coaches don't fail in the class room, the tutors don't fail in the classrooms, the university don't fail in the classroom, the students do. I am sure there is a system in place to give student athletes the best opportunity to be successful in the classroom due to their athletic schedule. Every school has kids who can't make the grades, it happen at FIU before and it will happen again.
Now for receipts on the strip club, come on, those poles are not equipped with printers, and dancers only take cash. That money is almost untraceable.
I think the University should do better with social media classes for the student athletes, but even experience pro-athletes, politicians, etc make mistakes when they brag or post idiotic things on social media.

Diagodog, didn't like my post? Not sure why you'd hit me with that sarcastic question if you agree with my statement.

Gore has been at FIU for months now... hope hes good at FIU

Could the academic issues possibly be a result of the work stoppage that PG put on the football support staff?? Just a thought bc I KNOW FOR FACT that they are heavily involved with monitoring the players.

The stop work order certainly didn't help. And I mentioned that several weeks ago. Since the first week of December, they've been operating without a full support staff.
Again, doesn't help. But each student-athlete needs to take ownership of his/her education. Even those from lousy backgrounds have enough exposure to the broader world to realize what's what. The days of naive bumpkin Bama student athletes went out with the Carquest Bowl.

Hey pikedanny, no offense intended. I agree with you all the way. Just meant to suggest it is pathetic that some others might think otherwise. My bad.

Coaches, coach/ Professors, teach(sometimes)/ Students-athletes; learn and play

-The degree has the student name on it, each student-athlete needs to take ownership of his/her education. (Agreed)

-The first thing I learned in life and on the field was; nothing is given it has to be earned and if you fail, then YOU failed. Blame is like a sword with no handle you have to cut yourself to use it.

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