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Does FIU have Hope?

For two days, I've heard former Purdue coach Danny Hope was all but officially on board at FIU. But on Dec. 31 another source said that definitely wasn't true and another well-placed Camp Mitch source insisted FIU hasn't even talked to Hope. Both sources reiterated that to me today.

And one of my most trusted sources, never wrong before, tells me Hope was spotted on campus last weekend with President Mark Rosenberg.


None of the current coaching staff, still technically employed by FIU, has been contacted by any prospect coming in about staying at FIU.

As far as recruiting, Thursday is the last day of the Dead Period (no coach-initiated contact allowed) and Friday starts a three-day Quiet Period (recruit-coach contact must take place on campus). Monday starts a three-day dead period before full bore recruiting Jan. 11-Feb. 3, another Quiet Period day. Feb. 4-7 is a Dead Period, although the fax machines can start whirring on Feb. 6, National Signing Day. Player or parent-initiated phone calls or letters or e-mails are permitted.

Here's something to think about: former Dolphins interim coach Todd Bowles, who wound up in Philadelphia this year on the staff for now-fired Andy Reid, interviewed for the job at his alma mater, Temple. An obvious interest in returning to college coaching -- Bowles was defensive coordinator at Morehouse and Grambling -- a past association with athletic director Pete Garcia as assistant coach with Cleveland when Garcia was there with Butch Davis, a familiarity with South Florida and heading into a third consecutive offseason of uncertainty...just a thought.


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No rush PG.

Thanks for the follow ups DJN...

It was my understanding that some of the coaches on the previous staff have been contacted by Hope.

In any case Pete Garcia did specifically say the first week of January as C-Day. So, smoke signs this week may infact be fires...

Hope? Don't know too much about him. But he has HC experience and has coached as a Head Coach in a major conference. Additionally he showed he was able ti get south Florida athletes to Perdue. All sounds win-win.

Lets get this thing done by Thursday.

More rumors treated like news. The campaign to make FIU look bad and show as if nobody wants to take the FIU job continues. Bias journalism.

Butch WILL be the FIU coach. Awesome hire, GO FIU!

Posted by: Blue&GoldHeart | December 24, 2012 at 04:25 PM

Guess the "rumors" are only a problem if they are based in truth?

Blue&GoldHeart, it's not a campaign. It's called reporting the news and what I hear that I think is worthy of being out there. I realize you have no idea of the difference.

But if you want an outlet that reports only "official news" from "official sources" that sings the praises of what it alleges to cover, check out a news source called "Granma." Or go play NCAA 2013, make Nick Saban FIU's coach and live in that fantasy world while we wait here for whomever the real world FIU does hire.

I love rumors! Facts can be so misleading, where rumors, true or false, are often revealing.

BGH is insane. Period.


I appreciate what you have been doing here since you arrived to this blog but since Dec. 5th has been not good. First trying to find some non-sense in PG evaluations and then just spreading tweets.
Reading the blog I can tell that you have no idea who the new coach will be (I don't have any idea either by the way), so, why create anxiety and try to show that what you are saying has any kind of value.
Let's wait, as PG said a couple of weeks ago, or publish something if you have any kind of REAL inside information.

B&GH I respect you as my fella FIU peep but you really need to take a chill pill. Just because you hate Cristobal on a personal level doesn't mean any Cristobal-related news are completely garbage. Some of us had asked DJN if there's any inside info on MC's dismissal and DJN simply replied to that regard. No need to bash DJN off. BTW keep up the good work DJN. I enjoy reading your blogs.

Hope is so fleeting.

More seriously, did anyone see what happened to the Purdue Chickens yesterday? So we are excited about this guy why, exactly?

Easiest problem in the world to solve "Blue&GoldHeart":


Rio Ramirez WILL be the FIU coach. Awesome hire, GO FIU!

For the record, I think Cristobal is a bad coach but, I also think, he is a good guy and represented the school in highly fashion. I am glad he is not longer our coach though.

Blue&GoldHeart, because that's what blogs are for moron. Beside Pete Garcia has already made FIU look idiotic, Let's see, who was that basketball HC hire a few tears ago. Then what happened. He then fires a hot football HC. Talk to Butch who everyone knows won't touch the job. Yeah DJN really made the program look bad. Still laughing.

A bad HC moron, oh right I guess he didn't take them to a bowl......btw was he the only HC to ever take them to a bowl. What a moron.

Don't know anything about Coach Hope. What i do know is that he will be way more expensive then Butch ($1 contract for the first 2 years). I also see lots of people mentioning the BAD lose Purdue had in their Bowl game, but I have to say a few things about that:
1) At least they got to a Bowl Game
2) If this guy can get South Florida players to go and play in Purdue, then Im pretty sure he can convince them to stay in the MIA..
3) Coaching in a WAY bigger and more competative conference is also a lot harder then what he is going to deal with in the C-USA.

Im not saying this guy is the savior from the heavens, but he should make EVERYONES Top 3 prospects available to coach FIU next year.

Go Panthers!

