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Goings and Comings

As the FIU football staff turns...

Sacked (so far): Tim Cramsey, offensive coordinator; Todd Orlando, defensive coordinator; Alex Mirabal, assistant head coach, offensive line; Frank Ponce, wide receivers; and Dan Hernandez, graduate assistant, offense. Edwin Pierre-Pata, graduate assistant, defense, had used up his graduate assistant eligibility.

And most of the support staff: Juan Lozano, director of football operations; Phil Ockinga, director of player personnel; Shawn Burns, director of football relations.

Still on staff (as of right now): Recruiting coordinator Dennis Smith; Jeff Popovich, special teams and secondary; Apollo Wright, running backs; Cedric Calhoun, defensive line; Juan Navarro, linebackers, defensive line; Chris Harzinski, graduate assistant, offense; Matt Garris, graduate assistant, defense.

Mike Salemi, equipment manager and facilities coordinator, is still on the job.

New guys: Illinois offensive line coach Luke Butkus (former Illini player during Ron Turner's time there as head coach and, yes, nephew of Dick) will be offensive line coach and run game coordinator. Turner's son, former Minnesota Vikings assistant Cameron, has been in the building. Coming down to be a graduate assistant is former Miami University graduate assistant Mike Hiestand, son of Notre Dame offensive line coach Harry Hiestand, Turner's offensive line coach at Illinois and on Lovie Smith's Bears staff with Turner.

Now, this isn't to say further changes in staff aren't coming or that those remaining from the past staff are safe. Mirabal was told he was terminated, officially, the same day Butkus was hired. So, of the past staff that remains, some might be just be keeping the office warm.

Butkus said he hasn't seen much of FIU on film, but has talked to Turner and said, "I see we've lost a few guys. But that's college football. You can sit there and pout about it. Or, you can roll up your sleeves and go to work. You asked if there's a certain height or weight I like linemen to be. No. If they come to work, roll up their sleeves, it's still a blue collar game."

Butkus actually knows South Florida a bit. He spent a lot of time here during his youth visiting relatives in North Miami who operate Miami Divers, a boat cleaning business. He's been an offensive line coach with Chicago and Seattle in the NFL before doing that job last season for Illinois.



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Wow... A complete cleansing. New coach = New Personnel.

Chances are Cameron becomes WRs and assistant Head Coach, due to years as WRs coach and assistant to Minnesota Vikings Coach.

Mirabal fired could mean University of Illinois OL coach Luke Butkus may become the OL coach for Turner.

With Ron Turner calling the offensive plays, maybe, expect an offense that could be great to watch.

I'm happy for Willis Wright, Glenn Colenan, jasper, Durante, England to improve their craft under NFL assistants. Look out for Morgan from Stanford to take over at TE coach. Stanford is becoming TE U.

Good luck to all the guys moving on! Thanks forth years and dedication.

University of Illinois is confirming Butkus son of Dick Butkus and OL coach in Big Ten, is joining FIU.

Nephew of Dick Butkus.

Interesting title on Butkus, besides being the OL coach. Run game coordinator? Is that title because Turner, as PG stated to you in an interview, does not intend to hire an OC and call the game himself, thus the "run game coordinator" title? Can we then expect a "Pass Game Coordinator" as well?

Really thought he was going after local guys to help with recruiting?

This is ridiculous. Who will recruit locally? Butkus is a Big Butthead. I know a guy who played for him in the NFL and said he was the worst line coach of all time. I can post a letter to that effect. Turner is about helping his friends instead of helping FIU. Hire the sons of all of your former coaching losers. Hire your own wimpy son you fat ass, failure of an NCAA coach. First Garcia will be fired. You will follow his sorry ass out the door and wind up with another losing job in the NFL. You were fired by da Bears. You were fired by the Colts. The Illinois AD dumped you, too.

Yikes, and I was only kidding about Nick Saban's son...

A very unusual situation going down at FIU... Time will tell. Can't wait for spring ball. I think Dan Fodio and Porter will make some noise at their respective new positions, these guys are atheletes and soming to prove. They both worked extremely hard last season, and could have been used more. The life of "Walk On" players. I think we just have to let this situation play out, and support the new coaches and players.

Coaches get fired all the time it's part of the job carousel. Don't use that point, you just sound stupid.

Good stuff. Thanks.

Ob la di, ob la da...Go Panthers!

the Illini ranked 97th nationally in rush offense and 111th nationally in sacks allowed... all indicates that fiu will have a weak Offensive line.

Ricky, is doing his homework... Just hope Turner doesn't bring much of a 2-10 Illini staff here, definitely not a sexy splash from where we were. Didn't follow the Big 10 much this year.

One more coming - Cristobal, to the U.

On the bright side that's less money to Cristobal and more money for assistants.

Hope Norv Turner's brother can produce some wins quickly next year, the coaching move isn't looking better with time.

Let's peel back the onion on the new hires... Butkus OL Coach last year Scoring Offense 12th (Last in the division) Total Offense 12th Rushing Offense 11th Pass Offense 11th Pass Efficiency 10th Interceptions 11th Sacks against offense 12th First Downs 12th 3rd Downs 12th 4th Downs 11th Red Zone Offense 12th. Keep in mind the Offensive Coordinator was let go after this season, not sure how much is this is related to the offensive line deficiency? Hiedstand Grad Asst -- 2008 Redshirted @ Illinois 2009 Practice Squad 2010 played eight games 2012 Grad Asst for LB @ Miami University, they won 4 games last season.

Butkus was fired by Illinois. That's the word among coaches. FIUBLUE1 is right on with the stats. So FIU gets an unproductive OL coach with no recruiting ties to South Florida. This is just stupid. Mirabal made champions out of his linemen. Unlikely fat ass Butkus will make the grade down here with these kids. Just aint gonna happen.

Goings and Comings:

-- Going to jail when the Herald uncovers the truth: Garcia and Maury.

-- Going to his office to put a bullet into his head in true Shawshank Redemption style: Rosenberg. "I wonder what went through his mind othern than that bullet when he realized the former coaches got the best of him."

-- Coming to a newspaper near you very soon: FIU Athletics Exposed -- a tale of titties and alcohol with a fat chairman and AD shown on planes.

HOT SEAT HIRES FOR THE LOW! Turner probably on the hot seat with the inconsistency of Josh Freeman with the BUCs, Butkus probably on the hot seat at Illinois after winning only 2 games this season, Hienstand is probably just a favor for Dad w/Turner connections. All for the LOW!

"All speculation" "I'm just saying"

Coachingsearch.com reporting that Cam Turner Minnesota Vikings asst. to the head coach is heading to FIU on the offensive side of the ball.

Coachingsearch.com is reportint that former Tennessee safeties coach Josh Conklin will join Ron Turner's staff as the defensive coordinator. Conklin previously served as the defensive coordinator at The Citadel, where he came to know Ron Turner's son, Cam.

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