What is the big deal about Hope his record does look that great. What ties does he have to South Florida

Relax everyone. The new coach is Roary.

The question that needs to be asked to PG what is deadline to hire a new coach

Hope was 22-27 overall in four seasons with the Boilermakers.

He also received a two-year contract extension in December that was to keep him at Purdue through the 2016 season.

But last year's late-season success raised expectations — expectations that fell flat this season and resulted in empty seats.

Sound familiar????

But if you want an outlet that reports only "official news" from "official sources" that sings the praises of what it alleges to cover, check out a news source called "Granma." Or go play NCAA 2013, make Nick Saban FIU's coach and live in that fantasy world while we wait here for whomever the real world FIU does hire.

Posted by: David J. Neal | January 02, 2013 at 02:31 PM

Or the way Barry Jackson alleges to cover the canes for the Herald? Or Cote? Or Susan Miller? or...

What does that even mean FIUFan? "The way Barry Jackson alleges to cover the canes for the Herald?"

Barry Jackson's the best pure sports reporter at this paper, although not much of a color commentator. He gets more original material than the UM, Dolphins, and Heat beat writers combined.

DJN...don't worry about B&G. I am sure you are getting best info possible. Like it that PG is keeping everyone guessing. I can't wait for new coach, would love butch but any coach would do since we struggled last year.

Gotta agree about Barry Jackson...he does have good coverage and chooses to ignore FIU(which I'm ok with since he is a 'bigshot' And too good to cover us) but he dropped the ball with Shapiro. Makes you wonder why??? Took a national guy to go public.

ok guys my people tell me is done deal as you see i was a Houston Nutt guy, but I guess that he wasen't good, but is a done deal Coach Hope is our guy

PG should be name the head coach/ AD


No need to argue with B&G... Evan most of our fans on our forum can't stand him. He was absolutely right that MC, who was 16-16 in SunBelt play in the four years of FIU's best teams and three of them with T.Y.Hilton, was not the coach to move us forward. Had one win against a team with a winning conference record in that 4 year term (Troy) and got spanked by every good coach in the conference (Malhan, Freeze, Taggart...even a loony delusional Howard).

But he has too much blind faith in PG. PG may in fact get a better coach. Butch, Hope, or Nutt. Even Diaz, Collins and Coley with Coordinator experience in major conferences could be better then a former position coach who was still learning on the job. None of that means that PG gets a pass for mishandling hiring and firings and mismanaging athletic funds. If the rumors are true that PG has leverage against his boss than we need to know and fix the problems. My school above all else! No Penn State HERE!!! No Shapiro's HERE!!!

Keep up the good work DJN!

Dint you say that your "sources" said that it was Butch Davis, and that they were making the announcement between Jan 1-7th, it was all due because of the ALA/ND Coverage????

DNJ, you sound like a fool talking about your "Sources", word of advice, drop the "Sources" thing; you aint no Steven A. Smith.

Also, tell your sources that the few fans that FIU have are getting pretty teed off. They are acting like the FIU job is like when Lebron was a free agent. Nobody cares, make a decision already.

If Rosenberg was spotted around college, he must have been walking with sweat of his head? Im sorry, but that guy is yellow, and always has sweat above his upper lip.

Never bite the hand that is your only source of credible FIU news. Keep up the good work DJN.

If there are problems at FIU I agree: bring them forward. But what I really hate is this silly game of putting a dark cloud over FIU's AD without any prove. This is not journalism, this is bullying.

I love DJN analysis and insight but since Dec. 5th has been all but informative or constructive. According to this Blog "sources" had asure that Nutt, Diaz, Hope and Davis are ready to sign to be the next FIU coach.

By the way Chia, you behave like a kid blocking people on the board. Your opinion is not better than anyone else and I haven't been wrong in the points I have been discussing for the last few years.



Blue, I blocked you for a while, but still had to see the same endless Blacksheep post since everyone kept replying. SO, it was pointless and I un-blocked you.

And my opinion cannot be better than yours since we both agreed that MC Sucked! But he is gone.

LET IT GO! You're becoming a caricature on our very own forumn. The man is gone and the guy that fired him is in charge of the entire athletic program and has been for 6 years... and the attendance of which he is incharge has with few exceptions not improved.

I want to see his evaluation.

The empty stadium thing from DJN should piss you off.
But not just with DJN for placing it, but also with PG for not completing that portion of this job.

Damm right I want to see the evaluations. PG GETS a bonus of up to 15% of his 350k salary and amongst that 15% is bonuses for improved attendance.

Get informed. Read the damm contract!!

Actually I heard that Andy Reid was available.

Blue and Gold there is no conspiracy to make FIU look bad, since they are already there. Got to blame someone for the fact that F orever I nferior to the U is still looking while Idaho has their man! Certainly anyone at the Herald doesn't have the time or motive for making Forever Inferior to the U look bad, PG and the rest of you do that job well enough already

Blue and Gold...my suggestion is to move over to the Floridud blog and make fun of them, it is great fun and very satisfying!

Cristobal extension would have ended in June 2016.

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